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  • 2005 Archive

  • Vol. 7, No. 47
    Whole #246
    November 23, 2005
    Edited by Michael J. Leclerc and Valerie Beaudrault

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    * Happy Thanksgiving
    * NEHGS Seeks Director of Finance
    * Upcoming Education Programs
    * National Institute on Genealogical Research Announces 2006 Offering
    * Spotlight: New Jersey State Archives
    * Start Your Holiday Shopping with our Specially Priced NEHGS Holiday Bundles
    * Upcoming "Genealogy in a Nutshell" Lectures
    * Research Recommendations: Tips for Finding Irish Ancestors
    * NEHGS Contact Information


    Happy Thanksgiving

    The Society would like to take a moment to wish all of its members a Happy Thanksgiving. While visiting with your family this weekend, take the opportunity to collect information for your research. Talk with your older relatives and listen to their stories. These stories will give you the clues you need to break down your brick walls and expand your research. Safe travels wherever your journey takes you for this holiday.

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    NEHGS Seeks Director of Finance

    The Society is seeking an experienced non-profit financial manager to be responsible for the overall financial management of the organization. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and supervising two full time staff, the Director of Finance will:

    • Manage and maintain the organization's financial system and direct all related activities, including account reconciliation, A/R, A/P, payroll, taxes and investments
    • Develop and manage the budget and cash flow
    • Prepare for and supervise the annual audit process
    • Provide financial leadership and advice to administration and Board of Trustees
    • Manage payroll, employee benefits, all insurances
    • Direct regulatory compliance including tax filings, corporate filings, IRS and ERISA compliance
    • Participate in the growth and development of the organization through leadership on the management team and implementation of the strategic plan

    This is a very hands-on role with an emphasis on reporting, analyzing and forecasting financial trends that will affect the successful operation of the organization. It requires a proactive approach to staying informed about all of the Society's many activities and the non-profit regulatory environment. This is a full-time position with vacation, medical and other benefits.

    For more information about this position and other career opportunities, please visit

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    Upcoming Education Programs

    A number of exciting programs are being planned for 2006, ranging from weeks in Boston and Washington, D.C., to a variety of day seminars. We hope that you will join us for one or more of these programs:

    Research Week in Washington, D.C.
    March 5-12, 2006

    Spring Weekend Research Getaway
    Interpreting and Preserving the Past
    March 23-25, 2006

    Your Family History: Plan Before You Write
    April 8, 2006

    English Family History for Americans
    April 22, 2006

    New England Heritage Series
    Three Centuries in Salem at the Peabody Essex Museum
    May 20, 2006

    Come Home to New England
    June 18-25, 2006

    For more information on these programs, please email Amanda Batey at

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    National Institute on Genealogical Research Announces 2006 Offering

    The National Institute on Genealogical Research (NIGR), held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and College Park, Maryland, is an intensive program offering on-site examination of federal records. Designed for experienced researchers, it is not an introduction to genealogy. The next institute will be held July 16-22, 2006.

    The 2006 program focuses on immigration, military, land, cartographic, postal, African American, legislative records, and more. One day at Archives II and optional evening sessions at the Library of Congress and the DAR library are included.

    Enrollment is limited. Application brochures will be mailed in February, 2006. The class fills very quickly. Tuition is $350 for applications postmarked by 15 May, or $400 thereafter. Scholarships are available. For more information or to receive an application brochure, see the institute’s Web site at and add your name to the mail list; or email; or write to NIGR, P.O. Box 724, Lanham, MD 20703-0724.

    NIGR has been a leader in genealogical education since its founding in 1950. It was incorporated in 1989 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Trustees consist of representatives of the American Society of Genealogists, Association of Professional Genealogists, Board for Certification of Genealogists, Federation of Genealogical Societies, National Genealogical Society, and the institute’s alumni association. The National Archives, a non-voting member, provides strong support.


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    Spotlight: New Jersey State Archives

    The website of New Jersey Public Records and Archives office of the New Jersey Division of Archives & Records Management (NJDARM) offers some online resources. Click on the State Archives link to gain access to them. The resources include the following:

    Searchable Databases
    There is currently one database on the website, Index to Supreme Court Cases, 1704 -1844, which contains approximately 65,000 cases that were heard by the Supreme Court of New Jersey between 1704 and 1844. The cases are indexed by plaintiff and defendant. Currently, nearly all of the entries include the year that the case was heard; the county and case type is included for just over one-half of the records. Data is being entered to add the missing information. The index can be searched by name, county, case type and year span. There are dropdown lists to select from for the county and case type. Copies of the cases can be obtained for a fee. Until data entry has been completed searches should not be done on year span alone, as the search results will include records for which the year has not yet been entered.

    Image Collections
    The Archives has ten image collections comprising more than 1,000 photographs that have been digitized and uploaded to its web site. The collections include more than 400 portraits in the Civil War Cartes de Visite collection, two sets of Spanish-American War-related photographs, images from the Bordentown Manual Training School, photographs documenting the construction of the Wanaque Waterworks (1920 – 1923) and more than 100 photographs of Early Houses of Burlington County, to name a few.

    The Civil War Cartes de Visite collection contains original “cartes de visite” of Civil War soldiers, which were collected by the New Jersey Adjutant General's Office. The labels on most of the photographs include the soldier’s name, rank and unit of service. They may also include other ranks held and units of service, battles fought in, and date of death, if killed in action. The index or contents list include name of the soldier, highest rank held, regiment of service, photographer’s name, and remarks. Click on the soldier’s name to view the carte de visite. Another collection is the Spanish-American War Infantry Officers collection. This collection contains a set of 40 portraits collected by the Adjutant General in 1904 as part of a project to honor officers who had served in the war with Spain. These photographs have been arranged alphabetically and captioned with the information written on the back.

