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  • Notable Kin: The Flowering of New England, Part Three: The Historians Henry and Brooks Adams, Bancroft, Motley, Parkman and Prescott

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : February 1990

    In the June-August and December 1989 issues of NEXUS (6:108-112, 202-206) I considered the mid-nineteenth century “flowering of New England” and treated the ancestry of seminal figures Emerson, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and of the poets Bryant, Holmes, Longfellow, J. R. Lowell, and Whittier.  In this 21st “Notable Kin’ column I shall similarly cover the immediate (and most American) forebears, royal or Mayflower descents, presidential connections, ancestors shared with The Princess of Wales and her sons, and kinships to each other and to their just-named intellectual colleagues, of the historians Henry and Brooks Adams, George Bancroft, John Lothrop Motley, Francis Parkman, Jr., and William Hickling Prescott.

    Born between 1796 and 1848 (the Adamses, born in 1838 and 1848, belonged to a younger generation), these six historians were all graduates of Harvard (Prescott in 1814, Bancroft in 1817, Motley in 1831, Parkman in 1844, Henry Adams in 1858, and Brooks Adams in 1870). Henry Adams and Parkman were born in Boston, Motley in Dorchester (now part of Boston), Brooks Adams in Quincy, Prescott in Salem, and Bancroft in Worcester.  Henry and Brooks Adams were sons of diplomat Charles Francis Adams, grandsons of President John Quincy Adams and Boston merchant and “first millionaire” Peter Chardon Brooks, and great-grandsons of U.S. President John Adams, Jr., noted letter-writer Mrs. Abigail Smith Adams, and U.S. Constitution signer Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. George Bancroft’s father, noted Unitarian minister Aaron Bancroft, wrote a biography of Washington and was a founder and first president of the American Unitarian Assocation.  Motley’s father was a Boston merchant, the historian’s maternal grandfather was minister of Old North Church, and a great-grandfather’s sister was Elizabeth Checkley, wife of radical patriot and “signer” Samuel Adams, Jr.  Parkman’s father was minister of Boston’s New North Church and the historian’s mother was a niece of the just-mentioned Peter Chardon Brooks, so Parkman was a second cousin of Henry and Brooks Adams.  Prescott’s father was a Salem and Boston lawyer and political official, and the historian’s two grandfathers were Bunker Hill hero William Prescott and Thomas Hickling, Boston merchant, U.S. consul on the island of St. Michael in the Azores, and great-grandfather, by a second wife of Arturo Ivens Ferraz, prime minister of Portugal from July 1929 to January 1930.  Prescott, Parkman, and Brooks Adams lived largely in or near Boston, Motley in Boston and Europe, Henry Adams in Boston and Washington, D.C., and Bancroft in Boston, Northampton, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Newport.  Together these six figures initiated an American historical school. Prescott wrote primarily on Spain, Mexico, and Peru, Bancroft on the United States from colonization through the framing of the Constitution, Motley on the Netherlands, Parkrnan on the struggle between Great Britain and France for the American continent, Henry Adams on the Jefferson and Madison administrations, and on Gothic architecture and the Middle Ages, and Brooks Adams on New England, trade routes and America’s Economic Supremacy.

    Five of these Bostonians may be considered “Boston Brahmins” and the sixth -- Bancroft -- had “Brahmin” near kinsmen.  The two Adamses and Parkman were Cotton and Saltonstall descendants, the former were also Tyng, Downing and Winthrop descendants, and Parkman was descended from Appletons, Dudleys, Rogerses, and Woodbridges.  All three historians were also second cousins (the Adamses twice over, via both Brooks and Gorham) of Massachusetts Episcopal bishop Phillips Brooks.  Charlotte Gray Brooks, an aunt of the Adamses and first cousin once removed of Parkman, married orator, statesman, and Harvard president Edward Everett.  Additionally Abigail Adams Cranch, great-niece of the First Lady and a second cousin once removed of Henry and Brooks, married William Greenleaf Eliot, founder of Washington University in St. Louis; the poet Thomas Stearns (T.S.) Eliot was their grandson.  Other Adams cousins, via Gorhams, include First Lady Mrs. Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, second wife of Theodore and third cousin once removed of the Adams brothers, and Peter Bulkeley Greenough, second cousin three times removed of the Adamses and husband of opera diva and director Beverly Sills.  Anna Shaw, sister of the famed Colonel Robert Gould Shaw of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment and a first cousin once removed of Parkman, married orator and essayist George William Curtis; and a younger Robert Gould Shaw, another first cousin once removed of Parkman, was the first husband of Nancy Witcher Langhorne, later Viscountess Astor, British M.P. 1919-45.

