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Vital Records of Walpole, Massachusetts to the Year 1850

Published by the Historic Genealogical Society, at the Charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund.

Boston, Mass., 1902.

THIS publication is issued under the authority of a votepassed by the NEW-ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICALSOCIETY, 6 November, 1901, as follows :
  Voted: That the sum of $20,000, from the bequest of the lateRobert Henry Eddy, be set aside as a special fund to be calledthe Eddy Town-Record Fund, for the sole purpose of publishingthe Vital Records of the towns of Massachusetts, and that theCouncil be authorized and instructed to make such arrangementsas may be necessary for such publication. And the treasurer ishereby instructed to honor such drafts as shall be authorized bytheCouncil for this purpose.

Committee on Publications.
C. B. Tillinghast
Francis Everett Blake
Charles Knowles Bolton
Don Gleason Hill
Edmund Dana Barbour
Editor, Henry Ernest Woods

Stanhope Press
F. H. Gilson Company
Boston, U.S.A.

THE TOWN OF WALPOLE, NorfolkCounty (formerly in Suffolk County, until1793), was established December 10, 1724, from a partof Dedham.
   June 10, 1778, a part of Walpole was included inthe new town of Foxborough.
February 28, 1804, a part of Sharon was annexedto Walpole.
   June 21, 1811, a part of Sharon was annexed and apart of Dedham was re-     annexed to Walpole.
   March 27, 1833, a part of Foxborough was annexedto Walpole.
   March 28, 1834, a part of Foxborough was annexedto Walpole.

  Population by Census: 1765 (Prov.), 785; 1776
(Prov.), 967 ; 1790 (U. S.), 1005 ; 1800 (U. S.), 989;1810 (U.S.), 1098;
1820 (U.S.) 1366; 1830 (U. S.),
1442; 1840 (U. S.], 1491; 1850 (U. S.), 1829; 1855(State),1835; 1860 (U. S.), 2037;  1865 (State),2018; 1870 (U. S.), 2137; 1875 (State), 2290; 1880(U. S.), 2494; 1885 (State), 2443; 1890 (U. S.),2604;1895 (State), 2994; 1900 (U. S.), 3572.

1. WHEN places other than Walpole and Massachusetts arenamed in the original records, they are given in the printedcopy.
2. In all records the original spelling is followed.
3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, asitems about the same family or individual might be found underdifferent spellings.
4. Marriages and intentions of marriages are printed underthe names of both parties, but the full information concerningeach party is given only in the entry under his or her name.When both the marriage and intention of marriage are recorded,only the marriage record is printed; and where a marriageappears without the intention recorded, it is designated with anasterisk.
5. Additional information which does not appear in theoriginal text of an item, i.e., any explanation, query, inference,or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed.Parentheses are used only when they occur in the original text,or to separate clauses found there — such as the birth-place ofparents,in late marriage records.

a. — age
b. — born
ch. — child
chn. — children
Co. — county
d. — daughter; died; day
Dea. — deacon
dup. — duplicate entry
f. — female
h. — husband
inf. — infant
int. — publishment of intention of marriage
Jr. — junior
m. — married; male; month
prob. — probably
rec. — recorded
s. — son
Sr. — senior
w. — wife; week
wid. — widow
widr. —widower
y. — year
2d. — second.
3d. —third

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