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Volume 168, Whole Number 672, October 2014


Additions and Corrections

Two Men Named Antoine Chapouil, Emigrants from Meyssac, Corrèze, France, to New England
William T. Brunelle and Jonathan A. Shaw

Reviews of Books

Joseph Ruggles of New Braintree and Greenwich, Massachusetts
Samuel Paine Sturgis III

Index of Subjects in Volume 168

The Burial of Stephen Goodyear 7 May 1658
Barry E. Hinman

Index of Persons in Volume 168

Additional Genealogy of Henry1 Sanders Family of Sandwich, Massachusetts
William E. Kempton
Annual Table of Contents of Volume 168

William Sewall of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and Some of His Descendants: A Reconstruction of a New England Mixed-Race Family
Eben W. Graves

American Ancestors Journal


Family Data Extracted from Bibles for Sale on eBay: Brown–Guion, Duryee–Bunce, Hallock–Northrup
Chip Rowe

The Rowson of Marylebone: A Thespian Family in England and America
Todd A. Farmerie

Index of Persons

Van Imbroeck/Van Imburgh of Aken/Aachen, Germany, and New Netherland
Patricia Law Hatcher and Henry B. Hoff