    Motley was an Adams, Jackson, Lowell and Wainwright descendant. Via Jacksons both Oliver Wendell -Holmes, Sr. and his wife were Motley’s third cousins once removed. Motley married Mary Elizabeth Benjamin, whose royal descent (via Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke) and kinship to The Princess of [27] Wales (via Parkes) is covered in American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales.  One of Motley’s daughters, Elizabeth Cabot Motley, married secondly Sir William George Vernon Harcourt, British Chancellor of the Exchequer; Dorothy Benjamin, a great-niece of Mrs. Motley, married opera tenor Enrico Caruso; and one of Motley’s sisters is a great-great-grandmother of the actress Tuesday (Susan Ker) Weld.  Prescott was an Oliver, Maverick, and Leverett descendant; his sister, Catherine Elizabeth Prescott, married Boston trial lawyer Franklin Dexter; and a second cousin twice removed was NEHGS librarian William Prescott Greenlaw, compiler of the Greenlaw Index.  Finally, Eliza Bancroft, sister of the historian, married John Davis, congressman, U.S. senator, and governor of Massachusetts.  Matilda Elizabeth Frelinghuysen Davis, one of their great-granddaughters, married poet George Cabot Lodge and was the mother of Henry Cabot Lodge II, the U.S. senator, diplomat and Republican vice-presidential candidate in 1960.

    Each of these historians shares ancestors with millions of contemporary Americans and with at least two of the other 14 figures treated in this “flowering of New England” series.  Four had great-grandparents whose ancestry appears to be unknown -- the two Adamses (Catherine Nuth), Motley (John Motley, Mary Roberts, and Mary Kelly) and Prescott (William Hickling).  The Johnson and Sedgwick forebears of the Adamses were Marylanders, John Motley and perhaps Mary Kelly among Motley’s ancestors were Irish, and Prescott’s Hickling and Stanbridge great-grandparents were from Sutton Bonnington, Nottinghamshire and Brighton, Sussex respectively. The entire American ancestry of President John Quincy Adams, including his royal descent via Mrs. Elizabeth Coytmore Tyng, his Mayflower line to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, his kinship to The Princess of Wales through William and Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, his kinship via Adams, Squire, Cogswell, Bass, Wyngate (of Sharpenhoe, Bedfordshire), Coytmore or Miles forebears, to Presidents W. H. and Benjamin Harrison, Fillmore, Taft, Coolidge, and FDR, and his Tyng, Downing and Winthrop descents, are all covered in Ancestors of American Presidents (preliminary edition, revised [1989], henceforth AAP; see also NEXUS 3[1986]:235-238, 5[1988]:208-210).  The ancestry of U.S. Constitution signer Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. is covered in NEXUS 3:291-294, to which coverage I wish to add that Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley are ancestors of FDR and Bush; that John Howland’s parents, Henry and Margaret (___) Howland of Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, were also ancestors of Nixon and Ford; that Mary Jacob was a daughter of Bush ancestors Nicholas and Mary (Gilman) Jacob, and a granddaughter of Edward Gilman of Hingham, Norfolk, whose other presidential descendants are Lincoln and Ford; and that James and Mary Coffin were children of Nantucket “ur-father” Tristram Coffin, also an ancestor of Ford and brother of an ancestor of Coolidge.  Through Rebecca Call, Gorham’s wife, or Peter Chardon Brooks, the Adams brothers had three other immigrant ancestors of royal descent -- Richard and Muriel (Gurdon) Saltonstall and Mrs. Mary Gye Maverick; shared a third Boylston line; and were descended from Puritan leader John Cotton and a sister of the poet and clergyman Michael Wigglesworth.  Among the 14 other figures in this “flowering of New England” series the Adams brothers were kinsmen of 11 -- Emerson, Hawthorne, Holmes and Prescott via Cogswells; Bryant and Longfellow via Aldens; Emerson and Longfellow via Howlands; Melville and Whittier via Coffins; Holmes and J.R. Lowell via Mrs. Katherine Miles Gray Coytrnore; Prescott via Mavericks; Motley via Adamses; and Parkman, as noted above.  Among these historians the Adamses were fifth cousins of Motley, second cousins of Parkman, and sixth cousins twice removed of Prescott.

