Family Archive Packages

Organizing Your Heirlooms and Papers

Want to organize your family papers, but don’t have the time or patience? We can preserve and sort family documents of all kinds and paper-based heirlooms such as diaries into a neatly labeled, easy-to-access archive for you and your descendants.

We organize letters, photographs, diaries, deeds, news clippings, diplomas, and military and legal papers into a logical, labeled system. We can work from your genealogical notes and records if desired.

You will receive clearly labeled boxes with a convenient guide to understanding how your archive is organized.

Family archive services are available exclusively to NEHGS members at the following levels in both small and large packages:

Individual, Family, Friend and Associate: $2,100 to $4,200

Supporter, Benefactor, and Life: $1,800 to $3,700

Patron: $1,600 to $3,300

These prices include all shipping of materials to and from NEHGS, and any time spent by NEHGS researchers answering or asking questions of clients.