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  • The Royal Descents of Jane Pierce, Alice and Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Barbara Bush

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : April - May 1993

    In Ancestors of American Presidents (preliminary edition revised, 1989, henceforth AAP) I charted the royal descents, or likely or possible such, for 19 presidents and the wives of another eight. In this column I wish to cover the royal descents (henceforth RD, whether singular, plural, or preceded by “of”) of six First Ladies or presidential wives whose husbands - five of the 19 - were also RD. Before so doing, however, I wish to note that Mrs. Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (1748-82), wife of Bathurst Skelton and Thomas Jefferson, was a third cousin of her second husband and shared the RD of Henry Isham, their mutual great-great-grandfather. Martha’s parents were John Wayles and Martha Epes, her maternal grandparents Francis Epes (IV) and Sarah ,and great-grandparents Francis Epes (Ill) and Anne Isham, Henry’s daughter by Mrs. Katherine Banks Royall; see J.F. Dorman, Ancestors and Descendants of Francis Epes I of Virginia (Epes-Eppes-Epps), vol. 1 (1992), pp. 116-19, 150-53, and AAP, pp. 139-40.

    Additionally AAP, pp. 143-44, covers the very likely RD of Mrs. William Henry Harrison (Anna Tuthill Symmes, whose husband was a great-great-grandson of the royally-descended Mrs. Sarah Ludlow Carter of Virginia, also RD) via Anthony Collamore of Scituate, Massachusetts; this line is included, of course, because it figures in the ancestry of President Benjamin Harrison. And the RD of Mrs. Chester Alan Arthur (Ellen Lewis Herndon), charted in AAP, p. 172, requires major amendment. Catherine, wife of William Herndon, was almost certainly not a daughter of Gov. Edward Digges and Elizabeth Page, since the 1691 estate division of this last, the alleged mother, lists no daughter Catherine or her heirs; see V.M. Meyer and J.F. Dorman, Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5 (1987), pp. 248-50. If, however, as argued by J.G. Herndon in The Herndon Family of Virginia, Volume 1 (The First Three Generations) (1947), pp. 7-10, Catherine’s daughter-in-law, the wife of Edward Herndon, was Mary Waller, sister of Col. John Wailer of Spotsylvania County and daughter of John and Mary (Pomfrett) Waller of Newport Pagnall, Buckinghamshire, then Mrs. Arthur is descended from William the Lion, King of Scots (d. 1214) via the Wailer, Gerard, Holcroft, Mascy, Boteler, Plumpton, and de Ros families, as covered in sources cited below.

    The six presidential wives - five of them First Ladies - who are the subject of this column, were all descended from at least one immigrant of royal ancestry who settled in New England or New York. All three of Mrs. Pierce’s RD immigrant ancestors, both of Alice Roosevelt’s, the single RD forebears of Edith Roosevelt and Mrs. Taft, and one of the two known RD immigrant ancestors of Mrs. Bush, were New Englanders. Via Appletons, Mrs. Pierce was a distant kinswoman of Coolidge; and via Bradstreets and Dudleys, of Hoover. Via Bulkeleys Alice Roosevelt was distantly related to Coolidge and Bush. The Collamore maternal forebears of Mrs. Agnes Harris Spencer Edwards and Edith Roosevelt, her descendant, were also ancestors, as noted above, of Benjamin Harrison, and the New York Livingstons, three times in the ancestry of Eleanor Roosevelt, are also ancestors of Bush. Mrs. Taft was the only presidentially connected descendant of Thomas Bressie, and Mrs. Bush the only presidentially connected descendant of Obadiah Bruen or George Elkington.

