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  • 2001 Archive

  • Vol. 3, No. 5
    Whole #40
    March 16, 2001

    - Early Edition of HisGen Highlights
    - NEHGS Annual Meeting and Proxy Voting Announcement
    - Library News: What do I do with my own library?
    - Telling Our Stories: The Fourth Annual Community Forum on Historical Records
    - David Dearborn named NEHGS Employee of the Year
    - Education Programs
    - NEHGS Participates in Landmark Genetics Study with BYU
    - Publications News
    - Upcoming Lecture in Lexington, Massachusetts
    - A Message from Ralph Crandall
    - Available in the Bookshop


    Early Edition of HisGen Highlights

    No, time has not flown by that quickly. Ordinarily HisGen Highlights is mailed on a biweekly basis. Because the editor will be in Washington, DC on the society’s annual tour next week, HisGen Highlights #40 is being mailed a week early. The next issue of HisGen Highlights will revert to the regular schedule and will be mailed April 6.

    Michael J. Leclerc, Electronic Publications Supervisor


    NEHGS Annual Meeting and Proxy Voting Announcement

    There were two minor errors in the announcement last week of the candidates for the Board of Trustees. The name of David W. Kruger of Exeter, NH was inadvertently omitted. Also, Dr. Edwin Knights is of Grantham, NH not Exeter, NH. The candidates are as follows:

    The following slate of officers and trustees has been nominated by the nominating committee of the Board of Trustees for the offices and terms indicated:

    President: John G. L. Cabot (one year), Manchester, MA
    Vice-President: Susan W. Crosby (one year), Woodbridge, CT
    Recording Secretary: Meriwether Schmid (one year), Riverside, CT
    Treasurer: Richard H. Benson (one year), Naples, FL

    Tony Burroughs (three years), Chicago, IL
    Allis Edelman (one year), Sarasota, FL
    Susan A. Gillette (three years), Toronto, ON
    John W. Grover (three years), Princeton, NJ
    Dr. Edwin M. Knights, Jr. (three years), Grantham, NH
    David W. Kruger (three years), Exeter, NH
    James T. Larkin (three years), Greenwich, CT
    Joyce S. Pendery (three years), Falmouth, MA

    The following individual has been nominated by petition for election to the Board of Trustees for the term indicated:

    William L. Principe (three years), La Canada, Flintridge, CA

    Michael J. Leclerc, Electronic Publications Supervisor


    Library News: What do I do with my own library?

    Though many genealogists spend a good portion of their lives collecting many books and journals in order to solve the genealogical riddles with which they come into contact, many start to stack up in one's own collection at home.  However, many people do not know what to do with old issues of genealogical journals that they have already read or books that they no longer use -- the NEHGS Library can always benefit from your unused books.  Many times a donated book replaces a worn copy on our shelves, adds to our growing collection or helps to complete the run of a genealogical journal. 

    So how does it all work?  At the first step of a book donation, our Acquisitions Committee reviews the gifts that come in to see what fits into the focus of the library [we also can try and purchase items members would like us to obtain too - if interested, send a FULL bibliographic citation for the work and where we can obtain it along with your contact information to: Acquisitions Committee,].  Sometimes we may receive a book which is a little out of our league (i.e. The Birds of Rhode Island, or Mountain Climbing in New Hampshire), and the Committee de-accessions these materials.  But for the genealogical and historical material that members and friends may give us, the Committee usually keeps most items that the Library does not already have, and also looks to replace any damaged copies in the Research or Circulating Libraries.  Many times gifts help to increase the holdings of the Circulating Library, whether it be a history or a reference book that may not normally be requested by a member.  If both the Circulating and Research Libraries have a decent copy of the donated book, then we sell the book through our used book room on the first floor of the Society, which helps to generate money to purchase other items that we don't already own.

    Therefore, if you don't know what to do with your old materials, considering donating them to help develop your library into an even better New England resource and benefit your Society!  Your fellow members may find just what they are looking for in the source you give!

