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  • Swedish Nomenclature, Etc

    Janet Delorey

    Published Date : June 1985
    A professional researcher from Uppsula, Sweden, by the name of Kurt Larson, passed on the following bits of information about Swedish life in 1862 to NEXUS contributor and friend, Janet Delorey, who shares them with us:

    Women in Sweden in 1862 were considered legal minors until age 15, normally under the guardianship of a father or an older brother up to the time of marriage, and then under the guardianship of her husband. Prior to 1856 women were not given legal rights until the deaths of their fathers and husbands, their legal guardians.  Only after they were widows were they considered legally responsible.  All women, no matter what their age, had to have permission from their legal guardian in order to marry.  This was the law until 1870.

    As to cause of death: Cause of death is often listed as “languish” - this is interpreted as diabetes, although it is impossible to be sure. “Swelling” is often interpreted as congestive heart failure.  Most women died of old age.

    Regarding baptism: baptism at that time in Sweden normally took place within one week of birth so that if the infant died - infant mortality was high in Sweden until 1920 - it would go to heaven, according to Swedish Lutheran theology.

    As to nomenclature: the children were given names that followed the general rule of naming in Swedish families.  That is, the first son is named after the mother’s father, the second son after the father’s father, the first daughter after the mother’s mother, and the second daughter after the father’s mother.

    Regarding occupation: 93% of Sweden’s population was at one time involved with agriculture.  Much of the 7% not involved in agriculture lived in Stockholm.

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