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  • 2001 Archive

  • Vol. 3, No. 10
    Whole #45
    July 27, 2001

    - Delivery Format for HisGen Highlights Successful
    - Experiences Downtime Due to Hacker Virus
    - Recent Acquisitions in Microtext Department
    - Sales Department and Circulating Library to Relocate
    - NEHGS Book Sale! New and Used.
    - Make Plans Now With NEHGS Education
    - New Hampshire Historical Society Offers New Service
    - Volunteers Needed to Test Upgrade to
    - Available in the Bookshop


    Delivery Format for HisGen Highlights Successful

    The new ListBuilder service has so far been a great success for the newsletter. We did have a problem seems to occur only for those who use Netscape Communicator to access their email. Those individuals reported that there was no word wrap and lines stretched out to the end of a paragraph. We will soon automatically deliver an html version of the newsletter to individuals whose email programs can handle html. Others will receive the same version you have been receiving. The html version should solve this problem for Netscape Communicator users.

    We are asking our subscribers a few brief questions to assist in delivering quality information to you. As part of the conversion to the new service, you should have received an email from ListBuilder describing how to unsubscribe. If you follow that link you should be able to change your preferences (without unsubscribing). Please take a moment to follow this link and fill out the answer to those few questions. The information we receive will prove quite valuable to us in planning everything from publications to library acquisitions, and it should only take a moment. Thank you.

    Michael J. Leclerc, Electronic Publications Supervisor

    --- Experiences Downtime Due to Hacker Virus

    Several individuals wrote to say they had problems accessing our website on July 19 and 20. The NEHGS website was attacked by a hacker virus designed to take down the White House website. was unfortunately out of operation for about 36 hours during this time. Any transactions that you did place on the website were received with no problem. We hope that you were not seriously inconvenienced.

    Michael J. Leclerc, Electronic Publications Editor


    New to the Microtext Department

    In recent years NEHGS has made strong efforts to increase resources for 19th-20th Century Immigrant genealogy. The following is a listing of microfiche relating to Jewish genealogy acquired and processed in July, 2001.

    Birth Index for Buda Jewry 1820-1852, 1860
    [CS567/P36/1994] - 2 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Black Book of localities whose Jewish population was exterminated by the Nazis.
    [D804.3/B53/1989] - 2 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Burials in the old section of the Washington Hebrew Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
    [F205/J5/B87/1990] - 1 microfiche

    Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
    [CS3010/C66/1998] - 4 microfich
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Galician Towns and Administrative Districts.
    [DS135/A9/W96/1990] - 2 microfiche

    Index to Jewish names from "Protection of Interests of U.S. Citizens, U.S. Department of State Central Decimal File, 1910-1929.
    [CS3010/I53/1994] - 2 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Index to Memorial to the Jews deported from France
    [DS135/F85/K4313/1996] - 1 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Jewish applicants for Emergency U.S. Passports 1915-1924: U.S. Department of State Records.
    [E184/J5/I53/1991] - 2 microfiche

    Jewish Genealogical Society Publications.
    [E184/J5/J49] - 26 microfiche
    (Distributed by Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Teaneck, N.J.)

    Jewish Vital Statistic Records of Slovakia Index
    [CD1167/S58/I53/1993] - 2 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Jewish Names Index in protection of interests of U.S. Citizens in Russia: U.S. Department of State.
    [DS135/R9/I53/1990] - 1 microfiche

    Jewish Names Index in protection of interests of U.S. Citizens in Romania, Germany, Poland, and Austria-Hungary: U.S. Department of State.
    [DS135/E8/I53/1991] - 3 microfiche

    Jewish People Finder - by the AJGS.
    [CS31/P46/1995] - 22 microfiche

    List of 56,000 Jewish Burials.
    [CS31/L57/1995] - 2 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Moroccan Jewish Surnames.
    [CS3010/N65/1994] - 1 microfiche?
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    Palestine Gazette Index to name changes.
    [CS1503/M65/1990] - 6 microfiche

    Registration Index of U.S. Citizens: Jerusalem, 1914-1918. U.S. Department of State Consular Post Records.
    [DS113.8/A4/I53/1990] - 1 microfiche

    Romanian Census Records
    [CS1047/J4/R65/1995] - 1 microfiche
    (Distributed by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, N.J.)

    David Allen Lambert, Microtext Reference Library Manager


    Sales Department and Circulating Library to Relocate

    The NEHGS Sales Department and Circulating Library will be relocating their offices at the end of August. The society has leased space in Framingham, Massachusetts which will allow us room for these areas to grow. In addition we will have more space for storage lesser used parts of the society's fine arts collection and archives. The move is scheduled to begin August 15th and last for a week. We hope to make this transition as seamlessly as possibly, but you may experience slight delays in receiving materials during this time.

    Members who are returning books to the circulating library after August 10 should ship them to the new address:

    Circulating Library
    1 Watson Place
    Framingham, MA 01701

    All orders for the bookstore mailed after August 10 should be addressed:

    Sales Department

    1 Watson Place
    Framingham, MA 01701

    Lynn Betlock, Sales Manager
    Alex Woodle, Circulating Library Supervisor


    NEHGS Book Sale! New and Used.

    On Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th, there will be a major book sale at NEHGS (101 Newbury Street, Boston) from 10:00am - 4:00pm. For the first time in many years, NEHGS will be holding one of its famous book sales. Hundreds of out of print local histories, genealogies, and other titles will be available. Many titles from the NEHGS Sales Department will also be marked with special prices to help clear out inventory before it relocates to its new offices in Framingham.


    Make Plans Now With NEHGS Education

    Register Now for NEHGS Goes to Salt Lake City, October 28-November 3, and November 4-11

    What makes the NEHGS Research Tour to Salt Lake City special? Why not see for yourself? We bring these irreplaceable benefits to your Salt Lake City experience:

    Personal research consultations with staff (and staff to turn to if you get deadlocked!).

