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Published quarterly since 1847, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register is the flagship journal of American genealogy and the oldest in the field, focusing on authoritative compiled genealogies. Typical articles also solve genealogical problems, identify immigrant origins, or present treatments of multiple generations.

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Volume 175, Whole Number 698, Spring 2021


The Excommunications of Mayflower Passenger William White and His Half-Siblings Henry and Jacomine May, at Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Sue Allan, Caleb Johnson, and Simon Neal

Three French Daughters and Their Husbands: Three Unrecorded Marriages from Early Ipswich, Massachusetts: Amy (French) Gage, Susan (French) Kingsbury, and Anne (French) Hardy
Melinde Lutz Byrne and John Edward Hardy

Richard and Hannah (Hewes?) Woods of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and Some of Their Descendants
John D. Beatty

Update to the Ancestry of Gov. John Endecott (ca. 1588–1664/5)
James Heffernan

Four Contemporary Men Named Joseph Payson in Massachusetts in 1773
Maureen Markt Dearborn

Sorting Out Several Daniel Lanphear Men
Scott Andrew Bartley and Diane MacLean Boumenot

The Ancestry of Sarah Meakins, Wife of Thomas3 Miller of Springfield, Massachusetts
Clifford L. Stott

Notes on the Stiles Family of Millbrook, Bedfordshire, and Windsor, Connecticut
B. Darrell Jackson

The Second Wife of Moses Gile of Hampstead, New Hampshire: Which Mary Clark?
Derek Doran Wood

Identifying Grace3 Fairbanks as the Wife of Ephraim Bullen
Letitia DeVillar Richardson

The New England Ancestry of Reuben Wolcott of Delaware and Virginia
Marian Bowers Natale

William Hills of the Great Migration: Probable Origins in Upminster, Essex
Perry Streeter

Robert1 Harris of Roxbury and Muddy River, Massachusetts
Gale Ion Harris (concluded from 175:56)

The Colman and Cutler Ancestry of John1 Thorndike of Essex County, Massachusetts, with the Colman Ancestry of John1 Coggeshall, Muriel1 (Gurdon) Saltonstall, and Jemima1 (Waldegrave) Pelham
Robert Battle (continued from 175:93)