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  • 2005 Archive

  • Vol. 7, No. 34
    Whole #233
    August 24, 2005
    Edited by Michael J. Leclerc and Valerie Beaudrault

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    * New Databases on
    * In Memoriam: Ethel Farrington Smith (1910-2005)
    * NEHGS Specials at the FGS Conference in Salt Lake City
    * New from NEHGS: Cambridge Cameos
    * Audio Tour of Boston Now Available
    * Upcoming Education Programs
    * Spotlight: Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii at Manoa
    * Genealogies on Sale
    * Upcoming “Genealogy in a Nutshell” Lectures
    * Favorite – and Black Sheep – Ancestors
    * NEHGS Contact Information


    New Databases on

    Vital Records of Randolph, Massachusetts, 1699 - 1875
    Randolph, Massachusetts was incorporated as a separate town from Braintree on March 9, 1793. The vital records for this town were transcribed by Waldo C. Sprague from the original records held at the Randolph Town Hall, and the cemeteries of Randolph and Holbrook, Massachusetts. These transcriptions are part of the collection donated from the estate of Mr. Sprague in 1962 to NEHGS.

    Randolph Civil War Veterans compiled by Waldo C. Sprague
    A record of the American born Civil War veterans from Randolph, Massachusetts were included in the transcription of Randolph Vital Records done by Waldo Chamberlain Sprague. This database contains the name of the veteran, his date and place of birth, and his parent’s names. The exact title Sprague recorded for this transcription is “Randolph Rebellion Record (including those born in America)”. Database source: NEHGS Manuscripts [SG/SPR/17/4c].

    Cemetery Transcriptions from the NEHGS Manuscript Collections
    Just added: Union Cemetery and Wendell Cemetery in Holbrook, Norfolk County, Massachusetts and Central Cemetery and Oakland Cemetery in Randolph, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

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    In Memoriam: Ethel Farrington Smith (1910-2005)

    It is with great sadness that we report that Ethel Farrington Smith, our longtime patron, friend, and former trustee, died August 20, 2005 at the age of 95. Blanche Ethel Farrington was born March 26, 1910 at Arlington, Massachusetts, to physician Leander Morton and Blanche (Clough) Farrington. She graduated from Smith College in 1931 and received a master's degree at Columbia University in 1942. From 1937 to 1947 she was employed as a medical social worker at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City after which she served as a social worker in Idaho, Montana, and North Carolina, among other places. Harland Willard Hawes became Ethel’s first husband on March 27, 1951 in California. He died eight years later. On December 11, 1959 she took John Eldridge Smith as her second husband. That marriage lasted until his death in 1973.

    Ethel was very active with the Girl Scouts of America, receiving a lifetime achievement award from that organization in 1990. She was a past board member of the Daughters of the Founders of Patriots of America (1976-1988), a longtime member and former president of the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society in Florida, and trustee of the New England Historic Genealogical Society from 1986 to 1989. She was a generous supporter of NEHGS during the troubled times of the 1980s, and she continued her assistance through the rest of her life. In recognition of her generosity, the Society dedicated the trustees room in her honor on October 25, 1993.

    Ethel was a prolific writer, penning numerous articles for Ancestry (the magazine of the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society), The American Genealogist, The Mayflower Quarterly, and The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. For two decades she edited the Hawkes Talks newsletter for the Adam Hawkes Family Association, and in 1980 published Adam Hawkes of Saugus, Massachusetts with Gateway Press. In 2003 the Newbury Street Press published her impressive work Colonial American Doctresses. At the time of her death she was working on another title with Newbury Street Press, The History of Hull, Massachusetts, based on a series of articles previously published in the Register.

    In a 2004 story about Colonial American Doctresses in the Quincy Patriot-Ledger, NEHGS executive director Ralph Crandall had this to say about his friend: “Ethel is extraordinary — an important scholar and a first-rate genealogist. She was independent-minded and modern way before the women’s movement. She chose what she wanted to do with her life and she pursued her dreams.”

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    NEHGS Specials at the FGS Conference in Salt Lake City

    Several specials and events will take place at the NEHGS vendor booth during the FGS conference, including book signings and members-only pricing on nearly a dozen titles. The newest volume of Robert Charles Anderson’s Great Migration series, The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume IV, I-L, will be on sale for the first time on September 8 and many copies will be available in Salt Lake City. Also new from NEHGS: Cambridge Cameos by Roger Thompson, containing colorful stories of a seventeenth-century New England town. D. Brenton Simons, NEHGS chief operating officer, will introduce his new book, Witches, Rakes, and Rogues: True Stories of Scam, Scandal, Murder and Mayhem in Boston, 1630-1775, and be attending the conference to sign his book, as well.

