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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 4 No. 5

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : December 1987

    Last issue (NEXUS 4:200-201) in this space, we repeated Lee’s preface to this column, which first appeared in NEXUS 1 (August 1984), pages 65-66, when this column was inaugurated.  Lee would like to point out that we have passed the third anniversary of her column, and hence last issue's entries were repeated from the first installment.  However, NEXUS has developed since its beginnings we have been through two editors since then, and have gained guidance and fact-checking from our consulting editors.  What this means for “*See Book of Corrections” is that, while we still do not verify these additions and corrections to printed genealogies, we do edit them and cross-check exact citations with books in the NEHGS library.  We hope this column will continue to help distant readers benefit from a practice started by visitors to the library.

    1.   BILLINGS - The statement on page 70 of the Register 93(1939), in Dr. Harold Ward Dana’s “Roger Billings of Milton, Mass., and Some of His Descendants” that William Billings’s Bible is in the possession of Miss Minnie Fowler Scott of Boston is no longer true.  At present it is on temporary loan to the Boston Public Library by Prof. Oliver Daniel of Marot Junior College, Thompson, Connecticut.

    Entered August 21, 1942, by Ernest Zavadil.

    2.   DAVENPORT - A letter from the pastor of the Congregational Church, Winthrop, Maine, to Miss Jeneve Melvin dated October 5, 1970, regarding Ebenezer Davenport, stated “Ebenezer Davenport was indeed one of the original members of the Winthrop Congregational Church in 1776.  Marginal notations were used to record important dates in the lives of the members but are sketchy.  Our records show that Mr. Davenport died on 21 February 1819. From 1783 to 1800 no formal records were kept.”

    3.   LYMAN - Genealogy of the Lyman Family, by Lyman Coleman (1872), p. 389: William Lyman’s daughter was named Narcissa, not Navissa.  P. 389: Theda Lyman married Daniel Smith and their daughter Miranda married Alanson Valentine.  Their daughter was Miranda Lyman Valentine who married John Francis Eaton and had two children, William Francis and Luella Miranda Eaton. P. 390: Theodosia Lyman married John Barrell and their son was Charles Colburn Barrell, not Bonell.

    Entered October 26, 1943, by Luella M. Eaton.

    4.   WOODCOCK - John Woodcock of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, 1647, by John Leighton Woodcock (1913), p. 35: Besides the five children mentioned, Jeremiah Woodcock and wife Sarah Morse also had Esther, b. at Needham 26 December 1765.  She is possibly the one who married William Woodcock and died at Needham. 19 August 1827.  (See Needham V.R.)  Jeremiah and his second wife, Susannah Whittemore had the following children, all born at Needham: 1. Oliver, b. 30 June 1768; 2. Nehemiah, b. 1 February 1771; 3. Ebenezer, b. 12 July 1773; 4. Nathan, b. 22 August 1776; 5. Amasa, b. 30 March 1779; 6. Elizabeth, b. 22 November 1781.  There was also a Sally Woodcock who d. at Woodbury, Vermont 1 August 1847, age 62, who married 17 October 1803, John Goodell (1777-1864), of Marshfield, Vermont. (See F.E. and O.C. Pitkin History of Marshfield, Vermont [1941], p. 302.) P. 84-85: Ebenezer Woodcock, b. at Dedham. Massachusetts, 12 July 1773; died at Marshfield 12 May 1858, was son of Jeremiah (above) and not Ebenezer4 of Attleboro or Dedham. as J. L. Woodcock says.  I believe that this earlier Ebenezer, b. 1740/1 is the same mentioned in the Boston Newsletter of 12 October 1758 as among those captured by the French near Fort Edward, New York, and died in France as a prisoner of war.  Ebenezer Woodcock married at Winchendon, Massachusetts, 6 May 1798 (Winchendon V.R.) Hannah Day, who was born at Winchendon 29 December 1779; died at Marshfield, Vermont, 29 August 1869 (see death records of Ebenezer and Hannah in Vermont State V.R. in Montpelier).  Hannah was the daughter of John Day and Elizabeth Josselyn of Winchendon (see A.P. Marvin’s History of Winchendon and Edith W. Wessler’s Joslin-Joslyn Family [1962], p. 123 for their ancestries).  A more complete list of Ebenezer’s descendants is in Pitkin pp. 302-303; History of the Wheeler Family [1914], vol. II, p. 795; Genealogy of the Folsom Family [1938], vol. I, p. 504; and Andover, Massachusetts, V.R.

    Entered March 19, 1975, by David C. Dearborn.

    NEHGS does not verify Book of Corrections entries.

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