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Volume 21, Number 2, Summer 2020

Celebrating 175 years, Planning for the Future

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An Illustrated History of New England Historic Genealogical Society
Lynn Betlock

Building a Foundation: A History of NEHGS Publications

New Database: NEHGS Membership Applications, 1845–1900
Don LeClair

Introducing Our Digital Library & Archives
Brittany Contratto

Letters of congratulations from our friends

Reminiscing about NEHGS

Unearthing Sarah’s Gravestone: An Adventure in Family History Archaeology
Clifford L. Stott, CG, FASG

Were the Salem Witchcraft Victims Buried or Not?
Marilynne K. Roach


Research Services: Case Files
Queries, Inquiries, Enquiries, and Today’s Research Services

Sarah Dery

Genetics & Genealogy
Using Your Autosomal Matches to Find Candidates for Y-DNA or mtDNA Studies

Christopher C. Child

Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center Spotlight
The Jewish Heritage Center Turns 10

Rachel King

Focus on New York
Seen Elsewhere: New York-Related Articles in 2018–2019 Issues of Some Non-New York Journals

Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG

From our Collections
Safeguarding a Sampler: Conserving Caroline Jackson’s 1810 Embroidery

Todd Pattison and Timothy G. X. Salls

Manuscripts @ NEHGS
NEHGS Institutional Archive

Timothy G. X. Salls