    [If you are interested in donating books to the Society Library, contact or send items c/o Olga Tugarina, Technical Services, NEHGS, 101 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116-3007 (or contact her at]

    Chad Leinaweaver, Director of User Access Services


    Telling Our Stories: The Fourth Annual Community Forum on Historical Records

    For several years now the state of Massachusetts has been working to improve visibility on the issue of historical records preservation. Each year the Secretary of the Commonwealth has sponsored an open forum to discuss issues and ideas for preservation. The New England Historic Genealogical Society is proud to be on the co-sponsors of this noteworthy forum.

    This year’s forum is entitled Telling Our Stories. It will be held in beautiful Amherst, Massachusetts on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. The agenda for the day is as follows:

    8:00-9:30 Registration

    9:30-10:00 Welcome and Introduction:

                       Jack W. Warner, Jr., Archivist for the Commonwealth

                       Eileen Stewart, Vice-Chair ,

                                       Hampshire Co. Historical Records Preservation Advisory Board

                       Phelix Hanible, Ass. Director for Research and Instructional Studies,

                                       University of Massachusets Library

                       William F. Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth

    10:00-11:30 Keynote Address

                      Lawrence R. Hott, Documentary Historian and Film Producer

                       “Lust in Black and White: My Torrid Affair with the Archival Minx”

    11:30-12:00 Coffee and Refreshments with Cosponsors and Exhibitors

    12:00-1:00 Lunch

    1:00-2:10 Breakout Sessions

                        Oral Histories

                        Research and Writing

                        Music and Dance;

                        City & Town Historical Records

    2:15-2:45 Coffee and Refreshments with Cosponsors and Exhibitors

    2:50-4:00 Breakout Sessions

                         Agricultural History

                         Community Documentation

                         Veteran’s History

                         Dramatic Interpretation

                         Producing Historical Film & Video Documentaries

    4:10 Closing Remarks and Reception

                         Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board

    This is a valuable opportunity to learn more about what you can do to promote historical records preservation in your community. For more details see the MHRAB website at .


    David Dearborn named NEHGS Employee of the Year

    Executive Director Ralph J. Crandall announced today that David C. Dearborn, FASG, has been named NEHGS employee of the year. The award will be presented at the Society's annual meeting next month. David Dearborn, the Society's sixth floor library supervisor and currently Interim Editor of the Register, started working at NEHGS in 1976. The award cited his many contributions to the Society as a librarian, lecturer, editor, and scholar. Please join us in congratulating David!

    D. Brenton Simons, Assistant Executive Director


    NEHGS Education Programs

    Life in the Pilgrims' Leiden: An Evening Lecture with Jeremy Bangs
    Wednesday, April 4, 6:00 p.m., at NEHGS Boston
    Free public lecture, advance registration is not necessary

    Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear noted author, Pilgrim scholar, and New England Ancestors columnist, Jeremy Bangs, as he discusses the conditions of daily life and political pressures that faced the Pilgrims when they lived in Leiden and hear details from Dr. Bang's personal experiences living in the "Pilgrims' Leiden" today.

    Researching Your Infamous Ancestors: A Saturday Conference
    Saturday, April 21, 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    Currently accepting registration

    Join Jerome E. Anderson, Michael J. Leclerc, Maureen Taylor and special guest David Greene for a series of captivating lectures on the "darker side" of genealogy.  Topics include the Salem "Witches," using English criminal and civil court records to trace your ancestors, and the genealogy of famous scoundrels. 

    For more information or to register call the education department toll free at 1-888-286-3447, or in Boston at (617)-536-5740, ext 202. Or reach us by email at

    -Jennifer Cronin, Director of Education


    NEHGS Participates in Landmark Genetics Study with BYU

    Brigham Young University if sponsoring a Molecular Genealogy Project that has significant import for the genealogical community.  Molecular Genealogy is the unique identifictation of individuals, families, clan or tribal groups, and populations using the information encoded in the DNA of individuals. DNA coding is unique and helps to prove family linkages in ways not possible with traditional methods.

    NEHGS is pleased to announce that we will give our members an opportunity to participate in this valuable study. On Saturday, May 5 individuals from the BYU Molecular Genealogy Project will be at the Society’s headquarters from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for individuals interested in participating in the study.

