Discover your ancestors with the most respected name in family history.

Established in 1845, American Ancestors by New England Historic Genealogical Society is the nation’s most comprehensive resource for reliable family history research for all geographic areas. Our experts will help you explore your family’s past.

Services include:

Assistance in joining Lineage Societies

Do you have an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower or who fought in the American Revolutionary War? Lineage society memberships with groups like The Mayflower Society, the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Daughters of the American Revolution are a great way to honor that heritage. LEARN MORE

Exclusive guided Heritage Tours

Explore history, art, and architecture in the US and Europe, guided by expert historians. Immerse yourself in history with NEHGS on one of our unforgettable travel experiences. LEARN MORE

Personalized family history Guidance

Looking for advice and guidance to advance your research? Our Personal Genealogist for the Day consultation sessions are a service available for beginning researchers. This service allows you to consult with a genealogist, who will actively research alongside you and is a great opportunity to observe and to learn research methodologies.  LEARN MORE

Publishing a Bespoke Family History

Interested in working with us to publish your personal family history project? Contact Beth Brown by phone at 617-226-1211, or email to discuss preserving your family's legacy.