    More importantly Mrs. Pierce, whose father (Rev. Jesse Appleton) was president of Bowdoin College, was descended from two major “ur-fathers” of the Boston “Brahmins,” the RD immigrants Samuel Appleton and Governor Thomas Dudley, and belonged to that section of the Dudley progeny derived from Dudley’s daughter, the poet Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet. Alice Roosevelt, mother of noted wit Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth (wife of Nicholas Longworth, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives), was a Boston Lee and twice a Cabot descendant. Edith Roosevelt, granddaughter of Civil War commander, railroad president and industrialist Daniel Tyler (IV), was descended from the theologian Jonathan Edwards, president of the College of New Jersey (later Princeton) and thus belonged to one of the best known “intellectual dynasties” in American history. And Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and descended through his mother from RD immigrants John Irvine and Col. Kenneth Baillie of Georgia, was also thrice descended via her maternal grandmother from the Livingstons of New York, the leading RD clan of the Hudson Valley aristocracy. Given the sizeable historical contribution of the Appleton, Dudley-Bradstreet, Whitfield-Higginson-Cabot, Jonathan Edwards, and Livingston progenies, these connections of Jane Pierce and Alice, Edith and Eleanor Roosevelt merit further consideration.

    Major pre-twentieth century Appleton descendants, in addition to Mrs. Pierce, include “signer” William Whipple, Jr. (see NEXUS 3[1986]:293); the wife of artist John Singleton Copley and her son, John Singleton Copley, 1st Baron [71] Lyndhurst, British Lord Chancellor; Harvard president Josiah Quincy (III) and wives of Harvard presidents Edward Holyoke (Margaret Appleton) and Abbott Lawrence Lowell; man of letters James Russell Lowell and historian Francis Parkman, Jr. among major “flowers of New England” (see NEXUS 6[1989]: 205-6, 7:28-30), plus abolitionist and reformer Wendell Phillips, Episcopal bishops Phillips Brooks and William Lawrence, and wives of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Frances Elizabeth Appleton), author and orator George William Curtis, historian Henry [Brooks] Adams, and architect Charles Follen McKim (Julia Amory Appleton); among political figures, the wife of James Gillespie Blame, U.S. senator and Secretary of State, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Republican presidential candidate in 1884; and among tycoons, Citibank president James Stillman (see NEXUS 4[1987]:70-73). Great-grandchildren of Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet include Yale president Elisha Williams (son of Rev. William Williams and Elizabeth Cotton, and grandson of Rev. Seaborn Cotton and Dorothy Bradstreet) and wives of the painter John Smibert (Mary Williams, daughter of noted physician and schoolmaster Nathaniel Williams and Anne Bradstreet, and granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Bradstreet and Martha ) and “signer” William Ellery, Jr. (Anne Remington, daughter of Jonathan Remington and Lucy Bradstreet and granddaughter of first cousins Simon Bradstreet, Jr. and Lucy Woodbridge, this last a daughter of noted minister and magistrate Rev. John Woodbridge by Mercy Dudley, Anne’s sister; see NEXUS 3:291-94).

    Nineteenth-century descendants of both Anne Bradstreet and Governor Thomas Dudley (only a section of the noted progeny of this last) include Elizabeth Ellery, daughter of the “signer” and wife of diplomat and jurist Francis Dana; their son, Richard Henry Dana, poet, essayist, and editor of the North American Review, and his son (by Ruth Charlotte Smith), Richard Henry Dana, Jr., author of Two Years Before the Mast; William Ellery Channing, founder of Unitarianism, son of William Channing and Lucy Ellery and also a grandson of “signer” William Ellery, Jr. and Anne Remington; first cousins Anne Channing (sister of W.E.) and Martha Remington Dana (sister of RD., Jr.), wives of painter and poet Washington Allston; Sophia Willard Dana, first cousin of Channing, R.H. Dana Sr. and both Mrs. Allstons, daughter of Francis Dana, Jr. and Sophia Willard, and wife of Brook Farm leader and literary critic George Ripley; the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes (NEXUS 6:204-6) and his son, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., plus Wendell Phillips and Mrs. Abbott Lawrence Lowell (both listed above), among “flowers of New England” or reforming Boston Brahmins; among political leaders, “radical” Republican leader Benjamin Franklin Wade and wives of Vice President Schuyler Colfax, Jr. (Ellen Wade, niece of B.F.) and House Speaker Thomas Brackett Reed, Jr.; and Emily Jane Partridge, one of the 16 wives of Utah founder and LDS president Brigham Young by whom he left issue. Among these numerous noted kin Mrs. Pierce was a second cousin of Mrs. Longfellow; a second cousin once removed of Lawrence and Mrs. McKim; a second cousin twice removed of Whipple, Mrs. Smibert, Williams, and Mrs. Ellery; a third cousin once removed of Mrs. Blaine and Mrs. Dana; a third cousin once removed of the half-blood of Mrs. Copley; a fourth cousin of R.H. Dana, Sr., Channing. both Mrs. Allstons, and Wade; a fourth cousin of the half-blood of Lord Lyndhurst; a fourth cousin once removed of JR. Lowell, RH. Dana, Jr., Mrs. Ripley, O.W. Holmes, Sr., Phillips, and Mrs. Colfax; a fourth cousin twice removed of O.W. Holmes, Jr., Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Young; and a fourth cousin twice removed of the half-blood of Stillman.

