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  • The Weekly Genealogist

  • The Weekly Genealogist
    Vol. 14, No. 28
    Whole #539
    July 13, 2011
    Edited by Michael J. Leclerc and Valerie Beaudrault

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    NEHGS collects, preserves, and interprets materials to document and make accessible the histories of families in America.

    * Mocavo iPad Contest Deadline
    * Research Recommendations: New Lineage Society for WWII Vet Descendants
    * Name Origins
    * This Week's Survey
    * Spotlight: Pinellas Genealogy Society
    * Stories of Interest
    * Classic Reprints
    * Upcoming Education Programs
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    Mocavo iPad Contest Deadline just announced two new features that will launch on Friday, July 15. From their website:

    1. You can now upload your family tree to Mocavo and we’ll send you search results for your ancestors. This will save you the time and effort of having to search for each of your ancestors manually. You can upload your tree now, in GEDCOM format, and then within a couple of weeks you’ll receive a weekly or daily email (your choice) pointing you to search results for your ancestors. We think this will be a magical experience as you repeatedly find interesting content about your ancestors as we discover new material all over the Web.
    2. When uploading your family tree, you can optionally have it included in the Mocavo search engine, which will allow other Mocavo users to find your content in their search results. We’ll prominently display you as the creator and owner of your family tree whenever anyone finds it. We’ll automatically remove living persons in your tree from the search results and you can delete your tree at any time.

    To celebrate the launch of these new features, Mocavo is giving away an iPad 2 to one lucky user who uploads their family tree. For more details, visit

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    Research Recommendations:New Lineage Society for WWII Vet Descendants
    by Michael J. Leclerc

    The Admiral Nimitz Foundation has been supporting the mission of the National Museum of the Pacific War since 1970. This year, the foundation announced the creation of a lineage society for the descendants of those who served in any branch of the U.S. military during World War II. The Society of Sons and Daughters of World War II was launched on January 1, 2011. According to its website, the society has a threefold purpose:

    • To allow individuals to prove family ancestry and lineage from an American Veteran of World War II
    • To perpetuate the story of the sacrifices and achievements of the generation of Americans that fought and won World War II
    • To create a public database of military records from individual World War II Veterans accessible to future historians, authors and students researching the legacy of WWII.

    The Society offers three categories of membership:

    1. Lineal. Individuals demonstrating lineal descent through birth or adoption, any and all generations
    2. Collateral. Individuals demonstrating collateral family relationship, any and all generations
    3. Memorial. Individuals presenting a WWII Veteran for inclusion in the records as a friend, with no claim of family relationship

    A one-time fee of $125 is asked for the first applicant. Siblings and descendants of an applicant can be included on the same application for a fee of $25/each. Any member who supports the Society with an additional gift of $100 or more will be considered a charter member.

    The Society’s website provides links for researching individuals who served. It also provides links to history websites for each of the six branches of service: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Merchant Marine, and Navy.

    The goals of this organization are certainly noteworthy. And documentation of descent will likely be much easier than organizations such as Mayflower Descendants or the DAR, as you will only have to cover a few decades instead of centuries. Find out more at

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    Name Origins
    by Julie Helen Otto

    THEODA (f): Theophoric name (q.v.) containing the Greek element theo- ‘God.’ This name is often seen in families descended from William and Martha (Holgrave) Parke of Roxbury, Mass., and Stonington and Preston/Groton, Conn. It may be a contraction of, or otherwise related to, THEODATE or similar theophoric names.

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    This Week's Survey

    Last week’s survey asked about other lines that you research besides your family. 90% of respondents research the lines of other family members. Only 6% research the lines of famous people for fun. Complete results are:

    • 90%, I research the lines of other family members (e.g., in-laws, cousins, etc.)
    • 54%, I research the lines of friends.
    • 47%, I do favors for other researchers (e.g., Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness).
    • 42%, I do other types of research unrelated to my own family.
    • 6%, I research the lines of famous people just for fun.

    This week's survey asks about methods you have for "how-to" assistance. Take the survey now!

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    Spotlight: Pinellas Genealogy Society
    by Valerie Beaudrault

    The Pinellas Genealogy Society, Inc. is “dedicated to the furtherance of genealogical research, education, and preservation of Pinellas County genealogical material.” Founded in 1972, it is located in the city of Largo in Pinellas County, on the west coast of Florida, and is part of the Tampa Bay Area. Click on the Databases link to access the society’s online resources. Please be advised that many of the database files are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

    Cemetery Indexes
    On its website the Pinellas Genealogy Society has made available indexes to thirty-seven Pinellas County cemeteries. The indexes include the deceased’s name, birth date and death date. There is also a photograph of the cemetery above each index link. A link to a master index has also been made available.

