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Katrina Fahy


Lineage Societies


Midwestern States

Katrina Fahy, Genealogist, joined American Ancestors/NEHGS as a Researcher in 2013. She graduated from St. Anselm College in 2013 with a Degree in History and minor in Art History. Previously, she interned at the New Hampshire Historical Society where she constructed biographies of New Hampshire quilt makers and transcribed a mid-nineteenth century New Hampshire diary.

Katrina is a frequent contributor to the Mayflower Descendant. She has authored “Anna6 Taylor: An Edward Fuller Line”, co-authored “The parents of Adoniram Allen of Clay County, Kentucky: a William White line”, and contributed research to “The Norton Family Letter of 1847: Transcription and Notations”.

Areas of expertise: Lineage Society Applications, Ireland, New York, Virginia, and the Midwest.