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Demystifying DNA: Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy

February 7, 14, 21, 2024
Live broadcasts: Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. ET
Melanie McComb
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Advances in DNA research have had huge implications for the field of genealogy. Yet, with the growing number of companies and options, it can be difficult to know what test is best for you and how to interpret your results. In this three-week online seminar, Senior Genealogist Melanie McComb will demystify the practice of using genetic testing to trace family roots. You’ll learn the types of genetic tests available to family historians, the genealogical problems the tests can—and cannot—assist you with, how to choose the right one(s) to further your family history research, and what tools are available to help you interpret your results.

February 7 - Class 1: Getting Started Using DNA

This first session will introduce participants to the value and use of DNA in family history research. You’ll learn the basics of DNA principles, the types of available tests, and key terminology.

February 14 - Class 2: Uncovering Ancestral Origins

After taking a DNA test, many people find themselves asking, “Now what?”—in this second session, we’ll begin to answer that question! You’ll learn the foundations of interpreting DNA results and how you can use them to make family connections, identify ancestral origins, and take your family history research to the next level.

February 21 - Class 3: Using DNA Tools

DNA is still a relatively new field within the study of family history, and exciting advancements in DNA technology are growing and emerging frequently. In this final session, we’ll discuss available tools that can help you organize, interpret, and compare your DNA results. 

Education and Programming
Melanie McComb
Eastern Canada
Areas of expertise: Irish genealogy, DNA, Atlantic Canada, Jewish genealogy, and military records.