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Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 2020

Introducing Family Treasures: 175 Years of Collecting at NEHGS

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Art Treasures at NEHGS
Gerald W. R. Ward

Writing About Harriet: My Family’s Role in Preserving the Legacy of Harriet Tubman
Robert C. Amos

“Wanted: Calder Heirs of Aswanlie”: The Search for William Calder’s Origins
Anne Skinner

Tracing English Immigrants to Illinois: A Journalist Writes a Family History
Karen Cord Taylor

Who Was “Brother Joseph’s Daughter,” a 1703 Captive from Maine?
Priscilla Eaton


Manuscripts @ NEHGS
The Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection

Timothy G. X. Salls

Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center Spotlight
Hyman Gradis and the Story of the Lynn Jewish Community

Lindsay Murphy

Research Services: Case Files
Finding Mr. Wright: A Research Services Case Study

James Heffernan

Genetics & Genealogy
Genealogical Research and Y-DNA Testing on the Yeamans/Youmans Family

Michael S. Yoemans