    The complete schedule of book signings includes:
    Thursday, 3:00 – 3:30: Gary Boyd Roberts with The Best Genealogical Sources in Print and other titles.
    Thursday, 4:30 – 5:00: David Allen Lambert with Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries
    Friday, 1:30 – 2:00: D. Brenton Simons with Witches, Rakes, and Rogues
    Friday, 3:00 – 3:30: Maureen Taylor with Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs and other titles.

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    New from the New England Historic Genealogical Society: Cambridge Cameos

    The newest book from Professor Roger Thompson, author of Sex in Middlesex, is now available. Cambridge Cameos contains forty-four sketches from the period 1651 to 1686 based on thousands of original documents bearing on the early history of Cambridge.

    The cast ranges from a Deputy Governor, a Commander of the Colony’s Militia and Presidents of Harvard College to a manipulative black servant, a Nipmuck Indian who worked at the college printing press and the wife of a Quaker serving a long prison term who despite her privations refused to bow to authority.

    Some of the more bizarre personalities described are the wife who preferred the company of her ox to her husband, the 70-year-old jailer (on his fifth marriage) caught in flagrante delicto with a pregnant prisoner; masters who inflicted horrific injuries on servants — and servants who made employers’ lives intolerable. Roger Thompson recounts the histories of violent neighbors ranging from gentlemen to farm laborers, lustful young (and not so young) men preying on serving maids, bloodyminded religious heretics, loudmouthed defamers, and cheeseparing investors conned by a smooth talking young boat builder in “colorful vignettes [that] recreate and reevaluate major actors on the political scene as well as the lives of marginalized people” (Professor Herwig Friedl).

    Robert Charles Anderson, director of The Great Migration Study Project, says that Roger Thompson “provides us with a rare opportunity to hear these early New Englanders speak for themselves and to experience seventeenth-century life as directly as possible.”

    Cambridge Cameos
    New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2005, 355pp.
    S22220000, hardcover, $39.95, member price $35.95 through August 31, 2005.
    S22230000, softcover, $19.95, member price $17.95 through August 31, 2005.

    For more information or to purchase this title, visit call NEHGS toll-free at 1-888-296-3447.

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    Audio Tour of Boston Now Available

    NEHGS chief operating officer D. Brenton Simons appears on The Boston Audissey: See the Sites – Hear the Legends from Audissey Guides. Locals and visitors can walk independently through Boston, listening to local voices explain the significance of various sites throughout the city. Other voices on the tour include Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones; Meredith Devine, assistant director of the Old South Meeting House; Dan McNichol, author of The Big Dig; and Michael Patrick MacDonald, author of All Souls: a Family Story from Southie. Among the stories are: “The Execution of Mary Dyer,” “Boston Tea Party,” “Fiery Words of James Otis,” and “Alley of Darkness.”

    A detailed map of Boston showing the locations where the various events took place is included. The tour is available on CD-ROM for $12.95 at at the Boston Common Visitor Center or through the NEHGS store at # M33000000). It is also available as a download for your iPod or MP3 player from The map can be downloaded from the site as well.

    The story told during the tour by Brenton Simons is from his forthcoming book Witches, Rakes, and Rogues: True Stories of Scam, Scandal, Murder, and Mayhem in Boston, 1630-1775. More details about his book can be found at

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    Upcoming Education Programs
    Salt Lake City Tour
    October 30-November 6, 2005

    NEHGS invites you to join its twenty-seventh annual research tour to Salt Lake City. Participants will receive assistance in their research from our experienced staff genealogists and other recognized experts in the field. In addition, there will be orientations to our tour and to the Family History Library and its computer system, personal one-on-one consultations and guided research in the library with NEHGS staff, and group meals included in the weeklong program. Lodging will be at the Best Western Salt Lake City Plaza Hotel.

    NEHGS staff genealogists (Christopher Child, Henry Hoff, and Ruth Quigley Wellner) as well as guest consultant and former staff person Jerome E. Anderson will be stationed on each floor of the Family History Library for scheduled personal research consultations. Participants will be able to sign up for consultations early in the program and there will be plenty of time in the course of the week to confer with our staff about research questions and concerns. An excellent way to prepare for a trip to Salt Lake City is to read Your Guide to the Family History Library by Paula Stuart Warren and James W. Warren. It is filled with tips for getting the most out of your trip, not only to the library, but to the city itself. There is also a companion video, The Video Guide to the Salt Lake City Family History Library. Registrants for the tour may purchase the book for $15.99 (normally $19.99) and the video for $12.95 (normally $15.95).

