New England Historic Genealogical Society Annual Report

This Annual Stakeholder Report covering our 170th anniversary year celebrates our institutional history with a timeline of notable accomplishments since our founding.

Our giving societies and circles (pp. 31–37) are also now named after historic figures from our membership who embraced the goals and objectives of our work, including two Presidents, a First Lady, a Prime Minister of Great Britain, several statesmen, a famous nineteenth-century author, and distinguished genealogical figures.

This presentation and these designations capture just a small part of the noble efforts of generations of our predecessors upon whose good work we build today and whom we honored in Fiscal Year 2015 with special events. Our honorees at these events included performer Dame Angela Lansbury, historian Princess Michael of Kent, and political advisers James Carville and Mary Matalin, and, in our present fiscal year, bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick.

At each event we gave our guests powerful new views into their family legacies and heretofore unknown genealogical connections.