The Campaign for NEHGS

Capital Improvements and National Headquarters Expansion

Capital Improvements and National Headquarters Expansion

Funds from the current capital campaign have enabled us to enhance our presence on Newbury Street with a beautiful and welcoming garden and the restorative cleaning of our building’s façade. Inside the building, campaign funds have enabled us to create an expanded conservation laboratory. We are currently seeking additional campaign gifts and grants to upgrade the technology infrastructure (i.e., computers, reader-scanners, wireless connectivity, and content management systems) that will support a unparalleled surge in the number of online records available to our members and registered users.

Expanding Our Home Headquarters

Until recently, despite these planned improvements, the Society still lacked sufficient space for expanding our staff and services. With this in mind, NEHGS seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and entered into an agreement to purchase and ultimately expand our headquarters with the adjoining four story, 4,500-square foot brownstone townhouse at 97 Newbury Street. Our extended sale agreement, in which the seller will maintain his retail operation for the foreseeable future, allows NEHGS the time to gather donor support for this critical acquisition and its eventual renovation, and also to plan carefully and strategically to configure this new space to meet the requirements of the Society and its members.

Vision for Expanded Facilities at 97 Newbury Street

  • Museum Store and Welcome Center
  • Adult and Youth Learning Center and Youth Training Program
  • Jewish Heritage Center
  • Space for other collaborating nonprofits
  • Exhibition Gallery
  • Visible storage for important collections
  • Additional office space

Named and Commemorative Gift Opportunities

  • $2,500,000+
97 Newbury Street Building
  • $1,500,000+
Jewish Heritage Center
  • $1,000,000+
Welcome Center and Museum Shop (97 Newbury)
  • $500,000+
Adult and Youth Learning Center (97 Newbury)
  • $250,000+

Office Suite (97 Newbury)

Website Content Management System

  • $150,000+

HVAC System Replacement (99–101 Newbury)
Window Restoration/Replacement (99–101 Newbury)
Front Entrance Renovation/Replacement (99–101 Newbury)

  • $100,000*+
Individual Staff Office
  • $50,000+
Technology Enhancements (Reader-scanners, computers, etc.)

*Donors of $100,000 or more by the end of December 2014 will be recognized as Founders of the Cornerstone Society and will be listed on a permanent plaque placed within the building.