    For more information visit

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    Spotlight: Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii at Manoa

    The Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii at Manoa has a digital collection containing a variety of materials related to the history and culture of Hawaii. These materials have been gathered from a number of library's collections and include the following:

    From the Archive Collection
    Japanese American Veterans Collection Digital Resources: National Archives Documents Relating to the 442nd RCT (Regimental Combat Team)
    Volunteers from the 442nd Veterans Club in Honolulu have copied and scanned documents connected with the 442nd RCT in the National Archives in order to increase their accessibility. The materials in this collection relate to the activities of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II. The documents include monthly reports by the 442nd RCT Headquarters and general orders and memoranda issued by the United States Army. The monthly reports cover the period from July 1944 through May 1946, and provide an overview of the activities of the 422nd. They also include lists with the named of individuals who were killed or wounded, or were missing in action. The general orders and memoranda document troop movements, notices of inactivation, awarding of medals, parades, and much more.

    From the Asian Collection
    Russian Passport Album
    In the early part of the twentieth century about 2,000 Russians and Ukrainians were recruited as laborers for Hawaiian sugar plantations. After the February Revolution, a Russian diplomat was sent to Hawaii to repatriate the Russians living there. Repatriation expenses were to be borne by the new Russian government. This digital album contains the passport applications for 165 people desiring to return to their native land. Every application contains the following information: a photograph of the applicant, details on where and when they were born, the type of work they did in Russia, the year and name of the ship on which they came to Hawaii, the type of work they did in Hawaii, how many children they had, and their religion. There are English and Russian transcriptions of the biographies. The Russian transcriptions are, however, more complete than the English transcriptions. You can browse the album pages or search using English keywords.

    The Hawaiian Collection in Special Collections at Hamilton Library has a wealth of resources related to the study of Hawaiian history and culture. If you have Hawaiian ancestry or your ancestors relocated to Hawaii, you may be interested in taking a look at the Bibliographies and Assignment Guides on the Hawaii Collection's web page ( The resources on this page include a guide to Hawaiian genealogical resources, selected genealogies from Hawaiian language newspapers (in Hawaiian), Hawaii place names, an annotated bibliography and guide to reference sources on women in Hawaii, and a bibliography of Mahale land awards and land ownership in Hawaii.

    From the Hawaii Collection
    The Annexation of Hawaii: A Collection of Documents
    A number of documents from the nineteenth century related to the annexation of Hawaii have been scanned and uploaded to the website. These documents include petitions protesting annexation. An entry in the guide to Hawaiian genealogical resources mentioned above states that the anti-annexation petitions are useful sources for tracing individuals, as the petition lists names, location, ages and gender of the petition signers.

    Visit explore the online resources of the Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


    Genealogies on Sale

    Check out the new sale prices on some of the genealogies offered by NEHGS as we make room for new stock.

    ANGELL: The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell, 1844-1910.
    Item S41001010. Was $40.00, Now $15.00!

    BREWER: Desc. of Thomas Brewer, Connecticut to Maine
    Item S30021000. Was $40.00, Now $15.00!

    CABOT: The George Cabots: Vermont Desc. of George Cabot of Salem & Boston
    Item S30035000. Was $30.00, Now $12.50!

    EPLING/EPLIN: Volume I: John Paul Epling of Giles County VA
    Item B33102000. Was $75.00, Now $29.95!

    KEMPTON: The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton:
    Part I: Warren Francis Kempton, 1817-1879
    Item S41802000, Was $40.00, Now $15.00!

    Part III: Henry Clay Bartlett
    Item S41803000. Was $35.00, Now $20.00!

    Part IV: Linda Anna Powers, 1839-1879
    Item S42005000. Was $45.00 Now $17.50!

    SPALDING: The Spalding Memorial
    Item B35201010. Was $100.00, Now $50.00!

    WATSON: Jonathan Watson of Dover, NH
    Item S47000000. Was $79.95, Now $19.95!

    Volume J: Desc. of John Wilson of Woburn, MA
    Item B36075300. Was $60.00, Now $30.00!

    Volume K: Scotch WIlsons from Central MA
    Item B36075310, Was $34.00 Now $17.00!

    Volume L: Scotch Wilsons from Western MA
    Item B36075410. Was $34.00, Now $17.00!

    Volume P: Henry Wilson of Dedham, MA
    Item B36075400. Was $35.00, Now $17.50!