    RD for Mrs. Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt is derived through Mrs. Martha Bulkeley Mellowes and Edward Raynsford. A third immigrant ancestor, Rev. Henry Whitfield, was of “ancient ancestry” (and descended from a sister of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, plus Oxfordshire Ardens probably related somehow to Shakespeare’s mother) but not, as proved to date, RD. Whitfield’s daughter Sarah married Rev. John Higginson, noted Salem minister; one of their grandsons, John Higginson (III), left two sons and a granddaughter who married Cabots, plus another granddaughter who married a Lowell and a daughter who married a Prescott. Thus Whitfield is also a Boston Brahmin” ur-father.” Major Whitfield Higginson-Cabot derived kinsmen of Mrs. Roosevelt include Endicott Peabody, founder and headmaster of Groton School (a first cousin); Senator Leverett Saltonstall (III) (a first cousin once removed - both Peabody and Saltonstall were also Bulkeley and Raynsford descendants); Mrs. Robert Charles Winthrop (Elizabeth Cabot Blanchard, wife of the U.S. Senator and Speaker of the House, a great-aunt of the half blood); Mrs. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., wife of the poet (and a double second cousin twice removed) and her son, the jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (a double third cousin once removed); Mrs. Theodore Parker (Lydia Dodge Cabot, wife of the theologian and reformer, and also a double second cousin twice removed); merchant, U.S. Senator and Federalist George Cabot, his daughter, Mrs. John Thornton Kirkland (wife of the Harvard president), great-grandson Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. Senator and opponent of the League of Nations, and great-great-great- grandson, U.S. Senator and diplomat Henry Cabot Lodge II (a great-great-great-uncle, double first cousin three times removed, double third cousin once removed, and double fourth cousin once removed, respectively); banker Henry Lee Higginson, founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (a second cousin once removed); Cabinet official Elliot Lee Richardson (a third cousin once removed); foreign affairs experts McGeorge and William Putnam Bundy (double fourth cousins twice removed); Mrs. Josiah Royce, wife of the philosopher (a fifth cousin); the novelist John Phillips Marquand II (a fifth cousin once removed); and the siblings Percival, Abbott Lawrence, and Amy Lowell, astronomer, president of Harvard, and poet respectively, also fifth cousins.

    More distantly related Whitfield-Higginson-Prescott derived cousins include wives of “signer” Roger Sherman, Yale president Jeremiah Day, Jr., and Secretary of State Henry Lewis Stimson, plus (in their own right) [72] Secretary of State and Attorney General William Maxwell Evarts, editor Max[well Evarts] Perkins, Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, Jr., mathematician and physicist Josiah Willard Gibbs, Jr., and the poet Robert [Lee] Frost; see, for all except the last two, NEXUS 3:236-38. More notable figures, including Mrs. James Abram Garfield and the wife of U.S. Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, plus her Rockefeller grandsons, are descended from Rev. Henry Whitfield via a second daughter, Abigail, wife of Rev. James Fitch. One of Whitfield’s second cousins, moreover, was the immigrant Richard Waters of Salem, also a Chaucer and Arden descendant, and ancestor of the presidential Tafts of Cincinnati (twice over, via Waterses, Holmans, and Torreys), of President Coolidge, and (via Pulsiphers, Stevenses, and Osgoods) President Erskine Hamilton Childers of Ireland (see NEXUS 5 [1988]: 95-98) and of Endicotts, Peabodys and Eliots.

