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  • 2001 Archive

  • Vol. 1, No. 14
    Whole #14
    January 17, 2000

    Website FAQ's: A Bug's Life

    Q: The first time I logged in using my membership number and last name, I received an odd "script error" message. When I hit my browser's "reffresh" button I got in with no problem. What happened? Did I break something?
    A: You most certainly did not break anything.  This problem is caused by a cookie -- a small, harmless text file which resides on your hard drive and lets the website know that you've logged in. Some users may experience this the very first time they try to log in, but hitting the "refresh" button not only solves the problem but eliminates it, so it shouldn't happen again.

    Q: I read some great new articles on your site last week, and they seem to have been added all at once. Is there any way to check back, perhaps weekly, and know that there will be new content?
    A: In this continuing beta phase we are finalizing publication dates, deadlines etc. As much as we would love to establish a set-in-stone system of publishing, it is easier said than done, for as Dick Eastman so aptly puts it in his excellent e-newsletter, "Life sometimes interferes" and many of our contributors do so voluntarily. The Research Columns -- Including "State Briefs" and "Research Briefs" are on a set schedule already, but others are not.

    Q: Can I get to without typing in the " www. " first?
    A: Yes. On the latest versions of Netscape's and Microsoft's popular web browsers, you don't even need to type in " http:// ".

    Q: Can I be automatically alerted when someone responds to my post in the Discussion Forums?
    A: Yes. If you provide your e-mail address and elect to use the "SUBSCRIBE" option in the Forums, you should receive an email alerting you to that fact.

    Q: Who runs the Forums, and are Moderators supposed to be responding to all the posts?
    A: Forums are staffed by professional genealogists here at the Society, and while they may contribute occasionally, the ideal scenario for the Discussion Forums is to enable members to answer questions of other members. In this regard the Society hopes to foster a sense of cooperation and community in maintaining the high standards of research which our members have come to expect from us.

    Q: I logged in as a member, and was surfing around the site. I went into the Discussion Forums to read and post messages, and the site told me I had to log in first. I already had!
    A: This recurring issue is at the top of the developer's "to do" list. Some programming code bugs are easy to identify and eliminate, while others are not, and unfortunately this one falls in the latter category. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    New England Ancestors Magazine Seeks "Feedback"

    Feedback: A Forum for NEHGS Members is a feature of the Society's new member's magazine, New England Ancestors, which is the successor to NEXUS. This column will feature a topic or question for comments by NEHGS members. Results will appear in the next issue of New England Ancestors. Your comments are strongly encouraged.

    Topic #1: Which New England state (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont) has proven the most difficult in your genealogical research? Why?

    To respond, please e-mail  or write to "Feedback," New England Ancestors, 101 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116-3007. Please include your name as you wish it to appear if selected for publication. We regret that we cannot respond to every letter. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing to you to bring to your attention an important update concerning the continuing efforts of Dr. Jeremy Bangs and the Arent Foundation in 's Gravensande to preserve the ruins of the Onze Lieve Vrouwenkerk in Holland.  As you know, the Vrouwenkerk, or "Walloon Church" is where Francis Cooke and Hester Mahieu were married, and Philippe de la Noye was baptized in 1603.

    On the 11th of this month, Dr. Bangs was informed that his petition for the appeal of Leiden's decision to tear down the last remains of this important landmark was accepted, and will be heard by the Raad van State (the equivalent of our Supreme Court).  Dr. Bangs has asked that we encourage as many people as possible to write both to the Court and to the Leiden officials in support of the preservation effort.

    Towards that end, we have constructed a web page, located at, that provides background information on the situation, along with the addresses of the parties involved.  Anything that your Society could do to help "spread the word" would be most appreciated!

    Thank you for your consideration.

    L. Reynolds LeVally
    328 Bedford Road, 215
    Bedford, TX US 76022
    (817) 285-8517

    Over the past few weeks we have added over two thousand reels of film to the microtext collection. As always, we have had to shift some parts of the collection to make room for these new arrivals, so please be aware that materials may not be in the same location as on your last visit. Also, please note that some of the films are back ordered and there may be one or several films from any particular area that may not have arrived yet. Here is a list of the new arrivals:

    Merrimack County, NH Probate Records 1823-ca 1920

    Coos County, NH Probate 1886-1931 (all pre-1886 probate records in Coos County were destroyed by fire)

    Providence, RI Town, Vital, Deed, and Probate records 1646-1900 (death records to 1921)

    Hampden County, MA Probate Records 1812-ca 1916

    Hillsborough County, NH Deeds 1851-1900 (NEHGS already had deeds through 1850 in it's collection)

    In addition to these, we have received partial shipments covering two areas:

    Suffolk County Deeds 1639-1885

    We have received about 200 of the 1200 reels. Most of these are indexes. We expect to receive the rest of these films over the next few weeks.

    Drouin Collection of Quebec Parish Registers

    The American-French Genealogical Society in Woonsocket, RI has graciously agreed to sell us copies of the Drouin Institut's microfilms of Quebec parish registers. These films include all churches in Quebec, whether Catholic or not. The entire collection encompasses over 2300 reels of film.We have received about 850 reels covering film numbers 1 through 1126E. We expect it will take another 5-6 months to receive the rest of the films.

    The following items are available for at least 50% off their original prices!
    The prices indicated already reflect the discount.

    The Brubacher Genealogy in America
    By Jacob N. Brubacher
    1884.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $17.50

    Various Ancestral Lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut, Volume 2: Morgan Lines
    By F. F. Starr
    1915.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $36.00

    The Genealogy of the Lamborn Family
    By Samuel Lamborn
    1894.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $30.00

    Memorials of Robert Lawrence, Robert Bartlett, and their Descendants
    By Hiram Bartlett Lawrence
    1888.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $20.00

    The McGavock Family:  A Genealogical History of James McGavock and His Descendants from 1760 to 1903
    By Rev. Robert Gray
    1903.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $17.50

    Peters of New England:  A Genealogy, and Family History
    By Edmond Frank Peters and Eleanor Bradley Peters
    1903.  Hardcover.  Photocopy.  $38.00

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