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  • Notable Kin: Tycoons, New England, and Kings, Part II

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : June 1987

    The last “Notable Kin” column (NEXUS 4 [1987]:69-73) treated the royal descents, derived through immigrant forebears to New England, of ten 19th- or early 20th-century industrial-age “tycoons.” Members of the large New England “family” which, by the 1830s, was often descended from one or more of 115 or so immigrant colonists with at least one strand of ancient lineage, these sometimes “born poor” tycoons founded families that have remained prominent in American life for over a century.  This second column on “Tycoons, New England, and Kings,” covers the royal descents, and much New England ancestry, for 10 families long associated with American industry, finance, merchandising, railroads, and media, for whom such lines were first brought into the family not by the fortune-finder himself, but by his wife, daughter-in-law, granddaughter-in-law, or the wife of a later agnate descendant. Wives of fortune-founders listed below include Mrs. Paley, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Scripps, and Mrs. McCormick; daughters-in-law include Mrs. Houghton and Mrs. Firestone; granddaughters-in-law, Mrs. Straus, Mrs. Vanderbilt, and Mrs. Ford; and wives of later descendants, the three Mrs. duPonts.  The husbands of all 10 were noted figures, and all 10 wives were or are mothers, grandmothers, or great-grandmothers of other noted figures, or of likely major corporate inheritors.

    The 10 families in question - Paleys, Strauses, Vanderbilts, Whitneys, duPonts, Houghtons, Firestones, Fords, Scnippses, and McCormicks are, like the 10 tycoons treated in the last column, arranged geographically. Paleys, Strauses, Vanderbilts, and Whitneys are associated with New York City and with CBS (Paley), Macy’s Department Store (Straus), the New York Central Railroad system and Newport, Rhode Island, “society” (Vanderbilt), the New York Herald Tribune, the New York Mets, The New Republic, and the Whitney Museum of American Art (Whitney -and for the museum. Vanderbilt also).  The duPonts are associated with Wilmington, Delaware, E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company and various other corporations, and numerous foundations, preservation projects, and charities.  The Houghtons are associated with Corning, New York, and the Corning Glass Works; the Firestones with Akron, Ohio, Newport, and the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company; Fords with Detroit, the Ford Motor Company, and the Ford Foundation; the J.E. Scnippses with Detroit and its Tribune and (Evening) News newspapers (the Scripps-Howard newspapers are associated with the E.W. Scripps family); and the C. H. McCormicks with Chicago and International Harvester (other McCormicks owned the Chicago Tribune and were major patrons of the city’s Art Institute).  Collegiate associations include Vanderbilt University and Yale (with a Vanderbilt Hall and the Payne Whitney Gymnasium).

    Sons of the “tycoon wives” treated below include Kenneth Hollister Straus, former CEO of R. H. Macy and Company; Cornelius (III), Alfred Gwynne, and Reginald C. Vanderbilt; Payne and Harry Payne Whitney, noted financiers, sportsmen, and philanthropists; diplomat and Corning Glass president Amory Houghton; Detroit News publisher William Edmund Scripps; and Cyrus H. (Jr.) and Harold Fowler McCormick, both presidents of International Harvester.  Daughters of the 10 include Mrs. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, sculptress, founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art and wife of Harry Payne Whitney; Gladys Moore Vanderbilt, wife of Count Laszlo Szechenyi, Hungarian diplomat; Pauline Whitney, wife of British M.P. Almeric Hugh Paget, 1st Baron Queenborough; Mrs. Dorothy Whitney Straight Elmhirst, noted patroness and founder (with her first husband, diplomat Willard Dickerman Straight) of The New Republic; Elizabeth Bradford duPont, daughter of Alexis I, Jr., and wife of Delaware senator Thomas Francis Bayard, Jr.; Mrs. William Clay Ford, born Martha Parke Firestone, as shown below; Ellen Warren Scripps, wife of George Gough Booth of Booth Newspapers; and Mrs. Anita Eugenie McCormick Blame, philanthropist and founder of the School of Education at the University of Chicago.  Grandchildren of these 10 figures include Cornelius (IV), William Henry, Alfred Gwynne (Jr.), and George Vanderbilt, fashion designer Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, formerly the wife of both Leopold Stokowski, the conductor, and film director Sidney [160] Lumet; Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, mining and aviation executive, movie producer, government official, and grandson of both Mrs. Vanderbilt and Mrs. Whitney below; John Hay Whitney, diplomat and last owner of the New York Herald Tribune; Mrs. Joan Whitney Payson, owner of the New York Mets baseball club; the actress Beatrice (Whitney) Straight; Amory Houghton, Jr., also president and CEO of Corning Glass Works; and (Harold) Fowler McCormick (Jr.) of International Harvester (mentioned in the last NEXUS as well), a grandson maternally of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.  Among later descendants of these 10 are Sandra Payson, whose second husband was British publisher Arthur George Weidenfeld, Baron Weidenfeld - a great-granddaughter of Mrs. Whitney; and former congressman John LeBoutillier, a great-grandson of Harry Payne Whitney and Gertrude Vanderbilt.

