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Every project with American Ancestors Research & Library Services starts with our Expert Assessment service. Whether you’re hoping to hire a researcher or just looking for guidance in your own research inquiry, the Expert Assessment allows our expert senior research staff to determine how our department can help, if your project can be completed in a timely manner, and recommendations on how to proceed both independently or if you hired us to conduct work on your behalf. In the finished Expert Assessment, you’ll receive a detailed research strategy on how to proceed with researching your inquiry.

Do you have a project question in mind? Are you ready to take the next steps? Use our Expert Assessment Form to tell us everything you already know about your family. Please be specific about the geographic region and time period of your inquiry – we’ll use this information to assign your Expert Assessment project to a Genealogist on our Team.

The Expert Assessment costs $700 for American Ancestors members, and $840 for non-members. Learn more about the many benefits of membership at

Expert Assessment

Your Genealogist will review all materials and information you send to us and complete preliminary research on your inquiry. Next, your Genealogist will develop a research strategy that outlines sources to look at, records to order, and any helpful information to answer your project question(s). Your Expert Assessment will be a written report outlining a strategy on how an American Ancestors researcher would complete your project. The finished report will be an extensive strategy for accomplishing your project goals. Upon receipt of the Expert Assessment, you’ll have the option to carry the strategy out on your own or hire a Researcher to conduct the work for you.

Continue Your Research

Upon completion of the Expert Assessment, you may use the suggestions and recommendations that we provide to carry out the research on your own. We will outline sources, records, and microfilms to help you in your search. As an American Ancestors member, you have access to our online databases through; along with requesting photocopies for specific sources within our Library in Boston (see photocopy request form.)

Research for Hire

Upon completion of the Expert Assessment, your Genealogist will recommend an amount of time that it will take an American Ancestors researcher to complete the outlined strategy for you. If you are interesting in hiring a researcher at American Ancestors, please contact our Research & Library Services Manager at 617-226-1233.

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