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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 3 No. 6

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : December 1986

    1.    CONVERSE - The Converse Family, by Charles A. Converse (1905), vol. 1, pp. 4344.  I wish to correct the error that Elon Stone, my great-great-grandfather, m. Phoebe Converse instead of her much younger sister Esther.  Esther Converse Stone is bur. in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, Conn.  Her g.s. reads “Easter, Wife of Elon Stone, died February 14, 1845, ae 67.”  Elon Stone died at Clarksfield, Ohio, 23 Nov. 1852, ae. 85 yrs., 9 mos. & 9 ds.  He was b. at Danbury, Conn., 14 Feb. 1767, and was thus 14 yrs. younger than Phoebe Converse, who was the eldest ch. of John & Mary (Damon) Converse. John5 Converse was b. at Woburn, Mass., 3 Feb. 1701/2.  He d. some time after 29 Sept. 1786, when he and his w. sold their property at Kent, Conn., incl. household furnishings to their son Elijah Converse.  It is believed that they went to live with their dau. Phoebe at Charlton, Mass., where the d. of a Mary Converse was recorded 12 Aug. 1789.

    Abigail Baldwin, first w. of John5 Converse, d. ca. 1739.  On 8 Sept. 1751 he m. at Leicester, Mass., Mary Damon, b. 26 Apr. 1736, dau. of Daniel Damon & Deliverance (Potter) Read. Ch., b. at Leicester: 1. Phoebe, b. 22 Mar. 1752/3, m. Jacob Cummings, Jr., of Charleton, Mass.; 2. Daniel, b. 2 Mar. 1754, m. Mary (Wheelock) Drury; 3. Deliverance, b. 3 Oct. 1756; 4. Elijah, b. 27 Sept. 1759. Ch., b. at Charleton: 5. Demmon Reed, b. 18 Mar. 1764; 6. Abigail, b. 31 Jan. 1766; 7. Mary, b. 23 June 1768; 8. Joshua, b. 8 Aug. 1770; 9. Abigail, b. 16 Jan. 1774, m. Ambrose Wilson of Kent. Ch., b. at Kent: Esther, b. 24 Sept. 1777, m. Elon Stone of Kent.

    Submitted by Mrs. H. J. Bellia, 3307 Notre Dame Place, Bradenton, FL 33507, 11 May 1986.

    2.    KIMBALL - History of the Kimball Family, by Leonard Allison Morrison and Stephen Paschall Sharples (1897, reprint 1971), p. 167 #245. -Reuben5, Kimball: Reuben Kimball m. Hannah Annis betw. 1759 (when she was shown on church records as Miss Hannah Annis) and 1761 when she had her first ch. Ch. (from First Church Records of Hopkinton, N.H.): 1. Hannah, b. 14 Dec. 1761; 2. Daniel, b. 8 Oct. 1763; 3. Reuben, bp. 20 Feb. 1766; 4. Jeremiah, bp. 28 Feb. 1768; 5. Richard, bp. 25 Mar. 1770; 6. Sarah, bp. 30 June 1773; 7. Abraham, bp. 17 Sept. 1775; 8. Lydia, bp. 9 Mar. 1777; 9. Elizabeth, bp. 9 May 1779 & 10. (twins) Katherine, bp. 9 May 1779. The data indicates that: he could not have m. (2) Elizabeth ____ until after 1779.

    Submitted by Dean C. Smith, 21 Main St., Pepperell, MA 01463, 31 July 1986.

    3.  MARVIN/BARTON - Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin, by G.F. and W.T.R. Marvin (1904), p. 450: Cornelia Eveline [Marvin] m. Alexander Hamilton Barton, not Bartow.  A. H. Barton was son of David Barton, Jr., and Lydia Fuller, dau. of Dea. Joshua & Mercy (Lathrop) Fuller.  See Genealogy of the Barton Family, by Edward S. Barton (1920), pp. 29-30, and History of Oswego County, New York (1877) for a sketch of Alexander Hamilton Barton following p. 342. Ch.: David Marvin m. Jane (Jennie) M. Alfred and had a son Henry Marvin, m. Sarah (Sadie) E. doe, who -had a dau. Hilda Mae, m. Oscar Lewis Cronk.  They had dau. Marlene Hilda m. Charles Richard White.

    Submitted by Marlene Cronk White, 18 maryvale Dr., Webster, NY 14580.

    4.  PROBASCO - The Probasco Family, by -Alice H. Kennedy (1957) shows Sitie Dumont as the mother of three ch. by Hendrick (Henry) Probasco. the DAR Patriot Index has two entries for the father, Hendrick, and his son Peter.  Corrections need to be made concerning the elder man’s w. and mother of his son. “Hendrick Probasco (b. ca. 1735- d. 1801) m. Sitie Dumont, Capt. N.J.  Peter Probasco (b. 1760/65, d. 1836) m. Martha Probasco.”  The NYG&B Record 82 (1951): 225-26 shows that Elstje Covenhaven, bp. 1 Jan. 1742, dau. of Peter & Elizabeth (Debevoise) Covenhoven, was the w. of Henry (Hendrick) Probasco and the mother of his ch., Peter and Mary, who m. Abraham Hoagland.  The N.J. Archives have the will abstracts which are consistent with this data.  It is certainly possible that Hendrick m. (2) Sitie Dumont, who could have been the mother of Lamitie (Probasco) Stryker (DAR Lineage Paper 421171.)

    Submitted by John Bradley Arthaud, M.D., 3201 Woodkirk Dr., Columbia, MD 65203, 28 May 1986.

    NEHGS does not verify the Book of Corrections entries.

    By Lee Kugler

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