    Six of these 10 “tycoon wives’ - Mrs. Paley, Mrs. Straus, Mrs. Vanderbilt, Mrs. Firestone, Mrs. Ford, and Mrs. McCormick - share New England ancestors with H.R.H. The Princess of Wales and her sons.  So too did Mrs. Edith Sybil May Randolph and Bessie Gardner, the second Mrs. W.C. Whitney and the first Mrs. Alfred I. duPont respectively.  These connections are all covered in G. B. Roberts and William Addams Reitwiesner, American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (1984).  Mrs. Vanderbilt was also of royal descent through the immigrant James Claypoole of Philadelphia, one of whose brothers was a son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell (see the Claypoole genealogy cited below and The American Genealogist 47 (1971):204-5).  Among near kinsmen of these 10, Mrs. Paley’s father was neurological surgeon Harvey Williams Cushing, one sister married the above-named John Hay Whitney as her second husband, and another sister was the second wife of (William) Vincent Astor, financier, philanthropist, and 20th-century head of the American Astor family. Mrs. Vanderbilt, step-daughter of writer Albert Mathews (“Paul Siogvolk”), niece of artists George Whiting Flagg and Jared Bradley Flagg, and granddaughter of New Haven mayor Henry Collins Flagg, was also a half great-niece of Washington Allston, the painter and poet, and a first cousin of Louisa Flagg, wife of Charles Scribner, Jr., the publisher.  Mrs. Whitney was a sister of industrialist Oliver Hazard Payne, treasurer of Standard Oil Company, daughter of U.S. Senator Henry B. Payne, and first cousin of congressman Sereno Elisha Payne.  Delaware jurist Edward Green Bradford, father of one Mrs. duPont and grandfather of two others, was a great-nephew of Rev. Ashbel Green, president of the College of New Jersey (later Princeton), 1812-22.  Clara Huntington Fowler, a niece of Mrs. McCormick, married lumber magnate Arthur Henry Fleming, founder and chief benefactor of the California Institute of Technology.

    The format used below is similar to that of earlier columns.  The tycoon’s name and birth and death year are followed, in parentheses, by the name of his New England-derived wife, her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to one or more italicized immigrants of royal descent, with semi-colons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation of the wife’s ancestry. Further notes on the English forebears of the 17 italicized royally descended immigrants listed below follow the itemized bibliography. Since the other families through which these descents are traced number over 40, and spousal surnames over 50, many NEXUS readers with extensive New England ancestry will find distant kinsmen listed below.

    1.   WILLIAM SAMUEL PALEY, b. 1901 (second wife, Mrs. Barbara Cushing Mortimer; Harvey Williams Cushing &  Katherine Stone Crowell; Henry Kirke Cushing & Betsey Maria Williams, William Crowell & Mary Williams Benedict; Erastus Cushing & Mary Anne Platt, George Amos Benedict & Sarah Frances Rathbone; Abial Platt, Jr., & Charlotte Mead, Amos Benedict & Ann Stone; Abial Platt & Rhoda Hall, Aaron Benedict & Esther Trowbridge; Ebenezer Platt & Mary Hickox, John Trowbridge & Mary Comstock; John Platt & Phebe Bressie, James Trowbridge & Mary Belden; Thomas Bressie, Jr., & Mary Osborn, William Trowbridge & Elizabeth Lamberton; Thomas Bressie & Phebe Bisby, Thomas Trowbridge & Elizabeth Marshall).