    Recent News from the New Jersey State Archives:
    Proprietors & Adventurers: A Rediscovery of Colonial New Jersey
    Those of you with New Jersey ancestry dating back to the colonial period may be interested a recent purchase made by the New Jersey State Archives. In June 2005 the State Archives purchased eleven lots of “unique or extremely rare New Jersey colonial manuscripts, maps and imprints from the Jay T. Snider Collection of Historical Americana” that were being auctioned by Christie's. The following is a sampling of what the collection includes:

    • A Manuscript Record Book of Governor Robert Barclay, 1664 – 1684, which includes minutes of the East Jersey Board of Proprietors, transcribed charters, concessions and grants, more than 90 letters, listings of proprietors and other documents.
    • Several maps that were folded into this book, including “John Seller. A Mapp of New Jersey in America, abt. 1677,” which is the first printed map of New Jersey.
    • A “List of the Names of all the Adventurers … Proprietors of West Jersey, 1697,” a broadside which is an unrecorded roster of West Jersey “adventurers,” or investors.
    • Samuel Smith. The History of the Colony of Nova-Caesaria, or New-Jersey. 1765, the first published history of New Jersey.

    These documents will not be accessible to the public for research for several months while the Archives staff and conservators process them. Their condition will be assessed and they will be photographed, digitized and transcribed. Once the process has been completed the collection will be made available as facsimiles or digital images to the public desiring to use them in the course of their research. The documents were unveiled in the Proprietors and Adventurers exhibition in Princeton, New Jersey, on September 27, 2005. An expanded version exhibition is currently on display in the State Archives gallery in Trenton, New Jersey. To check on the status of this collection, visit

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    Start Your Holiday Shopping with our Specially Priced NEHGS Holiday Bundles

    The D. Brenton Simons Bundle (To celebrate our new Executive Director)
    Witches, Rakes and Rogues; The Art of Family; Boston Audissey: A Walking Tour of Boston CD
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    The Writing Bundle
    You Can Write Your Family History; Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's; Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America
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    The Boston Bundle
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    The Torrey Bundle
    Torrey's New England Marriages CD; Third Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages
    Item HOL-TOR, $75.00 (Save $25)

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    Prices are good through December 31, 2005.

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    Upcoming "Genealogy in a Nutshell" Lectures

    Our "Nutshell" lectures explore a wide range of research skills and sources and are free and open to the public. They are offered in the Richardson-Sloane Education Center at 101 Newbury Street on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:00 A.M. unless otherwise stated. Advance registration is not necessary.

    November 30, 10 a.m., Michael J. Leclerc and Tim Salls
    Copyright Issues for Genealogists
    Many genealogists get involved in publishing records and local histories, as well as their family histories. The amount and type of information available to researchers has increased immensely along with the growth of the Internet, yet there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what can be used again by other writers. Join NEHGS Director of Special Projects Michael J. Leclerc and Manuscripts Curator Tim Salls for a discussion of copyright and trademark issues involved in publishing works of interest to the genealogical community.

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    Research Recommendations

    Tips for Finding Irish Ancestors
    Marie Daly

    A major challenge for Irish American genealogists is determining the exact origin of a Famine-era ancestor with a common name. If North American sources provide only county of origin, a researcher can use two CD-ROMS in combination to narrow the possibilities: Grenham’s Irish Surnames by John Grenham (Dublin: Eneclann, Ltd., 2003) [Microtext CS2415/G74/2003 CD] and Index to Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864 (Novato, CA: Broderbund Software, Inc, 1998) [Microtext CS497/I63/1998 CD]. Grenham’s Irish Surnames allows a researcher to look at the distribution of surnames in Griffith’s Valuation, and to cross-reference two surnames. Griffith’s Valuation of mid-19th century head-of-household land occupiers can be used as a census substitute.

    Consider the following case. The ancestor was John Murphy and his wife Mary Lellis who were married in Ireland, and who emigrated from County Cork to Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1860. The name John Murphy in County Cork is impossibly common, but the name Lellis is not. Many times Irish men did not go very far to find a bride. So cross-referencing a common surname with a less common one allows researchers to narrow the possible places. Grenham’s Irish Surnames showed that the surname Murphy was very common in Cork, but when cross-referenced with Lellis, the results indicated that only three parishes had both surnames: Doneraile, Farahy and Templeroan.

    The Index to Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864 CD was next consulted. The index provides the full name and townland for the head-of-household. When the name John Murphy was entered, the index showed many John Murphys, but only a few in the three parishes mentioned above. The townland for each John Murphy was written down. Next the surname Lellis was entered, and the results indicated only one townland that matched the John Murphy list: the townland of Cloustoge in the parish of Doneraile. The actual Griffith’s Valuation on microfiche was next consulted and the townland Cloustoge was located. The valuation showed a John Murphy and a James Lellis living in adjacent households. So now the researcher has a place in which he/she can research further.

    The method does not work if both surnames are very common (e.g. Sullivan and Murphy). Also, sometimes the couple would meet in a larger town, particularly on fair days when young people from the entire area would come into town. So the assumption that the couple came from the same townland does not always pan out. But method of cross-referencing surnames is one more tool to locate elusive Irish ancestors. (The CD-ROMs can be found in the NEHGS Microtext department, and can also be purchased in the NEHGS store at

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