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When you request a chart or report, our Research Services team first matches you with a genealogist whose expertise is best suited to the time period and geographic location of the request. Reports come in several formats and charts can be fully customized to suit your needs. We supply you with full citations and copies of any documents we find that pertain to your ancestors, summarize our findings, and make suggestions for further research.

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View an Example Report

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Compare five hours of research with fifteen hours of research presented in our standard report. There is a five hour minimum for all research packages, and no maximum. We can provide reports to any scale and scope.

View an Example Ahnentafel

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Ahnentafel is German for Ancestor Table. It reads like a book, set up in a numeral sequence so it is easy to browse.

See an example. We can add biographical narrative to your ancestors so you see what their lives were like, as well as images like relevant photographs, paintings and documents.

View an Example Fan Chart

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A fan chart is great to have in your hand while reading your research report. It is also aesthetically pleasing to frame and display on a wall in your home as it has your ancestors' names and dates of birth and death.

See an example. We can create these charts from the information you provide us with or we can research your ancestry and create a chart from our research.

View an Example Tree Chart

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We can customize a chart for you either using the information that you have gathered or the information from a research request.

See one example of a custom chart, a second example, and a third example, which was printed on canvas so that it could be rolled up and brought to family reunions. They can also be printed to be framed and hung in your office or home. They can be as big or as little as you wish. They can contain as much or as little information as you desire such as names, dates, port of arrival, occupation, and so on.

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Non-members rates for research reports:

  • $525 for five-hour minimum
  • $105 per additional hour

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