    Bancroft’s forebears included the royally descended Edward Raynsford and (probably) Constant Southworth, Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, and Lion Gardiner, first “lord of the manor” of Gardiner’s Island.  Via Warrens, Chandlers and Kings, Bancroft’s presidential kinsmen include Grant, Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, Taft, possibly Harding, and FDR.  And via Warren as well, Bancroft was a fourth cousin once removed of Thoreau and a fifth cousin both once and twice removed of Longfellow.  Motley had no royally descended or royally shared ancestors (for his wife’s, however, see above) and no Mayflower forebears.  Via Adams, Squire, and Lathrop descents Motley’s presidential cousins include the two Adamses, Fillmore, Grant, Taft, Coolidge, FDR, and Bush.  Among other figures in this series, Motley’s connections are almost as numerous as those of the Adamses.  He shared Lathrop descent with Holmes and Longfellow, Percival Lowell with Melville and J.R. Lowell, Bliss descent with Emerson and Harriet Beecher Stowe, Jacksons with Holmes, Rolfes with Whittier, Adamses with the Adams brothers, Wainwrights with Parkman (and with President Fillmore) and Hales with Prescott.  Via Wainwrights Motley and Parkman were fifth cousins, and via Hales of Newbury Motley and Prescott were fifth cousins once removed. Motley and his friend Holmes, third cousins once removed through Jacksons, were also fourth cousins through Lathrops.

    Ancestors of Francis Parkman, Jr., included the royally descended Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts, Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton, Mrs. Elizabeth St. John Whiting (niece of Rev. Peter Bulkeley) and Richard and Muriel (Gurdon) Saltonstall; Rev. John Cotton; and sisters of Nantucket “urfather” Tristram Coffin and Hartford founder Rev. Thomas Hooker.  Via Trasks, Coffins, Wainwrights, Appletons, Dudleys, Fowles, Bulkeleys and Hookers Parkman’s presidential kin include the two Adamses, Fillmore, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Ford and Bush.  Among figures in this series Parkman was, as already noted, a second cousin of the Adamses.  Via Coffins Parkman was a cousin of Melville, Whittier, and (via Fowles also) the Adamses once again; via Wainwrights, as noted, of Motley; and via Governor Dudley, Appletons, and Bulkeleys respectively, of Holmes, JR. Lowell, and Emerson.

    Prescott’s ancestors included the royally descended Mrs. Mary Gye Maverick; Isaac and Mary (Norris) [28] Allerton of the Mayflower; John and Elizabeth (Thompson) Cogswell among forebears of The Princess of Wales; and a sister of Governor John Leverett of Massachusetts, also a Parliamentary officer in the English Civil War.  Via Pearsons, Mrs. Joan Antrobus Lawrence Tuttle, Cogswells, Allertons and Greenes, Prescott’s presidential cousins include the two Adamses, Taylor, Pierce, Taft, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and FDR. Prescott shared Cogswell ancestors with Emerson, Hawthorne, Holmes and the Adams brothers, Oliver and Newgate forebears with Holmes, Mavericks with the Adamses, and Hales of Newbury with Motley. Via Cogswells, Olivers and Newgates Prescott and Holmes were fifth cousins twice over and half fifth cousins as well.

    Thus five of these six historians -- all except Motley -- had royal descents; four -- the two Adamses, Bancroft and Prescott -- were descendants of Mayflower passengers; three -- the two Adamses and Prescott -- shared ancestors with The Princess of Wales and her sons; and all five were related to several U.S. presidents -- the Adams brothers to 12, Bancroft to five (possibly six), Motley to eight, and both Parkman and Prescott to nine.  And once again I noted mostly only kinships through ancestors of two or more presidents.  Considering Emerson, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau, Mrs. Stowe, the five poets, and the six historians as a total of 15 figures (thus counting the Adams brothers as one), the Adamses shared ancestors with 11 of the others, Motley with 10, Holmes with nine, Emerson with eight, Longfellow, Lowell and Parkman with seven, Melville with six, Hawtheme and Prescott with five, Whittier with four, Thoreau, Mrs. Stowe and Bryant with three, and Bancroft with two.  Such an intricate web of kinships is probably typical of any comparable group of early nineteenth-century New Englanders and suggests the extent of genealogical connection within the “New England family” after two centuries.  Outlined below, in the usual format for this column, is the known ancestry of these six historians for six generations (parents through great-great-great-grandparents, with semi-colons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation from the historian), with extensions to all earlier ancestors mentioned above.  As before, “RD” indicates an ancestor of royal descent, “MP” a Mayflower passenger, “PW” a forebear shared with The Princess of Wales, “TP” an ancestor of two or three presidents (as charted in Ancestors of American Presidents) and “FP” a ancestor of four or five presidents.

