Family History Prompts

to Bring to the Virtual Table

This Thanksgiving

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Were you named after another relative? How about a historical figure—or something more unusual? Tell the stories behind your family names.

Who was the oldest relative you got to meet in your lifetime? How old were they? How old were you?

What was the biggest historical event that happened in your childhood? Do you remember it well?

What are some of your favorite pictures from different points in your life? Pull out the family photo albums!

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

What do you remember most about school? Compare older relatives' experiences in school with younger relatives—what's changed?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Would your childhood self be surprised to learn about your adult life as it is?

Weird family traits: we all have them! Are you double-jointed, or can you wiggle your ears? See if the rest of the family shares your talents.

Do you know the origins of your family and where they lived?

Who is the earliest known ancestor you can name?

Where is the most amazing place you've visited? Did you travel with family? Where do you hope to visit someday?

Pull out the family map—where have you lived? Where did your family originate? Where do you live now? Find out how far your family has spread over the years.