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Research Center Group and School Visits

Discover family history with your students and historical society

We also now offer virtual field trips for school groups.

Our Boston headquarters will be closed to visitors as of Saturday, March 25, 2023, to renovate, improve, and expand our facilities. Our staff will continue to serve our members remotely.

Improvements to our current headquarters, and the launch of our exciting new facility at 97 Newbury Street, will allow us to better serve our members and the public. 

We’re very excited about these upcoming changes and look forward to opening our new and renovated facilities in 2024! 

Group in the library stacks

Group Visits

We welcome visits from genealogical societies, historical societies, and other organizations to the American Ancestors Research Center at 99-101 Newbury Street in Boston, MA. Our staff can provide an orientation and tour of the research center, as well as customized presentations about our resources, website, collections, or other special topics as needed. Non-members of American Ancestors who visit with a group receive a special discounted day fee rate of $15.

Group capacity is 25 people. Please provide at least one month’s notice before bringing a group of ten people or more to the library. Group visits occur during regular library hours (Tues, 9-1; Wed.-Sat. 9-5) and may be limited due to special events at our Research Center.

NOTE: We will be closed for renovations in 2023 and 2024. We can still provide lectures to group online or in-person at offsite venues during this time. Visit our Speaker Requests page for further details.


Virtual Field Trips

Get students excited about genealogy—without leaving your classroom

Our virtual field trips are the perfect way to spark students' interest in genealogy. Students will discover different types of genealogical sources, research methods, and how to use evidence to piece together their family stories.

Each program can be tailored based on your students' research themes, prior knowledge, and unique backgrounds. Please choose two preferred dates and times for your field trip.

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My Family History Starts Here!

Ideal introduction to genealogy

Learn how to think like a genealogist and discover how to trace families back in time.

Join our Youth Genealogy Curriculum Coordinator for this introductory program. Students will be introduced to basic genealogical sources, the process for conducting research, how to analyze primary sources, and the reasons and benefits for doing genealogy. This is the Getting Started Lesson from our classroom curriculum.

Grades: 4-8
Capacity: Unlimited
Length: 45 minutes
Cost: Free
Platform: Zoom or Google Meet

Offered Monday through Friday, at a time that works for you.

Students will:

  • Define genealogy and family
  • Discover the step-by-step process for conducting research
  • Identify genealogical sources
  • Create a unique research plan
  • Learn how to analyze primary sources


Meet a Genealogist

Perfect at any point during a unit on genealogy

Come face to face with a professional genealogist and learn about their fascinating work.

A professional genealogist will share their insight and expertise on conducting authentic research and uncovering family stories. Students will learn about different genealogical sources and research methods, and receive expert advice for constructing a family history. Students can ask questions, and our genealogist can tailor their discussion to your class’s research theme.

Grades: 4-12
Capacity: Unlimited
Length: 45 minutes
Cost: Free
Platform: Zoom or Google Meet

Offered Monday through Friday, at a time that works for you.

Students will:

  • Meet a professional genealogist to gain insight and hear interesting stories about genealogy
  • Increase their awareness of genealogical sources and the research process
  • Increase their comfort level with genealogy and be inspired to conduct research
  • Ask questions and share stories with a professional genealogist


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Contact: Dustin Axe
Youth Genealogy Curriculum Coordinator