    1.    HENRY (BROOKS) ADAMS, 1838-1918, and BROOKS ADAMS, 1848-1927: Charles Francis Adams & Abigail Brown Brooks; John Quincy Adams, 6th U.S. President, & Louisa Catherine Johnson, Peter Chardon Brooks & Anne Gorham; Joshua Johnson & Catherine Nuth, Edward Brooks & Abigail Brown, Nathaniel Gorham, Jr., signer of the U.S. Constitution, & Rebecca Call; Thomas Johnson, Jr. & Dorcas Sedgwick, Samuel Brooks, Jr. & Mary Boutwell, John Brown & Joanna Cotton, Caleb Call, Jr. & Rebecca Stimpson; Thomas Johnson & Mary Baker, Joshua Sedgwick & Elizabeth ---, Samuel Brooks & Sarah Boylston, James Boutwell & Elizabeth Frothingham, Ichabod Brown & Martha Woodbury, Roland Cotton & Elizabeth Saltonstall, Caleb Call & Anne Waffe, John Stimpson & Ruth Wyer; Thomas Boylston, Jr. & Mary Gardner, John Cotton, Jr. & Joanna Rossiter, Nathaniel Saltonstall & Elizabeth Ward, Andrew Stimpson, Jr., & Abigail Sweetser, Robert Wyer & Ruth Johnson; Rev. John Cotton & Sarah Hawkridge, Richard Saltonstall (RD) & Muriel Gurdon (RD), Benjamin Sweetser Abigail Wigglesworth (sister of Rev. Michael Wigglesworth), John Johnson & Elizabeth Maverick; Elias Maverick & Anna Harris; John Maverick & Mary Gye (RD).

    2. GEORGE BANCROFT, 1800-1891: Aaron Bancroft & Lucretia Chandler; Samuel Bancroft, Jr. & Lydia Parker, John Chandler IV & Mary Church; Samuel Bancroft & Sarah Lampson, Nathaniel Parker, Jr. & Elizabeth Wright, John Chandler III & Hannah Gardiner, Charles Church & Hannah Paine; Thomas Bancroft, Jr. & Sarah Poole, Samuel Lampson & Mary Nichols, Nathaniel Parker & Bethiah Polly, Walter Wright & Elizabeth Peters, John Chandler, Jr. & Mary Raymond, John Gardiner & Mary King, Benjamin Church & Alice Southworth, Nathaniel Paine, Jr. & Doroth Raynsford; Thomas Bancroft & Elizabeth Metcalf, Jonathan Poole & Judith ___, William Lampson & Sarah Ayers, Richard Nichols & Anna ___. Thomas Parker & Amy ___, John Polly & Susanna (Bacon?), Andrew Peters & Mercy Beamsley, John Chandler & Elizabeth Douglas, Joshua Raymond & Elizabeth Smith, David Gardiner & Mary Herringman, Samuel King & Frances Ludlam, Richard Church & Elizabeth Warren, Constant Southworth (RD) & Elizabeth Collier, Nathaniel Paine & Elizabeth ___, Jonathan Raynsford & Mary Sunderland; William Chandler (TP) & Annis Bayford (TP), Lion Gardiner & Mary Willemson Deurcant, William King (TP) & Dorothy (Hayne?) (TP), Richard Warren (MP, TP & Elizabeth___ (TP), Edward Raynsford (RD) & Elizabeth ___.

    3. JOHN LOTHROP MOTLEY, 1814-1877: Thomas Motley, Jr. & Anna Lothrop; Thomas Motley & Emma Waite, John Lothrop & Elizabeth Checkley; John Motley & Mary Roberts, John Waite & Sarah Kent, William Lothrop & Mary Kelly, Samuel Checkley III & Elizabeth Webb; Jonadab Waite & Hannah Dole, John Kent, Jr. & Rebecca Somerby, Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss, Samuel Checkley, Jr. & Elizabeth Rolfe, John Webb, Jr. & Elizabeth Jackson; Thomas Waite & Mary ___, John Dole & Mary Gerrish, John Kent & Sarah Woodman, Abiel Somerby & Rebecca Knight Samuel Lathrop (TP) & Elizabeth Scudder (TP), Thomas Bliss, Jr. & Elizabeth ___, Samuel Checkley & Mary Scottow, Benjamin Rolfe, Jr. & Mehitable Wainwright, John Webb & Bethiah Adams, Jonathan Jackson, Jr. & Mary Salter; Richard Dole & Hannah Rolfe, William Gerrish & Joanna Lowell, John Lothrop (TP) & Hannah House (TP), Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins, Benjamin Rolfe & Apphia Hale, Francis Wainwright & Philippa Sewell, Joseph Adams (TP) & Abigail Baxter (TP); Henry Rolfe & Honor Rolfe (cousins, parents of Hannah & Benjamin), Percival Lowell & Rebecca ___, Thomas Hale & Thamasine Dowsett, Henry Adams (TP) & Edith Squire (TP); John Rolfe & Honor ___ (parents of Henry, & of Mrs. Mary Rolfe Whittier), Henry Squire (FP) & ___ (FP).

