American Ancestors Creates a New Corporate Membership Program for Boston Companies to Offer as an Employee Benefit

Connecting Employees with Their Family History Can Be Transformative for the Employee and the Company

December 9, 2019—Boston, Massachusetts—In a crowded field of employee benefit options available to companies in Boston, a new program offered by American Ancestors stands apart. The growing interest in genealogy, family history, and DNA testing has inspired American Ancestors to offer companies something unique in the category.

American Ancestors, also known as New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), has announced a new Corporate Membership Program designed for Boston-area companies that want to offer a genealogical research experience with its many celebrated benefits to company personnel. Researching and studying genealogy and family history has experienced a surge in interest and participation in recent years and NEHGS, creators of the respected American Ancestors brand in genealogy with many popular products and services, is among the leaders in the industry.

Much has been studied and published on the benefits to individuals, young and old, understanding the connection to their ancestral past. Genealogy’s popularity has skyrocketed due to the industry’s success in devising systematic methods for researching one’s ancestry. NEHGS—through the development of its American Ancestors brand—has been in the forefront nationally for such innovation. For a medium-sized to large company, the new Corporate Membership Program by American Ancestors may be the perfect benefit.

The new Corporate Membership Program by American Ancestors allows a local company to offer participating employees all the benefits of an annual membership in the subscription-based genealogical organization: use of its exclusive online research databases on its award-winning website; use of all the reference, educational, and guidance resources at the American Ancestors Research Center on Newbury Street, where visitors have access to a staff of expert genealogists who are skilled in assisting individuals with all aspects of genealogical research; a DNA testing kit from AncestryDNA; and a calendar of events of online and live on-site programs at the organization’s historic headquarters in Back Bay.

In announcing the program, Don Reagan, Director of Business Development at American Ancestors, who is responsible for its creation, commented that “The pursuit of family history and genealogy is all about connecting—connecting historical facts and documented data to reveal the stories of lives past. When woven together, these connections bring ancestors and families out of the past to the present and allow us to celebrate and commemorate ancestral beginnings. For many, it is a transformative event in their lives.”

“Our Corporate Membership Program offers a way for a company’s employees to connect to their past and, ultimately, even to each other,” Reagan continued. “The adventure of researching one’s family history has been shown to have far-reaching benefits, an experience which can have lasting impact upon individuals and their shared human environment—within one’s family—and within a group of professional colleagues sharing the impact of the experience. And, it’s an on-going experience that the participant employee of a company can enjoy all year long.”

The Corporate Membership Program allows a group of employees to have this experience with the expert guidance of American Ancestors staff, using the comprehensive resources of the organization. It is available to businesses and organizations of all sizes. As an annual program, benefits are available to the employees designated by the Corporate Member for a 12-month period. Costs begin as low as $5,500 a year for an American Ancestors Corporate Membership package with multiple annual benefits. American Ancestors will also create a custom-designed package to accommodate the number of employees a company wishes to include in the Corporate Membership Program. Marketing visibility benefits for participation in the program are also offered to member companies.

USA Today recently named NEHGS “one of 10 great places to trace family roots.” From its historic headquarters in Boston’s beautiful Back Bay, and through an award-winning website at, offering more than 1.4 billion searchable names, and many online genealogical programs and features, American Ancestors and NEHGS have earned a reputation as “the most respected name in family history.”


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