Irish Roots

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A Family's Search for Its Irish Roots

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When Harrison and Louise (Redfern) Pells were asked by their son to complete two family group sheets in 1969, the couple had no idea that each was beginning a lifelong pursuit of family history.

The Fate of My Irish Ancestors

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Family stories implied that my Irish immigrant ancestors experienced tragedy on both sides of the Atlantic. I began my genealogical research to uncover the facts and I uncovered a sad story indeed.

Obtaining Dual U.S.-Irish Citizenship

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Douglas Schumann wrote to Research Services asking for help in obtaining dual citizenship in the U.S. and Ireland. Follow the story of his research into his family's history.

Your Ever Grateful, 'Birdie'

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Ann's often candid missives hint at the complex relationships that could exist between employer and employee, and provides intriguing glimpses into her life during and after her service.

Researching Irish Domestic Servants

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We research the life and ancestry of Ellen Laffey, since her family history demonstrates some of the records and research techniques useful in learning about ancestors who worked in domestic service.

Genetics and Genealogy

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Follow our Chief Genealogist through his journey, starting in Nova Scotia and concluding in Ireland, to find the European origins of his father's family, the Lamberts.