Why Our Experts Are Right for You

Custom research, scholarly accuracy, extensive experience

Work With the Most Respected Genealogists

Your family history is a fascinating story that deserves to be told. Our mission is to help you discover and document that narrative in detail.

We are dedicated to solving your toughest research problems, overcoming brick walls and delivering thorough, accurate findings that preserve your unique family legacy.

Benefit From Our Experience

When you engage our researchers, you benefit from the scholarship, experience and professional relationships we have built over 170 years of continuous family history research.

For every case, our researchers draw on original genealogical scholarship, deep subject expertise, and time-tested relationships with national and international archives, societies and other repositories of genealogical information.

We Research Around the World (Not Just New England)

Work With the Most Respected Genealogists

Whether your ancestors came over on the Mayflower or from Mongolia, we know how to find them. While we have deep expertise in New England, our team conducts research nationwide and in many countries across the world, and in several languages, including French, Latin, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

We leverage our network of contacts in archives, libraries, historical societies, and other document repositories to find the records we need to connect the people in your family tree.

Resume Highlights

Our researchers provide much of the genealogical research behind the popular television show Finding Your Roots, which is filmed on location at our Newbury Street building.

Our team has also researched extensive family histories for celebrities and notable persons, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Crawford, Ken Burns, Cokie Roberts, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Princess Michael of Kent and many others.