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Early New England

The 17th century saw the first wave of European migration to the area now known as New England. NEHGS has a wealth of databases and information to guide your search.

New York

New York genealogy can be a challenge, depending on the time, place and ethnicity of your ancestors. Inconsistent records, due to factors like the 1911 fire at the State Library in Albany and the fact that statewide registration of vital records did not start until 1880, can throw up brick walls. NEHGS experts know the best resources for New York genealogy and how to use them effectively.


Pennsylvania’s size and central location on the Atlantic Seaboard have helped it play an important role in American history. Millions of Americans have ancestors who lived in Pennsylvania at some point in their lives. Learn how to conduct research on Pennsylvania and access free educational resources below.


The unique history of Vermont presents distinct challenges to researchers looking for their Vermont ancestry. Explore our databases and learn more about how early migration to western New England shaped the future of this state.


African American

Researching African American ancestors can be challenging. We have the tools you need to get started, including several databases, a primer for conducting African American research, articles from American Ancestors magazine, and much more.


Discover more about your Irish ancestors through our unique resources. Explore databases, how-to guides, and expert webinars designed to take any level of research to the next step. Learn essential concepts and techniques for Irish research, and find out which manuscripts, collections, and sources our genealogists use to crack the toughest research cases.


The Jewish Heritage Center at NEHGS provides resources for exploring and preserving the histories of Jewish families and institutions in New England and beyond. Explore highlights from their collections and materials, and get started researching your Jewish family.

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Interested in using DNA testing to unlock your family history? We have resources to help you choose the right test for you and integrate results into your research. Find out how DNA can connect the dots in your family’s story.

Probate Records

Probate records can be a powerful resource for genealogists and researchers. These papers document legal decisions that explain how an individual’s estate is distributed to heirs, dependents, and creditors. These details can reveal an ancestor’s personal life, point the way to relatives, and provide reliable proof of identity. Search our collection of probate records and learn how they can enrich your research.