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Family History Research
Paths to Freedom: Tracing Enslaved Ancestors to Emancipation

Most famously, people used the Underground Railroad to escape the bonds of slavery, but other enslaved people turned to legal channels through “freedom suits,” paid for self-manumission. Join 10 Million Names Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Rose to learn about the many invaluable collections of historical records that provide accounts (sometimes firsthand) of formerly enslaved individuals.

Family History Research
Louisiana Research: Go-To Published Resources

Louisiana has a unique cultural history that has shaped its available record sets, and published resources are essential for genealogists navigating family history research in the state. There are treasure troves of resources including parish records and histories, genealogies, and published records relating to land, tax, military, enslavement, and more.

Family History Research
Closing the Golden Doors: The Immigration Act of 1924

In this online lecture, Senior Genealogist Rhonda R. McClure will discuss the historical context of the Immigration Act of 1924, how the act shaped immigration records, and how the “closing of the golden doors” impacted the lives of your ancestors.