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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

An Introduction to California Research

July 11, 2024 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET
Meaghan E.H. Siekman, Ph.D.

California has a rich history that reflects the state’s diverse cultural heritage and dynamic social changes. From Native American tribes who first inhabited the land to Spanish missionaries to Gold Rush pioneers and immigrants from around the world, each group has left an indelible mark on California's identity. In this online lecture, Genealogist Meaghan E. H. Siekman will provide an introduction to doing family history research in the state starting with the period of pre-contact to statehood and beyond. We will discuss go-to record collections, published resources, and online and onsite research repositories.

Books and Journals
Meaghan E.H. Siekman, Ph.D.
Meaghan holds a PhD in history from Arizona State University where her focus was public history and American Indian history.