Getting Started has a wealth of online resources that will help you get started with your family history research. We have hand picked what we believe to be the most useful resources for beginners and listed them below for you.

Our subject guides provide how-to tips and methods, a listing of essential resources (in print and online), contextual background, and much more!

We also provide consultations for our members, you can consult with our genealogists in person at NEHGS on Newbury Street in Boston, or by phone. Consultations may be scheduled for a minimum of thirty minutes and a maximum of two hours. The rates are $70 per hour for NEHGS members and $90 per hour for others.

For the best value and experience, become a full member of NEHGS to advance your family history research with the highest-quality services in the field and access to more than 1 billion records. Membership starts as low as $7.49 per month.*

Getting Started

Genealogy is one of the most valuable pursuits you can participate in. Learning about who you are, and where you came from can be a rewarding and even life-changing experience.

Choosing a Genealogical Software Program

Learn how to select software that’s right for you and how to transfer your files from an old program to a new one.

Membership Benefits

NEHGS members enjoy full access to all 1+ billion records on and many more discounts on all of our products. Find out more about the benefits of being a member of NEHGS here.


Whatever your genealogical needs, the experts at our library are here to help and will provide one-on-one consultations in person or by telephone.


Learn with NEHGS experts and partner organizations at lectures, seminars, and other events offered each year at the NEHGS research library and in the greater Boston area.

The Weekly Genealogist

Every Wednesday The Weekly Genealogist provides readers with news and information about NEHGS and the genealogical community.