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  • Vermont Town Guide

  • The information contained in the pages below was taken from several sources, including the Vermont Yearbook and Vermont Place Names. NEHGS has the 1939-41 inventories of town, village and, city archives for those towns distinguished by bold type. Towns followed by an asterisk (*) are "unorganized" - administered by their county, they have no government of their own. "Gores" or "grants" also have no government of their own.

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    Onsite Archive = 1939-41 inventories of town, village, and city archives available at NEHGS
    * Unorganized town administered by their county - no town government


    Established:  1788 Onsite Archive:  no
    County:  Addison Parent Towns(s):  
    Probate District:  Addison
    Other Names:   Related Databases:  


    Established:  1753 Onsite Archive:  no
    County:   Windham Parent Towns(s):  
    Probate District:  Marlboro
    Other Names:   Related Databases:  


    Established:  1781 Onsite Archive:  no
    County:  Orange Parent Towns(s):  
    Probate District:  Bradford
    Other Names:   Related Databases:  


    Established:  1781 Onsite Archive:  no
    County:  Essex Parent Towns(s):  
    Probate District:  Essex
    Other Names:   Related Databases:  
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