    2.   JACK ISIDOR STRAUS, 1900-1985 (first wife, Margaret Shelton Hollister; Frederick Kellogg Hollister & Harriet May Shelton; Samuel Whiting Hollister & Henrietta Kellogg Trowbridge, George Gregory Shelton & Ida Elizabeth Sherman; George Alfred Trowbridge & Elvira Warner Kellogg, George Wellington Shelton & Margaret Gray Atwood; Amos Trowbridge & Catherine Atwater, George Shelton & Betsey Wooster; Rutherford Trowbridge & Dorcas Hitchcock, William Shelton & Susannah Strong; Daniel Trowbridge & Mehitable Brown, Thomas Strong & Susannah Thompson; Thomas Trowbridge III & Mary Winston, Samuel Thompson & Hannah Brewster; Thomas Trowbridge, Jr., & Sarah Rutherford, Nathaniel Brewster & Sarah Ludlow; Thomas Trowbridge & Elizabeth Marshall, Roger Ludlow & Mary Cogan).

    3.   CORNELIUS VANDERBILT II, 1843-1899 (Alice  Claypoole Gwynne; Abraham Evan Gwynne & Rachel “Cettie” Moore Flagg; Henry Collins Flagg, Jr., & Martha Whiting; William Joseph Whiting & Martha Lyman; John Whiting & Sarah Ingersoll; Joseph Whiting & Hannah Trowbridge; Thomas Trowbridge, Jr., & Hannah Nash; Thomas Trowbridge & Elizabeth Marshall).

    4.   WILLIAM COLLINS WHITNEY, 1841-1904 (first wife,  Flora Payne; Henry B. Payne & Mary Perry; Elisha Payne & Esther Douglas, Nathan Perry, Jr., & Pauline Skinner; Abraham Payne & Rebecca Freeman, Caleb Douglas & Bethiah Chappell, Abraham Skinner IV & Mary Ayers; Robert Freeman & Mary Payne, Jonathan Chappell & Elizabeth Comstock, Abraham Skinner III & Jemima ___; Constant Freeman & Jane Treat, Peter Comstock & Martha Avery, Abraham Skinner, Jr., & [161] Phebe Dickinson; Samuel Freeman & Mercy Southworth, Samuel Avery & Elizabeth Raynsford, Thomas Dickinson & Mary Loveland; Constant South worth & Elizabeth Collier, Jonathan Raynsford, Jr., & Martha Raymond, Joseph Dickinson & Phebe Bressie; Jonathan Raynsford & Mary Sunderland, Thomas Bressie & Phebe Brisby; Edward Raynsford & Elizabeth ______.

    5.   ALEXIS IRENEE DUPONT JR., 1843-1904 (second wife, Elizabeth Canby Bradford; Edward Green Bradford, below, and Elizabeth Roberts Canby, his second wife) and two of his first cousins once removed, first cousins themselves, ALFRED IRENEE DUPONT, 1864-1935 (second wife, Mrs. Mary Alicia Heyward Bradford Maddox) and HENRY BELIN DUPONT, 1873-1902 (Eleuthera duPont Bradford, sister of Mary Alicia; Edward Green Bradford, Jr., & Eleuthera Paulina duPont, sister of Alexis Irenee, Jr.; Edward Green Bradford & Mary Alicia Heyward, his first wife; Moses Bradford & Pheobe George, James Hamilton Heyward & Decima Cecilia Shubrick; Ebenezer Bradford & Elizabeth Green, South Carolina “signer” Thomas Heyward & Elizabeth Savage; William Bradford & Mary Cleveland, Jacob Green & Elizabeth Pierson, Thomas Savage III & Mary Elliott Butler; Josiah Cleveland, Jr., & Abigail Paine, John Pierson & Ruth Woodbridge, Thomas Savage, Jr., & Elizabeth Fowle; Josiah Cleveland & Mary Bates, Timothy Woodbridge & Mehitable Wyllys, Thomas Savage & Mehitable Phillips; John Bates & Mary Farwell, John Woodbridge & Mercy Dudley, Samuel Wyllys & Ruth Haynes, Habijah Savage & Hannah Tyng; Henry Farwell & Olive We/by, Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts & Dorothy York, Governor John Haynes lof Mass. & Conn.] & Mabel Harlakenden, Thomas Savage & Faith Hutchinson; William Hutchinson & Anne Marbury). A granddaughter of Alexis I., Jr., and Elizabeth, and a grandson, granddaughter, and granddaughter-in-law of Henry B. & Eleuthera, were listed in the 1985 “Forbes 400.”

