Research Packages

After your Expert Assessment, you may choose to continue your research with NEHGS Research Services. Browse descriptions of our packages by clicking the icons below:

Ahnentafel Family Book

Interested in compiling your ancestry into a book-format? An ahnentafel, or ancestor table, is a genealogical numbering system for listing a person’s direct ancestors in a fixed sequence. This Ahnentafel Family Book can be in PDF format or bound in hard cover. Don’t forget to include family photos, oral traditions, and a special introduction for future generations to read!

Archives and Family Collections

Have you always wanted to organize your family papers, but don’t have the time or patience? NEHGS can preserve and sort family documents of all kinds and paper-based heirlooms, such as diaries into a neatly labeled, easy-to-access archive for you and your descendants. We organize letters, photographs, diaries, deeds, news clippings, diplomas, and military and legal papers into a logical, labeled system. We can work from your genealogical notes and records if desired. You will receive clearly labeled boxes with a convenient guide to understanding how your archive is organized.

Packages Available


  • Non-Member: $5,440
  • Individual, Family, Friend, and Associate- $4,500
  • Supporter, Benefactor, and Life- $4,029
  • Patron- $3,555


  • Non-Member: $6,256
  • Individual, Family, Friend, and Associate- $5,175
  • Supporter, Benefactor, and Life- $4,624
  • Patron-$4,080

Pricing is based on per box.

Dual Citizenship

Do you like to travel? Have you thought about obtaining dual citizenship in another country? Multiple citizenship or dual citizenship is when a person has citizenship in two countries concurrently. We can help determine if you qualify, help to obtain all the necessary documentation, and guide you through the process of applying to another country for nationality.

Family Discover Package

Are you interested in learning more about your ancestor’s life, beyond the vital records? Allow our NEHGS Researchers to establish an ancestor timeline for you and your family. This timeline will help to identify a biographical narrative of their life. We will search records and newspapers to begin to shape a detailed account of your ancestor’s life.

F.A.N. Research

F.A.N. is known as “Family, Associates, and Neighbors” research. Have you found two individuals with the same name, living in the same town? How about a brick wall that you can’t knock down? Let our NEHGS Researchers start cluster research on your family. Cluster research allows us to examine records left by your ancestor’s extended family, friends, neighbors, and other known associates. Researching the lives of an ancestor's F.A.N. may lead to a more complete and accurate picture of the ancestor's life.

Immigration Research

We all came from somewhere! Let NEHGS help you research your family’s immigrant ancestor(s)! Ireland? France? Germany? England? We will pair you with an expert researcher who is knowledgeable in the geographic area of your family. We will build off of your family tree to help determine where and when your family came to the United States. Records found may include passenger lists, border crossings, naturalization records, or land deeds.

Lineage Society Application

Think you're descended from a Mayflower passenger? Do you have an American Revolutionary Soldier in your family? American Ancestors can help you prove it! Our Expert Assessment will help find you a line, or help to confirm your line. Then, a researcher will do the rest! From researching each generation, to validating already compiled documentation, we will document your lineage and help you join a lineage society, like The Mayflower Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, or Magna Carta.

Unknown Parents Research

Have you been unable to locate an ancestors parents? Can’t find a birth, marriage, or death record that might help with your search? Our NEHGS researchers will use their expertise to look at alternate records that might help to uncover family surnames and lead you through to the next generation of your family tree.

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