    By no means comparable to the Boston-area “Brahmin” Appleton, Dudley-Bradstreet, and Whitfield-Higginson-Cabot clans, the western Massachusetts or Connecticut Valley progeny of the famed Jonathan Edwards is nonetheless remarkable. The theologian’s daughter Esther married Aaron Burr, Edwards’s predecessor as president of the College of New Jersey, and was the mother of Aaron Burr, Jr., the third U.S. Vice President and western adventurer. Among other Edwards grandchildren were Mrs. Eli Whitney, Jr. (Henrietta Frances Edwards), wife of the firearms manufacturer and inventor of the cotton gin, and Timothy Dwight (IV), Congregational clergyman and president of Yale 1795-1817. Later descendants, in addition to Mrs. Roosevelt, include Yale presidents Theodore Dwight Woolsey and Timothy Dwight (V) (a nephew and grandson respectively of Timothy Dwight (IV); Elizabeth Dwight Woolsey, niece of Theodore Dwight Woolsey and wife of Daniel Coit Gilman, president of the University of California, Johns Hopkins, and the Carnegie Institution; short-story writer O. Henry (William Sydney Porter, see NEXUS 3:26-27); and poet Robert [Traill Spence] Lowell (IV), whose three wives - Jean Stafford, Elizabeth Hardwick, and Lady Caroline (Maureen Hamilton-Temple-) Blackwood - were also all writers. Mrs. Edith Roosevelt was a first cousin three times removed of Aaron Burr, Jr., Mrs. Whitney and Timothy Dwight (IV); a second cousin twice removed of Woolsey; a third cousin once removed of Timothy Dwight (V) and Mrs. Gilman; a fourth cousin of O. Henry; and a fourth cousin twice removed of Robert Lowell. Among sisters of Jonathan Edwards, Hannah was the third wife of Seth Wetmore and an ancestress of the columnist brothers Joseph [Wright] Alsop (V) and Stewart [Johannot Oliver] Alsop (great-nephews themselves of President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.) and Louise TenBroeck Treadwell, wife of the actor Spencer Tracy.

    Two of Eleanor Roosevelt’s own Livingston forebears - the “signer” Philip, Jr. and diplomat Robert R., Jr. (who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase) - were themselves major figures in American history. A brother of Robert R., Jr. was U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Edward Livingston. A niece of Philip, Jr. was Sarah Van Brugh Livingston, wife of diplomat and Chief Justice John Jay; a granddaughter of Philip, Jr. was Catherine Livingston Jones, wife of DeWitt Clinton, New York governor, New York City mayor, man of letters, and promoter of the Erie Canal. A great-niece of Philip, Jr. was Harriet Livingston, wife of steamboat inventor Robert Fulton; and a great-granddaughter of the immigrant Robert Livingston the younger (and a second cousin of Robert R., Jr.) was Elizabeth Schuyler, wife of statesman and first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Later Livingston descendants include the third wife of House Speaker Robert Charles Winthrop (Mrs. Adele Granger Thayer); U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hamilton Fish, his wife Julia Kean (a great-great-niece of Philip, Jr.) and their son, banker and railroad executive Stuyvesant Fish; Arctic explorer Elisha Kent Kane; Anna Livingston Read Street, Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, Susanna Edwards Schuyler, Susan Ridley Sedgwick, and Margaret Stuyvesant Chanler, wives respectively of U.S. Vice President Levi Parsons Morton, artist and telegraph inventor Samuel Finley Breese Morse, Columbia University president Nicholas Murray Butler, art historian Charles Eliot Norton, and astrophysicist Lewis Morris Rutherfurd; feminist leader Mrs. Elizabeth [Smith] Cady Stanton (see NEXUS 7[1990]:155-157, 159), one of whose granddaughters married radio engineer and inventor Lee DeForest; and American and British Astors descended from Margaret Rebecca Armstrong, niece of Robert R., Jr. and wife of William Backhouse Astor, son of fur trader and capitalist John Jacob Astor (I).

