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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 4 No. 3

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : June 1987
     1.   DALRYMPLE/GROVER/STILES/BRYANT - The History of Bethel, Maine, by W.B. Lapham (1891), p. 547, states that Otis GROVER, son of James, Jr., & Polly, married Mrs. Sally (GROVER) DALRYMPLE and that their first child was Otis, born 24 September 1805.  The vital records of Bethel, Maine, contain the intention of marriage between Jacob DALRYMPLE & Sally GROVER, both of Bethel.  The date recorded is 2 June 1805.  Also recorded is the intention of marriage between Otis GROVER & Sally DALRYMPLE with the date 18 March 1808.  On page 519 it is stated that “Otis G. DALRYMPLE, son of Jacob DALRYMPLE, married Polly STILES of Gilead in 1825.  He was the son of Jacob & Sally (GROVER) DALRYMPLE.  Jacob DALRYMPLE died and his widow married (2) Otis GROVER and (3) Samuel BRYANT of Woodstock.”  The Otis GROVER born 24 September 1805 was the son of Jacob DALRYMPLE & Sally (GROVER) and should be recorded as Otis G. DALRYMPLE.

    Submitted 27 February 1987 by Kathleen Hosier, 3824 Kump Station Rd., Taneytown, MI 21787.

    2.   GEER - Correction to the Geer Genealogy, by Walter Geer (1923).  The Family story of immigrants George and Thomas GEER, which gives a descent from Jonathan, son of George GEER of Heavitree, Devon, has been questioned by several authorities. I also question the approximate dates of birth given for the brothers; each would be about 100 years old at death if the birth dates are correct.  Such longevity is not impossible but not very probable.

    While the tradition of a descent from the Heavitree Geers may be true, the abstract of the will of Beatrix (Jermyn) (GEER) CARYE and a search of all available church and other records in Exeter fails to verify the descent as given. George GEER, the alleged grandfather, was the son of John GEER of Heavitree and his second wife Beatrix.  Kenn and Exeter, Devon, church records in the West Country Studies library cover all of the children and the grandchildren mentioned in Beatrix CARYE’s will of 1604, and there is no Jonathan, son of George, said to have been born 1580, although both Julyan and Agnes are included.  George was left a yearly stipend and a bed “when he shall keep a house of his own”, while his younger brother Andrew was named executor. Note that it is not the usual custom to name a younger son the executor.

    The name George is carried through the family, but no Jonathan or Thomas.  Deeds in the Devon County Record Office show neither name.  In Dugdale’s 1665 Visitation of Yorkshire (in The Genealogist 31 [1914-1532), a pedigree of GERE of Great Barugh begins with a Robert who claims descent from Walter GEER of Heavitree.  A note in the file of POWELL, a noted Devonshire genealogist, says that Robert was the son of Walter.  Robert was a son of Thomas of Lincolnshire; further study of this line might prove fruitful.

    George GEER, bp. 5 April 1584, third son of John of Kenn (eldest son of John of Exeter & his first wife Julyan BUTSIDE) is another possible grandfather of the immigrant brothers.  If he were their grandfather, the chronology would be better.  Thus a descent from GEER of Heavitree may well be a valid tradition for the GEERs of Connecticut, but the descent almost surely is not through George, son of John & Beatrix.

    Submitted 9 March 1987 by Jean E. Maack, 2983 Sisliyou Blvd., Medford, OR 97501.

