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  • The Book of Corrections Vol. 5 No. 5

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : December 1988
    ROLFE/FAULKNER/DICKINSON - History of Coos County, New Hampshire (1888), p. 631, erroneously lists Ellen FAULKNER as the wife of Charles Edwin ROLFE, son of Jonathan & Margaret (PARSONS) ROLFE. His wife was Ellen Josephine DICKINSON, daughter of David & Martha Merriam (PRESCOTT) DICKINSON. They were married in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, 7 October 1851. The above is correctly recorded in The Prescott Memorial (1870, rep. 1983), by William Prescott, p. 172, except that the given name of Ellen’s father was David, not Daniel, and the date of the marriage of Charles E. ROLFE & Ellen Josephine DICKINSON was 7 October 1851, not 6 October. Charles & Ellen were my great-grandparents. Numerous documents in my possession substantiate the above corrections. Additionally I offer the following: (1) Civil War military service records for Sgt. Charles E. Rolfe, file no. NC-468-646 1/N.H.H.A., and (2) Massachusetts State Archives Marriage Records, Vol. 55, page 72. It should be noted that there was a previous FAULKNER/DICKINSON connection. The above Ellen Josephine DICKINSON had a half-sister named Martha Prescott MERRIAM by her mother’s first marriage to Oliver MERRIAM. Martha married 13 October 1842 Luther W. FAULKNER of Billerica, Massachusetts.

    Submitted February 12, 1988, by Fred G. Rolfe, 91 Lawson Road, Scituate, MA 02066.

    ROWE/SAUNDERS/KIMBALL - Correction to History of Bethel, Maine, by William B. Lapham (1891), p. 604, the children of Eleazer ROWE: i. Asbury Stickney, b. 18 Jan. 1829; d. 29 Dec. 1829. ii. Alonzo Ephraim, b. 4 September 1830. iii. Annelucia, b. 30 Nov. 1834 (known later as Ann G. L. ROWE). iv. Eliphalet Burbank, b. 2 Nov. 1834. v. Angelia S., b. 19 April 1837; m. John SAUNDERS. vi. Asbury T., b. 4 Feb. 1839. vii. Almeydra, b. 10 April 1841; d. 2 May 1845. viii. Abigail, b. 28 July 1843; d. 1 Sept. 1864. References: VR of Bethel, Me.; the 1850 U.S. Census; and the Civil War pension record of Asbury T. Rowe.

    Correction to History of Hanover, Maine, by Alfred F. Howard (1980), p. 386: The wife of John Clark SAUNDERS should read Angelia S. ROWE, b. Bethel 19 April 1837. Reference above.

    In History of Goffstown, New Hampshire, by G. P. Hadley (1924), vol. 2, p. 266: Harry H. KIMBALL m. Alma C. ROWE, widow of Herbert A. ROWE. Her son Herman ROWE should be her daughter Herma Coffin ROWE. Reference: VRs of New York, N.Y. Herma was named for her parents Herbert & Alma.

    Submitted March 20, 1988, by Barbara (Mrs. Edward D.) Sprague, P. O. Box 50, Vernon, VT 05354

    LOVELAND/CHAPMAN - Correction to the LOVELAND genealogy (1892-95), Vol. 3, p. 105 ff.: See also correction submitted to this column by Murray C. Combs, NEXUS 5(Feb. 1988):26 According to Saybrook Land Records, Vol. 3, p. 537, John LOVELAND married 18 November 1730 Ruth CHAPMAN. Their son John was born 30 August 1735. See also Records of Saybrook Colony, 1635-1860 (1985), p. 42

    Submitted March 24, 1988, by Elaine F. Staplins, President, Saybrook Colony Founders Association, Im., P.O. Box 1635, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

    COBB/BASCOMB/NICHOLS - Correction to History of the Cobb Family, by Philip L. Cobb (1915), Part III, p. 186: #325, Horace COBB, b. 2 March 1798, m. Thankful BASCOMB. She d. 19 Feb. 1829. He m. (2) 19 May 1829 Abigail (WINSLOW) NICHOLS. The Cobb/Bascomb marriage is confirmed in A Genealogical Record of Thomas Bascom, by Edward D. Harris (1870), p. 47. #442, Thankful, b. 23 Dec. 1800, m. 17 Oct. 1820 Horace COBB. She d. 19 Feb. 1829 leaving two sons, James B. and William H. COBB of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The error was discovered by Harriet Thankful Cobb Rood, daughter of William H. Cobb, and grandmother of my wife. She brought it to the attention of the author Philip Cobb, who acknowledged it April 16, 1916. Mr. Cobb’s letter was among her records.

    Submitted April 8, 1988, by Willis W. Atwell, 408 Gruemither Avenue, Rockville, MD 20851

    BOSTWICK/TICKNOR - The Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America, by Henry Anthon Bostwick (1902), p. 169, states that Jesse Bostwick, son of John &Jemima (CANFIELD) BOSTWICK, married (2) Betsy CANFIELD. This inforniation is incorrect. Jesse BOSTWICK married Sarah TICKNOR at Salisbury, Connecticut, 25 July 1762 (see the Barbour Collection, in book form and on microfilm at NEHGS), --daughter of William & Abigail (HEATH) TICKNOR. The estate of William Ticknor was not distributed until after Sarah’s marriage 16 April 1764. Both Jesse & Sarah signed. ( #3255 Sharon Probate District). Another error in the same family concerns Jesse’s brother Gilbert. On p. 133, he is said to have “prob. d. young.” He did die a young man but left a wife and children in Salisbury, Connecticut. (See Salisbury VR.)

    Submitted April 17, 1988, by Mrs. Leonard A. Perry, Cherry Street, RD #1, Box 3, Lawrenceville, PA 16929.

    HOWLAND/VOCE/VORCE/FORCE - A Brief Genealogical and Biographical History of Arthur, Henry, and John Howland and Their Descendants of the United States and Canada, by Franklyn Howland (1885), p. 172: Under #327, Stephen6-5-4, Henry3 Zoeth2, Henry1 born 29 May 1793 Dutchess Co., N.Y., Stephen’s daughter Amanda, b. 7 September 1815, is listed as marryimig Stephen VOCE 26 February 1847 . That information is incorrect. Amanda Malvina HOWLAND married 22 June 1847 Freeman B. VORCE (FORCE), Jr. They were married in the village of Sandy Hill (now Hudson Falls), Washington County, N.Y., by Rev. Oliver F. Spicer, who was the husband of Freeman's sister Thankful. The children of Amanda & Freeman [212] were James Sumner VORCE, born 4 October 1849, and Susan Jane VORCE, born 23 December 1851 in Fort Ann, Washington County, N.Y. Amanda was my husband’s great-grandmother.

    Submitted May 8, 1988, by Margaret F. (McGlynn) Jones, 4023 Latham Drive, Maymarket, VA 22069.

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