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Spotlight on Vermont

The unique history of Vermont presents distinct challenges to researchers looking for their Vermont ancestry. Explore our databases and learn more about how early migration to western New England shaped the future of this state.

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Vermont Databases

Search major Vermont collections

Find records in several Vermont databases, including Vermont Births, Marriages and Deaths to 2008, Vermont Soldiers in World War I and more.

Early Vermont Settlers to 1784

Read sketches of Vermont families

Learn about Vermont's late 18th century major political and religious players, uncover the migration patterns for this period in the region, and identify all those just looking to better their lives on the new frontier.

Vermont Resources in Our Library

Search our catalog for items

Search over a thousand resources in our library related to Vermont.

A Story of Vermont Before 1850

Migration patterns in early Vermont

Vermont's history is all about people on the move, in search of that better life beyond the congestion of the big cities and towns of southern New England. This overview explains the migration patterns of the late 1700s.

Searching Vermont Newspapers

Accessing Vermont's news archives

Newspapers can be a major source of genealogical information. Get the most out of the Vermont Newspaper Project, a catalog of 900 Vermont newspapers and microfilms of 260,000 pages.

The Early Vermont Court System

An overview of Vermont's early courts

The early history of Vermont reflects the political turmoil of eighteenth-century America. Read an historical overview of Vermont's courts in the 1700s and 1800s.