    6.   ALANSON BIGELOW HOUGHTON, 1863-1941 (Adelaide Louise Wellington; Quincy Winthrop Wellington & Matilda Briggs Wickham; Samuel Barney Wellington & Amelia Greene; Quincy Wellington & Betsey Cobb; Pals-grave Wellington & Abigail Sparhawk; Joseph Wellington & Dorcas Stone, Thomas Sparhawk & Mary Oliver; Thomas Wellington & Rebecca Whittemore, Samuel Sparhawk & Sarah Whiting; Joseph Wellington & Elizabeth Straight, Joseph Whiting & Sarah Danforth; Roger Wellington & Mary Palgrave, Rev. Samuel Whiting & Elizabeth St. John; Dr. Richard Pa/grave & Anna ___.

    7.   HARVEY SAMUEL FIRESTONE, JR., 1898-1973 (Elizabeth Parke; Guy James Parke & Gertrude Newton Chambers; Virgil Hickox Parke & Ellen Elizabeth James; Elisha Parke & Abiah Hickox; Daniel Parke & Esther Ranney, David Hickox & Adah Baldwin; Joseph Parke, Jr., & Amity Cady, Richard Baldwin & Abiah Botsford; Joseph Parke & Mary , Theophilus Baldwin & Dorothy Treat; Nathaniel Parke & Sarah Geer, Barnabas Baldwin & Mary Botsford, Thomas Treat & Dorothy Bulkeley; Thomas Parke & Dorothy Thompson, Richard Baldwin & Elizabeth A/sop, Gershom Bulkeley & Sarah Chauncey; John Thompson & Alice Freeman, Rev. Peter Bulkeley & Grace Chetwode, Rev. Charles Chauncey [2nd president of Harvard College] & Catherine Eyre).

    8.    WILLIAM CLAY FORD, b. 1925, brother of Henry Ford II & Benson Ford (Martha Parke Firestone, daughter of Harvey Samuel Firestone, Jr., above, & Elizabeth Parke).

    9.   JAMES EDMUND SCRIPPS, 1835-1906 (Harriet Josephine Messinger; Hiram King Messinger & Mary Ann Warren; Pelatiah Messinger & Polly King; Wigglesworth Messinger & Jemima Everett; Ebenezer Messinger & Rebecca Sweetser; Thomas Messinger & Elizabeth Mellowes; John Mellowes & Martha ______; Oliver Mellowes & Mary James; Abraham Mellowes & Martha Bulkeley).

    10. CYRUS HALL MCCORMICK, 1809-1884 (Nancy Maria Fowler; Melzar Fowler & Clarissa Spicer; Silas Draper Spicer &Nancy Fish; Jason Fish & Jemima Williams; Samuel Williams & Mary Williams; Ebenezer Williams & Mary Wheeler [parents of Samuel]; Isaac Wheeler & Martha Parke; Thomas Parke & Dorothy Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman).

    Sources: As with the 10 tycoons treated in the last “Notable Kin” column, the royal descents of the above “tycoon wives,” their notable descendants, and the royal lines of various descendants derived through other ancestors, are all charted in my own “The Mowbray Connection,” 23 vols., mss. at the Society, American charts (indexed), pp. 25, 88-89, 91, 94, 156, 216, 311, 501, 532, 616-17, 855, 862, 949, 1401, 1508-9, 1512, 1521, 1562-62a, 1928, 1955, 2028, 2341, 2452, 2509, 2517, 2523, 2570, 2618-19, 2816, and about a dozen addenda pages.  These charts also cover royal descents for the second Mrs. J. I. Straus, the second Mrs. W. C. Whitney, and the first and third Mrs. Alfred I. duPont (Mrs. Virginia Megear Fowler, Mrs. Edith Sybil May Randolph, Bessie Gardner, & Jessie Dew Ball respectively), plus the royal lines for Mrs. Vanderbilt and Mrs. Alexis I. duPont derived through immigrants to Pennsylvania. In addition to these charts, the Dictionary of American Biography, various Who's Who-type compilations, individual and family biographies, and a few older genealogies (of Whitney and Houghton especially) that do not treat recent generations, the sources listed below cover the above-outlined American ancestry of these 10 “tycoon wives” in considerable detail.