    Lectures on genealogical topics designed to make the most of your research.

    Group meals, social mixers, and a historical tour of the city.

    Comfortable accommodations right next to the Family History Library

    For the first time, participants can choose to join our program for one or two weeks.

    For more information about our programs or how to register, please call our Education Department at (888) 286-3447, ext. 226 or locally at (617) 536-5740, ext. 226. You may also e-mail us at

    -Jennifer Cronin, Director of Education


    New Hampshire Historical Society Offers New Service 

    The New Hampshire Historical Society/Museum of New Hampshire History is offering a new service of interest to genealogists. They are offering a multitude of reproductions services for images from their collections. Portraits, photographs, broadsides, maps and others can now be duplicated in a number of formats for individual use.

    From their press release:

    Reprographic Services Now Available to General Public


    CONCORD, NH--Whether you are decorating your home or business, sharing family or community history, seeking gifts that leave a timeless impression, or need reproductions of rare images, the New Hampshire Historical Society's Reprographic Services can help. Skilled reprographics technicians at the Society can create copies of historic images that will inform and delight you.

    "History is to be shared, and photographs are an excellent way to tell the story," said Wayne Gallup, Reprographics Technician at the Society. "We can make copies of any of the thousands of images in our archives."

    Nowhere on earth will you find a better selection of materials related to New Hampshire. If you enjoy musing over old maps or broadsides, leafing through rare photographs, or reawakening memories from vintage ephemera, you 'll find it all at the New Hampshire Historical Society. From lovely landscapes to historic buildings to humorous snapshots or legendary heroes, the possibilities are endless in the special collections of the Society.

    Share your pride in your town or family history by displaying photographs depicting yesteryear. Historic images are ideal for use in homes, schools, libraries, businesses, town halls, historical societies, restaurants, banks, and more.

    You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and materials in which to have images reproduced. Society staff can create exact size photo reproductions on the photographic printer or produce mural size wall coverings on the large format printing system. Glossy and matte finish photographic papers, banner material, and artistic canvas are available. Images can be reproduced in color, black and white, or sepia tones, to fit your needs.

    Do you have something special in mind? Society staff often can delve into the archives to find images with a personal connection. A Dunbarton resident recently had a copy created of portraits of the Reverend Walter Harris (1761-1843) and his wife, who once lived and worked in the house the resident now owns. With assistance from Society staff, you may find images with links to your home, business, family, or community.

    The Society's collections include over 200,000 historic photographs, 1.5 million pages of manuscripts, and 1,200 maps dating from the early 1700s to the present day. The special collections also include broadsides, post cards, and ephemera.

    The Society also can make copies of your own treasured photographs. What's more, the staff can rebuild damaged images digitally, giving you a reproduction that looks like new. You can rely on experienced staff to handle your materials with care in a climate-controlled facility.

    For more information on Reprographic Services available at the New Hampshire Historical Society, call 603/225-3381, ext. 25, or e-mail

    The New Hampshire Historical Society was founded in 1823 to preserve and share New Hampshire history. They operate the Museum of New Hampshire History and the Tuck Library. To find out more about Society collections and programs go to

    Laura Duffy, Senior Research Writer


    Volunteers Needed to Test Upgrade to 

    We are pleased to announce that we will be rolling out a major upgrade to our website later this summer. New user interfaces, a sleeker and easier to comprehend design, full access to our online catalog, and more research columns are just some of the features you can look forward to seeing in this new version. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us beta test the site in August. What is involved? You will be given a special URL for the beta site and asked to log on and try it out. We want your assistance in locating bugs and other problems so they can be fixed before the site rolls out live. If you are interested in volunteering for this beta test, please email and put "Beta Test" in the subject line. You will be emailed additional details closer to the beta test time.

    Michael J. Leclerc, Electronic Publications Supervisor


    Available in the Book Shop 

    The Sales Department is moving shortly and must reduce its inventory. Take advantage of the big savings on the following publications. Quantities are limited. No further member discount applies. Sale prices are good through August 31, 2001.

    Burgess Genealogy: Descendants of th e four Sons of Thomas and Dorothy Waynes Burgess: Thomas Burgess, Jr. , of Newport, Rhode Island (Those Descendants Who Returned to Massachusetts), John Burgess of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Jacob Burgess of Sandwich, Massachusetts, and Joseph Burgess of Rochester, Massachusetts Whose Parents Were Settled in Sandwich in 1637 

    by Katherine W. Hiam 

    This book si a considerable expansion of the 1865 work, Memorial of the Family if Thomas and Dorothy Burgess, Who Were Settled at Sandwich in the Plymouth Colony, in 1637. This update represents a major advance in our knowledge of this early Cape Cod family. The Massachusetts descendants of each son of the immigrants for eight or more generations, in modified Register format.

    1997. 493pp. Hardcover.
    List $35.00, Now $8.75.
    Item #S3-00320

    John Haven Dexter's Memoranda of the Town of Boston In the 18th and 19th Centuries
    Transcribed by Robert J. Dunkle and Ann S. Lainhart

    John Haven Dexter (1791-1876) spent years collecting facts about persons and localities in Boston. This work is a transcription of three notebooks kept by Dexter, containing notices of births, marriages, deaths, and other events from 1728-1867. Indexes to names and places have been added.

    1997. 713 pp. Hardcover.

    You may place your order online at or by calling the Sales Department toll-free at 1-888-296-3447, from 9am-5pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. The shipping and handling charge is $3.50 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional book. MA Residents will also be charged 5% sales tax on books not published by the Society. Please refer to this newsletter when placing your order.

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