New Accessible K-12 Curriculum Teaches Family History Research

The Family History Curriculum was created to empower students to investigate their personal connections to history. Lessons are accessible to all students regardless of background, ethnicity, or family structure. Created by our team of experts, the curriculum teaches research methods used by professional genealogists and encourages students to explore real-world connections between the past and the present.

Student smiles at camera, looking up from her drawing, at table surrounded by colorful markers. Two other students focus on their drawings in the background.

Youth Education Resources

Discover more resources and activities to engage young people with family history research.

Virtual Field Trips

Take a field trip without leaving your classroom! Introduce your students to the concepts, benefits, and joys of family history. Students will learn how to think like a genealogist and discover how to trace families back in time.

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Dustin Axe, Youth Genealogy Curriculum Coordinator

Dustin studied Social Studies education at Purdue University. He is a licensed teacher with more than 18 years of experience teaching a variety of subjects to students in informal settings.

Dustin Axe