Newbury Street Press

Newbury Street Press
Newbury Street Press established in 1996, is the premier private publisher of family histories. The Press builds on the New England Historic Genealogical Society’s more than 170-year history of publishing compiled genealogies of enduring value. Books that bear the Newbury Street Press logo represent the Society’s high standards of documentation and authentication of genealogical research. By publishing high-quality books that stand the test of time, the Press supports the Society’s purpose: to educate, inspire, and connect people to advance the study of family history.

Give the Gift of Your Family Story

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Imagine bringing all your ancestors to life so your children and grandchildren can get to know them. A book published by Newbury Street Press is the perfect way to capture and preserve your family legacy—for yourself, for your family, and for posterity.

A Quality Volume for Posterity

Newbury Street Press's researchers and editors employ the highest standards of research and documentation and implement best publishing practices. The result: archival-quality, award-winning books that are accurate, elegant, and visually appealing—and that stand the test of time.

Custom Design

  • original genealogical research
  • review of family documents and records
  • interviews with family members
  • genealogical analysis of DNA testing
  • reproduction of family photos, documents, and other historic images
  • charts showing family relationships

Your Book Also Supports NEHGS

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Your tax-deductible gift to the Family History Fund supports the purpose and mission of NEHGS. For further information about Newbury Street Press, and to learn how tax-deductible donations to the Society make its work possible, contact one of the following:

Ted MacMahon, Vice President of Development and Member Services

Sharon Inglis, Publishing Director