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Volume 17, Number 4, Winter 2016–2017

The Stranger in My Genes

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The Stranger in My Genes: An excerpt from Bill Griffeth’s new memoir
Bill Griffeth

Q&A with Bill Griffeth
DNA Discoveries

Remarriage and Stepfamilies in Early America
Lisa Wilson

The Story of Sidney O. Francis: A Massachusetts Boy Kidnapped into Slavery
David Fiske

The Charming Rogue: Uncovering My Grandfather’s Deeds & Misdeeds
Janine Sobiski

Studying Yorkshire Surnames
George Redmonds


Research Services: Case Files
Organizing a Preserving Your Family History Collection

Jason Amos

Jewish Heritage Center Spotlight
Living Witness: Samuel Gurvitz in Europe, 1939

Stephanie Call

Genetics & Genealogy
Tracing Native American DNA to Colonial Quebec

Christopher C. Child, Sam Sturgis, and Greta Anschuetz

Manuscripts @ NEHGS
Our World War I Collections

Timothy G. X. Salls

Focus on New York
Following the Tax Man’s Trail

Meldon J. Wolfgang Ⅲ

From Our Collections
Portraits of Elizabeth & Mary Royall

Mary Kathryn Menck

Family Focus Index of Persons