    Extracts from Pinellas County, Florida Newspapers
    This section of the website contains a number of databases. There is the PGS Obituary Index, which contains obituaries and funeral notices collected by the society’s cemetery committee when doing research for their publications. Data fields include surname, given name, age, death date, birthplace, funeral home, cemetery, newspaper title, publication date, and comment. The 1990–1992 St. Petersburg Times Obituary index includes more than 65,000 names taken from that newspaper. Data fields include name, age, birth year, birthplace, residence, death date, publication date, and edition. The 1970–1974 Pinellas County Marriage and Engagement Announcements database is an alphabetical index. The data included in this database includes spouses’ name, marriage date, parents’ name, and newspaper title abbreviation. There is also an index to obituaries of centenarians who died between January 1, 2001, and March 20, 2005, that have been extracted from the St. Petersburg Times. The data fields in this index include name, age, newspaper date, second newspaper date, death date, and funeral notice. The data for a number indexes in this section of the website was extracted from WPA Project records, which are related to deaths in Pinellas County: accidental deaths, necrology indexes (St. Petersburg Times, 1901–1935 and St. Petersburg Independent, 1908–1935), and Clearwater Sun obituaries (1925–1927)

    Funeral Home Records
    The records for two funeral homes have been uploaded to the website. There is an index to the H. P. Bussey Funeral Home for the period from May 22, 1895, to February 23, 1910. The data fields for this database include the decedent’s surname and given name, ordered by, age at death, date of death, year of death, cause of death, and date of burial. The second funeral home index is for the Alexander Funeral Home, which was located in Clearwater, Florida. It operated from 1917 through 1947. The data field in this database include name of the deceased, year of death, and where interred.

    Marriage Records
    This database indexes Pinellas County, Florida marriage records for the period from 1905 to 1927. There are more than 6,600 records in this database. The data fields include spouses’ names, marriage date, county, state, and book, certificate, and page numbers.

    Divorce Records
    Pinellas County divorce records for 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930 were indexed and published in the Pinellas Genealogist quarterly. The indexes have been uploaded to the website in PDF format. The data fields in the indexes include husband’s name, wife’s name, volume, number, and year.

    Family Bible Records
    This database contains the nearly 150 family Bible Records collected by the Pinellas Genealogy Society, which were published in the Pinellas Genealogist quarterly from 1976 on. Some records have been uploaded as web pages and others are in PDF format.

    City Directories
    There are five city directory databases on the website. They are for the following cities: St. Petersburg 1908; St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo and Tarpon Springs, 1912; St. Petersburg 1918; and Clearwater 1914. The fifth database is the Pinellas County City Directory Index, which contains the data included in the four directories listed above, plus that for Gulfport, Pass-A-Grille, and St. Petersburg for 1920.

    In addition the Pinellas Genealogy Society website contains transcriptions of the US Census for Largo in 1910 and for Bayview in 1920. In addition the 1900 US Census and city directory for St. Petersburg have been recreated in a single document.

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    Stories of Interest

    Researchers Use 3D Technology to Study History at Cambridge Site
    Archaeologists from the National Parks Service are using new laser scanning and radar technology to perform a high-tech archaeological “dig” this summer at the Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They hope that this will become the model for other historic sites to follow.

    A Teen’s Love for Family History
    South Bend, Indiana, student Taylor Jackson discusses his research, comparing it to doing a jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered across the country.

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    Royal Discount

    In celebration of the first royal visit to North America since her recent marriage, the Bookstore at NEHGS is happy to offer The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton at 25% off!

    This extensively researched volume contains the ancestor table of Catherine Middleton in traditional “ahnentafel” format with sources. More than twenty charts illustrate Kate’s kinships to various figures of historical and cultural importance, including George Washington, Meriwether Lewis, World War II General George S. Patton, Jr., and director Guy Ritchie.

    The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton is normally priced at $29.95, but we are offering it at $22.46 through July 31. Price does not include shipping. Order online or call 1-888-296-3447.

    Did you know that the NEHGS Book Store offers library-quality copies of over 10,000 rare and out-of-print books? Some titles ordered by recent customers include:

    • Biographical Sketch of Samuel Rowell and Notices of Some of His Descendants with A Genealogy for Seven Generations 1754-1898 (Item P4-H22773, $44.50)
    • Seven Generations Descendants of Alexander Harroun of Colrain Massachusetts 1691-1784 (Item P4-H13503, $41.00)
    • Winders of America John of New York 1674-5; Thomas of New Jersey 1703-34; John of Maryland 1665-98 (Item P4-S27774, $19.50)
    • Leconte History and Genealogy with Particular Reference to Guillaume Leconte of New Rochelle and New York and His Descendants (2 Volumes) (Item P4-H17640, $171.00)
    • Descendants of the Earle and Morris Families of New York and New Jersey (Item P4-H09201, $25.50)

    You can search the entire Classic Reprints catalog online at If you would like a list of FAQs and search tips for the Classic Reprints catalog, simply send an email with "Classic Reprints" in the subject line to

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    Upcoming Education Programs

    Each year the Society presents a number of dynamic lectures, seminars, and tours for genealogists and the general public. Programs are held at 99–101 Newbury Street unless otherwise indicated. For more information, please contact D. Joshua Taylor at 617-226-1226 or

    You can view a full listing of upcoming programs at

    Seminars and Tours

    London Research Tour
    September 25 – October 2, 2011
    Discover the wealth of information available in London's repositories as NEHGS returns to London in 2011. Participants will take part in two group dinners, consultations, and guided research through the Society of Genealogists (SOG) and the National Archives (UK). Daily educational activities include lectures and tours by the experts at the National Archives (UK), SOG, and NEHGS. Featured NEHGS experts include David C. Dearborn and Christopher C. Child.

    Salt Lake City Research Tour
    October 30 – November 6, 2011
    You won't want to miss our thirty-third annual research tour to the world-renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Following a continued tradition of excellence, NEHGS staff will guide you through a week of research, consultations, lectures, group meals, and other activities as you explore the collections of the largest genealogical library in the world.

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