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Volume 19, Number 2, Summer 2018

Your Guide to Lineage Societies

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Your Guide to Lineage Societies
Lynn Betlock

From Our Collections: The Bullet that Killed Joseph Warren
Lynn Betlock

Identifying Provincetown’s Revolutionary War Soldiers
Zachary J. Garceau

The Curious Story of George H. Osborne
Randall Souviney

Osborn Hand Revisits His Past
Bill McKeeman

Mahlon Bickel’s Grand Bicycle Adventure
Lindsay Kamm

The Token Books of St. Saviour’s: A Source for Testing a John Wood Hypothesis
Michael M. Wood

The Bradford House Women
Michelle Marchetti Coughlin


Genetics & Genealogy
Searching for a Common DNA Ancestor: A Smithhart/Martin Case Study

George McKinney and Stephanie Southerland

The Susan Maria Leverich Family Collection

Timothy G. X. Salls

Focus on New York
Seen Elsewhere: New York-Related Articles in 2016–2017 Issues of Some Non-New York Journals

Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG

Jewish Heritage Center Spotlight
Elihu Stone and “Our Beloved Lithuania”

Lindsay Sprechman