Annual Report and Governance

Read the 2021 Annual Stakeholder Report

This Annual Stakeholder Report encompasses our institutional accomplishments of the last year and announces exciting upcoming projects. Our giving societies and circles (pp. 48-59), named after historic figures from our membership who embraced the goals and objectives of our work, include two Presidents, a First Lady, a Prime Minister of Great Britain, several statesmen, a famous nineteenth-century author, and distinguished genealogical figures. This presentation and these designations capture just a small part of the noble efforts of generations of our predecessors upon whose good work we continue to build upon today. 

Please submit any comments, questions, or corrections to Stacie Madden, at or 617-226-1217. 

2021 Annual Report cover

Governance—Council of the Corporation


David M. Trebing (DC)
Vice Chair
Thomas Bailey Hagen (PA)
Second Vice Chair
Bonnie A. Reilly (IN)
John E. Corcoran (MA)
Nancy S. Maulsby (CT)
Corresponding Secretary
Mark Kimball Nichols (MA)
President and CEO, Ex Officio
D. Brenton Simons (MA)
Clerk of the Corporation
Ryan J. Woods (MA)


Board of Trustees

Class of 2023

Sumner E. Anderson (NY) M. David Sherrill (NY)
Stephen J. McCarthy (MA) Eric N. Ward (MA)
Olivia Hood Parker (MA)  

Class of 2024

Gerard A. Halpin, III (NY) John S. Rando, Jr. (MA)
Brenda L. Johnson (MN) Helen E.R. Sayles (MA)
Andrew Langlois (CT) Elizabeth B. Vitton (CT)

Class of 2025

Robb Aley Allan (FL) Jonathan Buck Treat (MA)
Nordahl L. Brue (FL) Nancy Webster (NE)
Susan E. Carlson (AZ) Brenda M. Williams (MA)
Mark T. Cox, IV (VA)  



Class of 2023

Michael F. Aylward (MA) Gregory G. O’Brien (MA)
Richard D. Batchelder Jr. (MA) Hans F. Olsen (CT)
Marc E. Chardon (WA) Ross G. Perry (VA)
Howard E. Cox (MA) Jennifer Francis Piña (CA)
Lea Sinclair Filson (MA) Julia K. Schmolke (MN)
Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos (VA) Roger T. Servison (MA)
Beverly M. Hector-Smith (MA) David N. Smith (AZ)
Brantley Carter Bolling Knowles (VA) Diana M. Smith (AZ)
Donald N. Lamson (MD) Tracy E. Smith (FL)
Virginia Whitman Koster (NH) Marjorie P. Snelling (PA)
Rebecca Howard Madsen (NY) Thomas R. Wilcox, Jr. (CT)

Class of 2024

Gina Mazzei Anderhub (FL) William F. Locke (NY)
Russell E. Burke, III (NY) Sally A. MacKenzie (PA)
Sara Stewart Champion (CT) Sarah Hagen McWilliams (VA)
Jane M. Conlan (NC) Ailsie Baker McEnteggart (CA)
Maureen Quinn Dwyer (PA) Kathryn Hicks Porter (AL)
William Edmund Fahey (NH) David E. Rencher (UT)
John M. Fleming (CA) Ellen C.L. Simmons (TX)
Bill Griffeth (NJ) Alexandra Esty Stocker (MA)
Gregg W. Hawes (MD) Steven T. Watson (Hong Kong and VT)
Joseph Swan Junkin (MA) Brian White (IL)
Keli D. Levine (CT) Albert J. Zdenek, Jr. (NY)

Class of 2025

Brent J. Andersen (MA) Carol McGee (IL)
Joan M. Berndt (MA) Amy Whorf McGuiggan (MA)
Christine Bosworth (MA) Elizabeth McCaslin Passela (TX)
Richard J. Cellini (MA) Robert Russell Perry (WI)
Prudence S. Crozier (MA) Laura Dean Ramsay (AL)
Cheryl L. Edwards (VA) Rebecca Morgan Rogers (VA)
Thomas F. Gede (CA) Lionel Spiro (MA)
James R. Goetschius (FL) Edward J. Sullivan (MA)
Deborah Campbell Hale (MA) Ryan D. Taliaferro (MA)
Beverly L. Hamilton (CA) Mary M. Tedesco (MA)
James F. Hunnewell, Jr. (MA) Kathleen Van Demark (MA)
Marjorie Turrell Julian (NY) Dale Ellen Yoe (MD)
David W. Kruger (NH) Gwill York (MA)
Jennifer London (VA)  

Honorary Trustees

Judith Avery (CA) Kenneth E. Haughton (CA)
Bruce R. Bartlett (CA) Robert F. Hendrickson (NJ)
John G.L. Cabot (MA) Elizabeth B. Johnson (MA)
Stephen H. Case (MD) James Thomas Larkin (CT)
Ralph J. Crandall (NY) Peter S. Lynch (MA)
William M. Crozier, Jr. (MA) Linda A. Pescosolido (CA)
William M. Fowler, Jr. (MA) Frank C. Ripley (VA)
Judith Waite Freeman (LA) Stacy Schiff (NY)
Donald R. Friary (MA) Meriwether C. Schmid (CT)
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (MA) Eric B. Schultz (MA)
Priscilla C. Greenlees (WA) Alvy Ray Smith (CA)
Judith Huber Halseth (MI) Lynn Trowbridge (CA)
Virginia M. Hamister (OH) Justin L. Wyner (MA)