    1.   Mrs. Paley: National Cyclopaedia of American Biography (henceforth NCAB), vol. 32(1945), pp. 402-3 (H.W. Cushing), and Allston T. Cushing, The Genealogy of the Cushing Family, 1905 to 1969 (1969), pp. 26, 166; Gertrude Van R. Wickham. The Pioneer Families of Cleveland (1914), vol. 2, pp. 521-22, 517-18 (Cushing, Benedict); Charles Platt, Jr., Platt Genealogy in America (1963), pp. 75, 78, 84, 95, 249, and W.G. Davis, The Ancestry of Sarah Stone (1930), pp. 103-6 (Bressie); H.M. Benedict, The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America (1870, reprint 1969), pp. 373-74, 382-83, and Francis Bacon Trowbridge, The Trowbridge Genealogy (1908), pp. 39-48, 123-24, 126-27, 130-31.

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    4.   Mrs. Whitney: Augusta F.P. White, The Paynes of Hamilton (1912), pp. 35-46, 51-58, 160-70, 172-76, 208-10 (Payne, Freeman, Southworth); C.H.J. Douglas, A Collection of Family Records... Douglas(1879), pp. 103-5, 188-91, H.A. Baker, History of Montville, Connecticut (1896), p. 477(Chappell), J.A. Comstock, A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America (1949), p. 15, E. McK. and C.H.T. Avery, The Groton Avery Clan, vol. 1(1912), pp. 134-35, 193, and the Register 139 (1985):296-301, 304-6, 313 (Raynsford); Gertrude Van R. Wickham. op. cit. (see #1 above), vol. 1, pp. 87-89 (Perry), Natalie R. Fernald, The Skinner Kinsmen: The [162] Descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, Massachusetts (1925-39), pp. 53-55, 104-7, and A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Lake County, Ohio (1902), pp. 5 1-54 (Abraham Skinner IV), Elinor V. Smith, Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson (1978), pp. 30-32, and W.G. Davis, op. cit. (Sarah Stone, see #1, for Bressie).

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    11.  General: As regards the descendants of these 10 figures note, in addition to the above duPont sources, Volney Archer, Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sophia Johnson Vanderbilt, and Their Descendants (1972), plus further Vanderbilt research by Philip Vanderbilt Brady; James E. Scripps, Memorials of the Scripps Family (1891), chart B esp.; and Leander McCormick-Goodhart, Genealogical Tables of the Descendants of Robert McCormick (1934). See also Frederick A. Virkus, The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, vol. 1 (1925, reprint 1968, 1987), pp. 957 (Vanderbilt), 221-22 (duPont), 601 (Firestone), 181-82 (McCormick).

    For the royal descents of Roger Ludlow, Constant Southworth (concerning the identity of whose paternal grandparents more proof would be desirable), Mrs. Olive Welby Farwell, Governor Thomas Dudley, Mrs. Mabel Harlakenden Haynes Eaton, Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson, Mrs. Elizabeth St. John Whiting, Dr. Richard Palgrave, Rev. Peter and Grace (Chetwode) Bulkeley, Rev. Charles Chauncey and Mrs. Martha Bulkeley Mellowes, see F. L. Weis and W. L Sheppard, Jr., Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists, 5th ed (1976) or (with Arthur Adams) The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 3rd ed. (1979).  For the royal ancestry of Thomas Bressie Thomas Trowbridge, Edward Raynsford, and Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, see the Register 141 (1987): 95, 98 99 105 and sources cited therem.  For the royal line of Mrs. Elizabeth Alsop Baldwin Fowler (and the further research I think desirable on the Alsop-Basset of Blore-Meverell descent) see The Connecticut Nutmegger 10 (1977-78):188 and The Genealogist (New York) I (1980):117, 126.  Through Ludlow Southworth, James Claypoole of Philadelphia, Mrs. Farwell Mrs St. John, Palgrave, Elizabeth Alsop, the Bulkeleys or Mrs Mellowes, Mrs. Straus, Mrs. Vanderbilt, Mrs. Whitney the three Mrs. duPonts, Mrs. Houghton, Mrs. Firestone Mrs Ford, and Mrs. Scripps were descendants of Edward I King of England, who died in 1307.  Through Thomas Bressie Mrs Paley (as well as Mrs. Whitney) was descended from William the Lion, King of Scotland, who died in 1214.  Through Alice Freeman, Mrs. McCormick (as well as Mrs. Firestone and Mrs. Ford) was descended from Ethelred II, King of England, who died in 1016.

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