    Among these last, W.B. Astor, Jr., husband of “400” society leader Caroline Webster Schermerhorn (the Mrs. Astor), William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor (British real estate and newspaper tycoon, nephew of W.B., Jr.), and [William] Vincent Astor (philanthropist and grandson of W.B., Jr.) were respectively a second cousin three times removed, third cousin twice removed, and fourth cousin once removed of Eleanor Roosevelt. Other twentieth-century Livingston descendants, none very closely related to Mrs. Roosevelt, include President George H.W. Bush (see NEXUS 6:156-59, in addition to AAP); Yale president Alfred Whitney Griswold; the poet Robert [Traill Spence] Lowell (IV, listed above); wives of architect Eero Saarinen (Lilian Louisa Swann), composer Irving Berlin (Ellin Travers Mackay, see NEXUS 4:26-27), dancer Fred Astaire (Mrs. Phyllis Livingston Baker Potter), novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss (Adele Lawrence), and the above-named Joseph [Wright] Alsop (V) (Mrs. Susan Mary Jay Patten), McGeorge Bundy (Mary Buckminster Lothrop), and Elliot Lee Richardson (Anne Francis Hazard); Winthrop Gardiner, Jr., second husband of ice skater Sonja Henie; and, very likely, actor [Edward] Montgomery Clift.

    The Appleton, Dudley, Whitfield-Higginson-Cabot, Jonathan Edwards, and Livingston clans might each be subjects of future columns. Mrs. Taft and Mrs. Bush belong to no equivalent large clusters of fairly near RD notable km. Mrs. Taft, however, shared descent from Thomas Bressie with the Marshall Fields of Chicago, the progeny of William Collins Whitney, and the famed [73] Cushing sisters of Boston, wives of “tycoons” William Samuel Paley, John Hay Whitney and [William] Vincent Astor (see NEXUS 4:70-73, 159-62). And Mrs. Bush shares descent from Obadiah Bruen with, among other major notables, actor Humphrey [deForest] Bogart and Mrs. [Joseph] Rudyard Kipling (see NEXUS 3:178-80, 8 [1991]:69, 9 [1992]:30-32). Outlined below, in the usual format for this column, are the lines for Jane Pierce, Alice and Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Barbara Bush from the RD immigrants noted above, plus Rev. Henry Whitfield. Following the full names and birth and death years of these presidential wives and their also RD husbands are her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to the RD immigrant(s) so designated. As always, semi-colons separate generations and commas separate couples in the same generations.

    1.      JANE MEANS APPLETON (1806-1863), wife of Franklin PIERCE (1804-1869), 14th U.S. President; Jesse Appleton & Elizabeth Means; Francis Appleton & Elizabeth Hubbard; Isaac Appleton, Jr. & Elizabeth Sawyer, John Hubbard & Mary Brown; Isaac Appleton & Priscilla Baker, Richard Hubbard & Sarah Bradstreet; Samuel Appleton, Jr. & Mary Oliver, Gov. Simon Bradstreet & Ann Dudley; Samuel Appleton (RD) & Judith Everard (RD), Gov. Thomas Dudley (RD) & Dorothy York.

    2.      ALICE HATHAWAY LEE (1861-1884), first wife of Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr. (1858-1919), 26th U.S. President; George Cabot Lee & Caroline Watts Haskell, John Clarke Lee & Harriet Paine Rose; Nathaniel Cabot Lee & Mary Ann Cabot, Joseph Warner Rose & Harriet Paine; Joseph Lee & Elizabeth Cabot, Francis Cabot & Anna Clarke, William Paine & Lois Ome; Thomas Lee, Jr. & Lois Ome, Joseph Cabot & Elizabeth Higginson (parents of Elizabeth and Francis), Timothy Paine & Sarah Chandler; Thomas Lee & Deborah Flint, John Higginson (IV) & Ruth Boardman, Nathaniel Paine (III) & Sarah Clark; - Lee & Martha Mellowes, John Higginson (III) & Hannah Gardner, Nathaniel Paine, Jr. & Dorothy Raynsford; John Mellowes & Martha ,John Higginson, Jr. & Sarah Savage, Jonathan Raynsford & Mary Sunderland; Oliver Mellowes & Elizabeth Hawkredd, John Higginson & Sarah Whitfield, Edward Raynsford (RD) & Elizabeth ___ Abraham Mellowes & Martha Bulkeley (RD), Rev. Henry Whitfield & Dorothy Sheafe.