    4. FRANCIS PARKMAN, JR., 1823-1893: Francis Parkman & Caroline Hall; Samuel Parkman & Sarah Rogers, Nathaniel Hall, Jr. & Joanna Cotton Brooks; Ebenezer Parkman & Hannah Breck, Daniel Rogers, Jr. & Elizabeth Ruggles, Nathaniel Hall & Mary Bradshaw, Edward Brooks & Abigail Brown; William Parkman & Elizabeth Adams, Robert Breck & Elizabeth Wainwright, Daniel Rogers & Sarah Appleton, Samuel Ruggles III & Elizabeth Whiting, John [29] Hall III & Elizabeth Walker, Stephen Bradshaw & Mary Williams; Elias Parkman, Jr. & Sarah Trask, Alexander Adams & Mary Coffin, John Breck & Susanna ___, Simon Wainwright & Sarah Gilbert, John Rogers, 6th president of Harvard College, & Elizabeth Denison, John Appleton & Priscilia Clover, Samuel Ruggles, Jr. & Martha Woodbridge, Samuel Whiting III & Elizabeth Read, John Hall, Jr. & Jemima Sill, Timothy Walker & Elizabeth Fowle, John Bradshaw & Mary Hall, John Williams & Rebecca Pierson; William Trask (TP) & Sarah ___ (TP), Peter Coffin (TP) & Joan Kember (TP), Francis Wiinwright & Philippa Sewell, Daniel Denison & Patience Dudley, Samuel Appleton (RD) & Judith Everard (RD), Samuel Ruggles & Hannah Fowle, John Woodbridge & Mercy Dudley, Samuel Whiting, Jr. & Dorcas Chester, James Fowle & Abigail Carter; Gov. Thomas Dudley of Mass. & Dorothy Yorke (parents of Patience and Mercy), George Fowle & Mary ___ (parents of Hannah & James), Samuel Whiting & Elizabeth St. John (RD), Leonard Chester & Mary Wade; Oliver St. John (RD) & Sarah Bulkeley (RD), John Chester & Dorothy Hooker (sister of Rev. Thomas Hooker, founder of Hartford); Rev. Edward Bulkeley (RD, TP) & Olive Irby (VP), Thomas Hooker (TP) & ___ (TP).

    5.    WILLIAM HICKLING PRESCOTT, 1796-1859: William Prescott, Jr. & Catharine Greene Hickling; William Prescott & Abigail Hale, Thomas Hickling & Sarah Greene; Benjamin Prescott & Abigail Oliver, Jonathan Hale & Susanna Tuttle, William Hickling & Sarah Sale, Rufus Greene & Katharine Stanbridge; Jonas Prescott & Mary Loker, Thomas Oliver & Mary Wilson, Samuel Hale & Martha Palmer, John Tuttle & Martha Ward, John Sale & Anne Townsend, Nathaniel Greene & Anne Gould, Henry Stanbridge & Mercy Graves; John Prescott & Mary Gawkroger, John Loker & Mary Draper, John Oliver & Elizabeth Newgate (brother & half-sister of Peter Oliver & Sarah Newgate, ancestors of O. W. Holmes), Nathaniel Wilson & Hannah Craft, Thomas Hale, Jr. & Mary Hutchinson, Samuel Palmer & Mary Pearson, Simon Tuttle & Sarah Cogswell, Samuel Ward, Jr. & Abigail Maverick, Ephraim Sale & Mary Foster, Penn Townsend & Sarah Addington, Thomas Greene & Elizabeth Barton, Thomas Gould & Frances Robinson, Herman Stanbridge & Anne ___; Thomas Oliver & Ann ___, John Newgate & Lydia ___, Thomas Hale & Thomasine Dowsett, John Pearson (VP) & Dorcas ___ (TP), John Tuttle & Joan Antrobus (TP), John Cogswell (PW, TP) & Elizabeth Thompson (PW, TP), Moses Maverick & Remember Allerton, Isaac Addington & Anne Leverett (sister of Ccv. John Leverett of Mass.), John Greene & Joan Tattershall; John Maverick & Mary Gye (RD), Isaac Allerton (MP, TP) & Mary Norris (MP), Richard Greene (TP) & Mary Hooker (TP).


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