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Research and Library Services

Jonathan Hill


Military Records

New England

Southern States

Jonathan earned his BFA. from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He served as a Board Member of the Friends of the Town of Bedford Cemeteries. His historical research resulted in the installation of government issued headstones for unmarked Civil War soldiers’ gravesites around the country. He works as a volunteer researcher for Virginia Tech's Civil War Photo Sleuth Project. He has contributed to the Green-Wood Cemetery’s Civil War Project, and many other historical volunteer projects across the country. 

In his free time, he has written, directed, and produced two feature length Civil War documentary films. His first film documents the Civil War from the written accounts of soldiers in the 12th New Hampshire Infantry. His second film highlights the story of twelve Civil War soldiers who created a compact while at the York General Hospital in 1864. His second passion is freelance photography and videography.

Areas of expertise: Military records, New England and southeastern United States records, deeds and property records.