    Each participant needs to provide a 4 generation pedigree chat with names, birthplaces, and dates (to the best of their knowledge). Also, approximately 10cc (about 2 tablespoons) of blood are needed for the study and will be drawn by an experienced medical technician. The entire process takes less than ten minutes and donors will be compensated $10 in exchange for their participation.

    For more information on the Molecular Genealogy Project see their website at .

    Pam Swain, Deputy Executive Director


    Publications News
    Due to changes both in staff and in our printing house, the January issue of the Register was delayed, but it is currently being printed and will be mailed to all members shortly. Thank you for your patience! We expect to make up for this delay in the next two issues.

    New England Ancestors
    The spring 2001 issue is being printed and will be mailed to all NEHGS members on schedule later this month. Features include "Research in Boston through the Centuries" by Ann S. Lainhart and a preview by Elizabeth Shown Mills of her upcoming book “Professional Genealogy.”


    Upcoming Lecture in Lexington, MA

    NEHGS Assistant Executive Director D. Brenton Simons will give an illustrated presentation "The Art of Family: Genealogical Artifacts in New England and Beyond" at the Museum of Our National Heritage at 33 Marrett Road in Lexington, MA, on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 10-11:30 a.m. The fee for attending this program is $8; for more information please call the Museum of Our National Heritage at 781-861-6559.


    A Message from Ralph Crandall

    As you know, it is proving to be a difficult year for non-profits. With the down-turn in the economy and weak market, the Society needs your financial support now, more than ever.

    I hope you will consider making a gift to the Annual Giving Campaign at this time. We have over $400,00 to raise by the end of August in order to meet our annual goal of $950,000. Annual Giving supports our general operating budget and subsidizes all of the Society’s services and programs, including special acquisitions efforts, new educational offerings, New England Ancestors magazine and the creation of new online content for our website.

    If all of the 3,000 + subscribers to this newsletter make a $50-$100 gift, we will be well on our way to meeting our goal this year. Your annual membership dues cover only a fraction of our costs  -- I hope you will consider a gift (or if you have already given, an extra gift) this year.

    With appreciation,

    Ralph J. Crandall
    Executive Director

    Please send your gift to:
    Annual Giving
    Dr. Ralph J. Crandall
    101 Newbury Street
    Boston, MA 02116

    or, if you would like to charge your gift to your credit card, or would like to make a gift of securities, please call or email:

    Ann Hiester617 / 536-5740 ext. 238


    Available in the Book Shop

    The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History.  Second printing, with a Bibliographical Supplement, 1993-2000
    By Gary Boyd Roberts

    Outlined on 466 pages of charts are the best royal descents - i.e. from the most recent king - of 500 (actually 570) immigrants to the American colonies who were themselves notable or who left descendants who were notable in American history.  An essential book for royal genealogy.

    Clearfield Company.  2001.  674pp.  Hardcover.
    $50.00*  Item #B2-62060

    Back in Print!
    Second Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700
    By Melinde Lutz Sanborn

    This second supplement to Torrey contains further corrections, new discoveries, new biographical detail, and deletions from the original Torrey canon.  The work contains an index of more than 1,500 entries.

    GPC.  Published 1995; third printing 2001.  124pp.
    $20.00*  Item #B2-847515 

    Runaways, Deserters, and Notorious Villains from Rhode Island Newspapers, Volume 2:  Additional notices from The Providence Gazette, 1762-1800 as well as advertisements from all other Rhode Island Newspapers from 1732-1800
    By Maureen A. Taylor and John Wood Sweet

    As with the previous work in this series, this volume of newspaper abstracts provides names and details on many Rhode Island people who are not listed elsewhere.  Includes a 1,553 entry name index.

    Picton Press.  2001.  224pp.  Hardcover.
    $34.50*  Item #B2-82996

    You may place your order online at or by calling the Sales Department toll-free at 1-888-296-3447, from 9-5 Eastern time, Monday through Friday.  The shipping and handling charge is $3.50 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional book. MA residents will also be charged 5% sales tax on books not published by the Society.  Please refer to this newsletter when placing your order.

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