    3.      EDITH KERMIT CAROW (1861-1948), second wife of Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr. (1858-1919), 26th U.S. President; Charles Carow & Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler; Daniel Tyler IV & Emily Lee; Daniel Tyler III & Sarah Edwards; Timothy Edwards & Rhoda Ogden; Jonathan Edwards, the theologian, & Sarah Pierpont; Timothy Edwards & Esther Stoddard; Richard Edwards & Elizabeth Tuttle; William Edwards & Mrs. Agnes Harris Spencer (RD).

    4.      HELEN HERRON (1861-1943), wife of William Howard TAFT (1857-1930), 27th U.S. President; John Williamson Herron & Harriet Anne Collins; Ela Collins & Maria Clinton; Isaac Clinton & Charity Welles; David Welles & Joanna Wilcoxson; Timothy Wilcoxson & Abigail Platt; John Platt & Phebe Bressie; Thomas Bressie, Jr. & Mary Osborn; Thomas Bressie (RD) & Phebe Bisby.

    5.      (ANNA) ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (1884-1962), wife of her fifth cousin once removed, Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT (1882-1945), 32nd U.S. President; Elliott Roosevelt (brother of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 26th U.S. President, great-great-grandson of John Irvine of Georgia & great-great-great-grandson of Col. Kenneth Baillie of Georgia) & Anna Rebecca Hall; Valentine Gill Hall, Jr. & Mary Livingston Ludlow; Edward Hunter Ludlow & Elizabeth Livingston; Gabriel VerPlanck Ludlow & Elizabeth A. Hunter, Edward Philip Livingston & Elizabeth Stevens Livingston; Gabriel George Ludlow & Anne VerPlanck, Philip Livingston III & Sarah Johnson (parents of E.P.), Robert R Livingston, Jr. & Mary Stevens (parents of ES.); Gabriel Ludlow, Jr. & Frances Duncan, Gulian VerPlanck & Mary Crommelin, Philip Livingston, Jr., the signer, & Christina Ten Broeck (parents of Philip III), Robert R. Livingston & Margaret Beekman (parents of R.R., Jr.); Gabriel Ludlow of N.Y. (RD) & Sarah Hanmer, Charles Crommelin & Anna Sinclair, Philip Livingston & Catherine Van Brugh (parents of Philip, Jr.), Robert Livingston & Margaret Howarden (parents of Robert R.), Henry Beekman & Janet Livingston; Robert Sinclair of N.Y. & Maria Duyckinck, Robert Livingston the elder of N.Y. & Alida Schuyler (parents of Philip & Robert), Robert Livingston the younger of N.Y. & Margareta Schuyler (parents of Margaret).

    6.      BARBARA PIERCE (b. 1925), wife of George Herbert Walker BUSH (b. 1924), 41st U.S. President; Marvin Pierce & Pauline Robinson; Scott Pierce & Mabel Marvin, James Edgar Robinson & Lula Dell Flickinger; Jerome Place Marvin & Martha Anne Stokes, Jacob Marion Flickinger & Sarah Haines; Samuel Ross Marvin & Julia Anne Place, Jonathan Haines & Mary Jane Sprague; Robert Marvin & Phebe Ford, Allen Haines & Sarah Ballinger; Samuel Ford, Jr. & Grace Kitchell, Joshua Ballinger & Sarah Jones; Joseph Kitchell & Rachel Bates, Samuel Ballinger & Elizabeth Groff; Abraham Kitchell & Sarah Bruen, Thomas Ballinger & Elizabeth Elkington; John Bruen & Esther Lawrence, George Elkington (RD) & Mary Humphries; Obadiah Bruen (RD) & Sarah ___



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