American AncesTrees

Welcome to American AncesTREES, a new, FREE online family tree experience from American Ancestors. You can create a tree from scratch, or import an existing family tree, get hints to grow your tree, and use social media features to share your tree with friends and family.

In addition to keeping your family history data safe and secure, American AncesTREES offers many original features you won’t find in other online trees – including cutting-edge DNA tools – designed to help you organize and advance your genealogical research. We are committed to keeping your data safe, and you can always export a file of all your information. Read our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

While the standard version of American AncesTREES is always FREE for guests and research level members, higher-level plans with additional features are available at a low annual cost. Contributing members can enjoy the Advanced plan at no additional cost. View American AncesTREES Plans

To access American AncesTREES, make sure you are logged into with your account. Once you create a tree, you will need to come back to this page to log into your tree.

American AncesTREES Plans

Invite people to your tree
Unlimited Hints
AncesTREES Web Clipper
Turn off ads
DNA Tools
Private Tree option
Information about living people is always private no matter which plan you choose.
Media Storage2GB
over 500 photos
over 1,000 photos
over 50,000 photos
Purchase a higher-level tree
Upgrade your membership to Contributor level to get the advanced tree plan and other benefits

FAQ and Tips

Please experiment with any and all the features that interest you. Click on everything! Check out the different views of the tree, and the ability to create and print reports. The many features of American AncesTREES can be explored through the left-hand side navigation in the TREES screens.

The Standard plan is free to guests and Individual-level members. Contributing members have access to the Advanced plan at no additional cost. The Premium version of the plan for $34.95 a year features DNA tools and private trees.

You can create an unlimited number of trees.

We suggest importing as many generations as TREES allows to start. Once you’re in TREES, you can continue to import people in your FamilySearch Tree into American AncesTREES. To do this, go to Tree Settings on the left-hand navigation in TREES, and check the box next to “Easy Sync for Family Search.”

Record-based hints from other sources should begin appearing after you create and populate your tree. You may receive hints from American Ancestors, FamilySearch, FindmyPast, Newspaper Archive, Billion Graves, Find a Grave and more. Search hints are available for—search hints suggest collections that are relevant to your search criteria, rather than person-based record hints.

Ads go a (very) small way toward supporting the cost of bringing you this free product. Ads should not obscure any part of the TREES screens, To disable ads permanently, you can either purchase the Advanced TREES plan, or upgrade to a Contributing Membership.