    Volume R: Five Families from Hartford County, CT
    Item B36075200. Was $20.00, Now $12.50!

    Volume V: Desc. of Jacob Wilson of Braintree, MA
    Item B36075100. Was $20.00, Now $12.50!


    Prices good through August 31st, 2005 or while supplies last. To find further descriptions of these items or to make an order, please go to Orders can also be made by calling toll free at 1-888-296-3447.

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    Upcoming "Genealogy in a Nutshell" Lectures

    Our "Nutshell" lectures explore a wide range of research skills and sources and are free and open to the public. They are offered in the Richardson-Sloane Education Center at 101 Newbury Street on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:15 A.M. unless otherwise stated. Advance registration is not necessary.

    September 7, 2005, Robert Charles Anderson – Boston in 1645, lecture and walking tour
    10:15 a.m., 2:00 p.m.
    From September 7 – 11, Boston will be celebrating its 375th birthday. NEHGS will be taking part in the festivities by sponsoring a lecture discussing the earliest inhabitants of Boston and their lives; and a walking tour pointing out the locations of their houses. Please join Great Migration series editor Robert Charles Anderson for a special lecture and a walking tour of the oldest streets in Boston. The lecture will be held in the Richardson-Sloane Education Center, second floor at NEHGS, at 10:15 a.m. The walking tour will meet at 2:00 p.m. at the Samuel Adams statue in front of Faneuil Hall, Boston. For information about Boston Charter Day and other activities, please visit the website,

    September 7, 2005, Marie Daly – Getting Started in Genealogy
    12:00 noon, 6:00 p.m.
    Whether you are just starting out in researching your ancestors or would like to brush up on your research methods and sources, this lecture give you a good beginning approach. NEHGS Library Director Marie Daly will present an informative lecture on beginning genealogy, and will follow with a tour of the NEHGS library.

    September 14, 17, 2005, Marie Daly – The Irish in New England, 1645 – 1920
    10:15 a.m.
    NEHGS Library Director and Irish expert Marie Daly will present an overview of Irish immigration to New England from the colonial period to the twentieth century. She will focus on who the immigrants were, where in Ireland they originated, where they went in New England, and what sources are available for research at NEHGS.

    September 14, 2005, Darrin McGlinn and David Lambert – Introduction to the NEHGS Website
    11:30 a.m. has grown to include access to over 109 million names in 2,200 databases! Discover the depth of material available on this genealogy megasite. With a site this extensive, it is easy to concentrate on the most popular feature - databases - and overlook the many other valuable resources available elsewhere in the site. All will be revealed in this informative lecture! Learn how to use the new NEHGS website to advance your research! In this free monthly class, NEHGS content delivery specialist Darrin McGlinn and Online Genealogist David Lambert will offer a step-by-step live demonstration of

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    Favorite – and Black Sheep – Ancestors

    This feature is very popular with our readers, and NEHGS eNews is always looking for stories of interesting ancestors. If you would like to contribute a short story on an interesting ancestor, please draft a piece that is 300 words or less, and send it to If your story is selected, it may be revised for length and clarity. Thank you to all past and future contributors!

    My Favorite Ancestor, by Barbara Haskell Dyer, Danville, CA

    Tradition states that Franklin Shumway ran away from his Vermont home as a boy to work in an Adams, Massachusetts, mill but no records have been found documenting his parents or his early years. His name appeared on an 1841 militia list in Adams and in 1844 he married Laura Ann Mixer. The newlyweds soon left Adams, traveling by way of the Erie Canal, across Lake Michigan to Southport and into Warren Township, Lake County, Illinois.

    In a history of Warren Township, he was described as “a shrewd old Yankee, a horse trader and a money maker.” He invested in land in Chicago and Iowa and he prospered. Photographs reveal a handsome, distinguished, intense man with piercing eyes and a goatee. In a letter to daughter Nell, written in large, bold handwriting, he boasted “you see you would look out a good while in the Town of Warren to find a man able to give his children $4,000 apiece if he a half dozen of them.”

    Laura died after their seventh baby was born; one child died in infancy making the “half dozen.” Franklin relied on the older girls to run the household and care for their siblings. Twenty-three years after Laura’s death, he married his first wife’s cousin (22 years his junior), and a son was born to this marriage. In another letter to Nell, he advised her not to be “a Hetty Green” and confessed “now that I have got a little but it does not make me happy or my children either.” Franklin’s obituary was kinder to him, describing him as a thrifty, successful farmer, who had many friends, strict integrity and was ever ready to assist a needy neighbor.

    The successful money maker mellowed and put prosperity in perspective as he aged.


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