    3.   HARRINGTON/FARRAH/HARRLNG -Corrections to the manuscript of the “Harrington Family Genealogical Gazetteer”, by George H. Harrington (Austin, Texas, 14 June 1941).  In vol. I, p. 102 (white pages), there is an Edmond Harrirtgton, son of Joel & w. Abigail FISKE.  Ruth S. FARRAH is listed as w. of Edmond. I descend from this Edmond HARRINGTON & Ruth FARRAR.  I have not been able to find any confirming information that Edmond HARRINGTON was a son of Joel &          Abigail.  I have found that this Edmond (Edmund) HARRINGTON changed his name.  In the List of Persons Whose Names Have Been Changed in Massachusetts, 1780-1883, pp. 51-52, “Edmund Wyatt HARRING of Boston, hat manufacturer, may take the name of Wyatt HARRINGTON, March 4, 1826, Suffolk Co. Court.”  In Probate and Guardianship proceedings in the Middlesex Co. Court, Edmund Wyatt HARRINGTON is called “hatter.”  This designation also appears in Suffolk County probate records.  Edmund Wyatt (HARRING) HARRINGTON and [165] wife Ruth S. FARRAR had two sons, Henry Clay and Edmund Wyatt HARRINGTON. I descend from Henry Clay HARRINGTON and wife Phoebe Ann LOVERING, through their dau. Mary Lovering HARRINGTON, born at Brookfield, Mass., 20 June 1867. Mary married at Baldwinsyule, Mass., 20 June 1891 Orrin Storrs WORTHINGTON, my grandfather. I have given to the Society a manuscript, HARRING-HARRINGTON Ancestors, which covers these ancestors and includes the court records.

    Submitted 10 March 1987 by Robert Worthington, 61 Rathbun Rd., Natick, MA

    4.   INGALLS - Correction to The Genealogy and History of the Ingalls Family in America, by Charles Burleigh (1903), p. 86. William7 Ingalls, who is listed as dying 1 Jan. 1810, instead married on that date Anna RUNDELL.  Their son Erastus INGALLS and his wife Elizabeth BAKER had 15 children, 13 of whom lived to adulthood.  As of 6 May 1961, the descendants of Erastus numbered 722.  Linda Ingalls Wright of Orlando, Florida, to whom I have also submitted this material, is co-compiler of a forthcoming update of the 1903 genealogy.

    Submitted 4 March 1987 by Marian L. Hagopian, 6221 Woodbury Dr., Magalia, CA 95954.

    Editor’s Note: Mrs. Hagopian has enclosed several documents on this family.  These will be filed with the Book of Corrections in the NEHGS Reading Room.

    5.   WEED/BROWN - See God’s Country: A History of Pound Ridge, New York, by Jay Harris (1971).  An error occurs in the Brown genealogy, p. 462, and “Corrections Supplement,” p. 14. Sarah5 WEED, who married Benajah BROWN, was the dau. of Jabez4 (Jonathan3, Jonas2-1) WEED, & Mary BATES, not of Gideon4 WEED (Jonas3-2-1) & Sarah WATERBURY.  In Bedford Genealogy, Descendants of the Twenty-two Original Settlers, vol. IX, compiled by Ronald B. Reynolds (1978), p. 164, Sarah’s sister Mary WEED is also erroneously stated to be the dau. of Gideon WEED & Sarah WATERBURY.  Inasmuch as Reynolds cites, correctly, dates indicating that Sarah WATERBURY would have been but 14 years old when Mary was born in 1740, and that Sarah did not marry Gideon until 1751, it is somewhat surprising that the error was not noticed.  The source of confusion appears to lie in a misinterpretation of the 1790 will of Gideon WEED, Jr. (Stamford Probate Records, vol. 8, p. 46), who was the brother of Sarah and Mary (and Jabez, Jr.).  Gideon, Jr., was the namesake and first cousin once removed, not the son of the Gideon WEED who married Sarah WATERBURY.  These relationships were not recognized in SLAUSON-SLAWSON-SLOSSON Family (1948), compiled by George C. Slawson, in which, p. 26, Mary WEED is given as the daughter of Gideon.  It is from this source that subsequent researchers have been led astray. Thee true parentage of the siblings established by the will of Gideon WEED, Jr., was revealed in the typescript “BATES, SELLACK, and Allied Families of Stamford, Norwalk, and Fairfield, Connecticut,” by Henry S. Gorham (1938), vol. 1, p. 26.  Gorham utilized Conn. vital records and Stamford church records to prove that Jabez WEED and Mary BATES were parents of Mary (1740-1826), Jabez (1743-1829), Sarah (b. 1748), and Gideon (ca. 1750-1791).

    Submitted by Neil B. Todd, 26 Walnut Place, Newtonville, MA 02160.

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