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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 4 No. 4

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : August 1987
    Ever since the printed word, there have been those  who dispute it.  Sometimes those who dispute are right, and sometimes they are not; nonetheless freedom of speech and the press are inalienable rights!  Those of us who are genealogical researchers are quite familiar with healthy controversy.  At the NEHGS library we have evidence of the practice in the form of several journals and looseleaf notebooks called “The Book of Corrections,” which contain corrections, additions, or just opinions regarding genealogies in print.  Visitors to the library may come across a stamp and star in the pages of some books, there to advise you that someone has added information not known by the author, and referring you to the Books of Corrections, shelved in the Reading Room reference section, near the Vital Records series.

    Dates of entries in the Books go back to 1896.  One can imagine that before the Books, corrections were verbally expressed.  Imagine the frustralion of the librarians!  Around 1927 the journals were called the “Dictionary of Genealogy,” but to-day we refer again to the “Book of Corrections,” and this delightful practice has been reestablished by the NEHGS Volunteers.  This column will continue to bring some of the entries to distant members, along with comments and corrections recently received in the mail.  Please be aware that we do not verify these corrections, and that space does not permit printing all those received.  But in your genealogical studies, make a note of any conflicts that arise among differing sources, and send your corrections to Lee Kugler, Book of Corrections, P.O. Box 771, Cambridge, MA 02338, or c/o the NEXUS at NEHGS.

    1.   CUNNINGHAM - “The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company,” by Roberts, p. 404: Nathaniel Cunningham was not son of Andrew &  Sarah and brother of Andrew, but was the son of Timothy & Ruth, both of Boston. - Entered 14

    [201] February 1896 by Henry W. Cunningham. 89 State Street, Boston, MA.

    2.    BETHUNE - The Bethune-Faneuil genealogy (1884), p. 39: George Bethune married Mary Waters of Marblehead, daughter of William & Elizabeth (Latimer) Waters.

    Entered 14 February 1896 by Emily Wilder Leavitt, 10 Joy Street, Boston, MA.

    3.   DRAKE - Family History and Genealogies, by Salisbury (1892), vol. 2, “Notes on the Family of Drake,” p. 215: Timothy, there named as a son of John Drake, the testator, is shown by the will itself to have been a servant or apprentice. The testator, speaks of his five children and names them: John, Job, Jacob, Mary (Taylor), and Elizabeth (Gaylord). The last named was a widow and on I March 1660 was married to John Elderkm.

    Entered 13 March 1896 by Melville M. Bigelow.

    4.  RUSSELL - Middlesex Deeds, vol. 31, p. 38: Abigail, wife of David Russell, was a daughter of John Winter of Cambridge, alias Lexington.  The estate of David Russell was not divided among his children 29 October 1744; but on that date all his children but Amos sold his son Amos their father’s property in Littieton.  The names of the children in the order named in the deed with the residences there given, but which vary from Paige’s account, are: David Russell of Littleton, John Russell of Littleton, John Russell of Littleton, Jason Russell of Littleton, Abigail, wife of Isaac Preston of Littleton, Hannah, wife of Edward Farwell of Groton, Submit, wife of Jacob Warren of Littleton, Sarah, wife of William Sanderson of Harvard, Elizabeth Russell of Littleton, Esther Russell of Littleton.  The son Amos Russell, grantee of the property, was of Littleton.  David Russell, the father, was alive 8 February 1744 (Middlesex Deeds, vol. 45, folio 17) but died before 29 October 1744. See also folio 215.

    Entered 1 May 1896 by H. E. Woods, Boston

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