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  • 1999 Archive

  • Vol. 1, No. 8
    Whole #8
    October 29, 1999
    - On the Road: Genealogy 101 in CT, NH
    - Society Awarded IMLS Grant
    - Website FAQs
    - Welsh Ancestry: New Resources


    Our first Genealogy 101 On the Road occurs next weekend, November 5 & 6, in New London, CT. It is co-sponsored with the Friends of the Connecticut College Library and will be held on the campus in the Ernst Room in the Blaustein Humanities Center (Old Palmer Library). The one-hour lectures offered Friday, November 5th are Getting Organized in Your Research,  Using Library Sources and Vital Records,  Researching City and Census Records, and Transcribing vs. Abstracting Documents. Lectures offered Saturday the 6th are Researching Your Immigrant Ancestor and Computer Sources for Genealogy. You may register for one or both days; price for one day is $50, for both is $90, and for pre-scheduled 20-minute consultations the price is $20. For further information, please call the Education Department toll-free at 1-888-AT-NEHGS.


    Genealogy 101 On the Road arrives in Concord, New Hampshire on November 20th, with lectures including Transcribing vs. Abstracting Documents, Researching Your Immigrant Ancestor and Computer Resources for Genealogy. Co-sponsored with the Museum of New Hampshire History (MNHH), it will be held at the Tuck Library. Please call the Education Department for more details.


    The Society has been awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to develop a traveling exhibit and genealogy training program for librarians and historical society staff members at national conferences across the country.  The IMLS National Leadership Grant provides NEHGS with $223,000 to design a unique program to train conference attendees in recognizing and using fundamental genealogical reference works.  The Society will also offer on-going support through an innovative “hotline” approach to answering patron queries.

    As the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive library and education center for genealogy, NEHGS is ideally suited to bring its expertise into local libraries throughout the country by teaching librarians how to help patrons with their genealogical questions.   According to NEHGS Executive Director Ralph Crandall, “The burgeoning interest in genealogy today has put more pressure on librarians to create genealogical collections and answer genealogical queries.  Few local, or even regional libraries, are currently well equipped to respond.”  This pilot project will provide accurate and essential training to a broad group of people who are on the front line of requests from both amateur and professional genealogists.

    The NEHGS training area within the exhibit booths will accommodate small classes as well as handle inquiries on a one-to-one basis.  It will include a “genealogy bookshelf” of books, journals, CD-ROM’s and online sources, as well as suggested collections appropriate to an institution’s region and budget.  In addition, conference attendees will learn which genealogical sites on the Internet are the most useful and comprehensive.  Therefore, librarians from both rural and urban areas will easily understand how to build strong national and multicultural collections by accessing freely available databases and full-text resources via the Internet.

    When searching for their roots, people often turn to local libraries first so the program is designed to give librarians a basic understanding of how to handle frequently asked questions.  According to Crandall, “Through the IMLS grant, the Society will be introducing librarians around the country to what should be included in a core genealogical collection.  They will also be instructed in how to answer most family history inquiries such as locating an African or Native-American ancestor, a 20th-century Irish immigrant, or even discovering a connection to the Mayflower.”

    As a follow-up to conference training, NEHGS will provide a hotline service where subscribing institutions can call the Society directly with their questions and receive hands-on help.  When librarians have a question they are unable to answer, they can talk directly to NEHGS researchers thus assisting the patron while at the same time enhancing their own expertise.

    On-site conference training, specialized assistance, and ongoing support from a respected institution like NEHGS are the keys to this program.  It will ultimately help patrons engaged in genealogical research at the local level while also allowing libraries and historical societies to better serve their communities.  Questions may be directed to the New England Historic Genealogical Society, 101 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116.


    Website Questions and Answers

    Q: I am a Member. How do I log in to Members-Only areas?

    A: All that is required is your Membership Number and last name. Membership Numbers are found on the mailing labels of every NEXUS and Register.

    Q: I have a Lifetime Membership and after logging in, I see a message saying that I have a certain number of days before my membership expires. Does the Society know something that I don't?

    A: Lifetime Members should disregard such notices. We intend to eventually modify this screen so Members will only see similar messages when memberships are due to expire in less than one or two months. The Society does not have access to Divine Information about estimated life expectancy, and regrets any confusion this message may cause.

    Q: Will I be able to renew my Membership online?

    A: Yes. You will also be able to Join, obtain Gift Memberships, purchase Gift Certificates and refer friends.

    Q: Will I be able to borrow books online from the Circulating Library?

    A: Yes, provided you are a Member.

    Q: What are the Discussion Forum categories?

    A: Forum topics  are on the beta site now; more will be added at a later date.

    Q: Are Forums moderated?

    A: All Forums are moderated by NEHGS staff, whose collective and individual expertise is recognized throughout the genealogical community.

    Q: Will you continue to answer website questions in this e-newsletter?

    A: Yes, and past questions will be saved on <> , as mentioned above.

    Q: Is this e-newsletter for Members only?

    A: No, so please feel free to forward it. Its contents are copyright-protected but may be reproduced with the permission of NEHGS.


    The Sales Department announces three new resources for family historians researching their Welsh ancestry:

    Welsh Family History:  A Guide to Research, Second Edition
    Edited by John Rowlands, et. al., GPC.  1999.  325pp.  Softcover.  $19.95*  Item #B2-62590

    Second Stages in Researching Welsh Ancestry
    Edited by John and Sheila Rowlands, GPC.  1999.  362pp.  Softcover.  $21.95*  Item #B2-62593

    The Surnames of Wales:  For Family Historians and Others
    By John and Sheila Rowlands, GPC.  1996, reprinted 1999.  Softcover.  $19.95*  Item #B2-62595

    You may order any of these new titles by calling the Sales Department toll-free at 1-888-296-3447, or through our secure online ordering system at  Please add $3.50 shipping and handling for the first volume and $1.25 for each additional volume (*MA residents must also add 5% sales tax).  Please refer to this newsletter when placing your order.


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