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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 3 No. 3

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : June 1986
     1.  JAQUES - Ancestry of Phoebe Tilton by Walter Goodwin Davis (1947), p. 231: "xi. Abigail (dau. of Henry1), b. March 11, 1673/4; that she was not mentioned in the will of her father in 1686 makes her suggested marriage to Benjamin Knight, with no date given, very questionable." Correction: Davis apparently overlooked in the will of Henry1 Jaques, dated October 30, 1686, proved March 8, 1687 (1686/7), Essex County, Massachusetts, Probate No. 14767, the following provision, copied from a photocopy of the recorded will obtained from the Essex County records: “Item - To my daughter Abigaell I give fifty pounds to be paid by my executor within two years after her marriage or when she shall have attaine unto the age of twenty years but if she should dye before her sd portion be due that then it shall be equally divided among her surviving brothers & sisters provided she have no child.”

    Submitted by Eleanor L. Rue, 14201 Idaho-Maryland Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959.

    2.  KENT - History and Genealogy of the Kent Family, Descendants of Richard Kent, Sen., Who, Came to America in 1633, by E.I. Dale and Edward Kent (1899), reviewed in the Register, Apr. 1899, p. 267:  The whole book is based on the incorrect premise that the earliest American ancestor is Richard Kent, Sr., of Newbury, Massachusetts.  Starting page 6, [the authors] wrongly assume that the John Kent who married Dedham, Massachusetts, 21 May 1662 Hannah Grisold, was the John b. 20 July 1645, son of Richard Kent, Sr., & wife Emma, even though that John was still in Newbury and married there 13 March 1665, (1664/5) Sarah Woodman.  Their children included Richard, Emma, Rebecca, Sarah, James, & Mary — all Richard Kent family names.  The John Kent of Dedham was probably brother of Joshua and perhaps Joseph of Dedham.  He moved to Charlestown, Massachusetts, where his children were born; no given names associated with Richard Kent of Newbury, except John.  See Pope’s Pioneers of Massachusetts (1900), p. 267; Savage’s Gen. Dict. First Settlers of N.E. (1860-62), pp. 11-12 and corrections; Coffin’s Hist. of Newbury, Massachusetts (1845), Appendix p. 307; the Register, Vol. 15, p. 273, Joshua Coffin’s corrections of the children of two John Kents of Newbury as shown in his 1845 history; and Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, Vol. 1 & 11(1911).

    Submitted by Eleanor L. Rue, 14201 Idaho-Maryland Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959.

    3.  CHURCHILL - Churchill Family in America (1904), p. 310: viii. Rose8: correct name was Rosamond, See History of Buckfield, p. 564.  Rosamond married a Carroll Harris from Turner, Maine, who died in ? and they had one child, Ernest Franklin Harris.  Later Rosamond married a James Bowley — not Rowley — and all of their 3 children’s names should read Bowley. viii. 1. Ernest F. Harris was adopted by James and Rosamond Bowley and his name changed to Bowley in  [137] 1896. Authority — Said Ernest Franklin Bowley is my father.

    Submitted by Raymond Franklin Bowley, 70 Warren Ave., Hyde Park, MA. 19 January 1944.

    4.  COLMAN - Ancestry of Lawrence Williams, compiled by Cornelia Barton Williams (1915).  Correction for page 220, under Colman Genealogy: Ebenezer Colman, b. 29 Aug. 1680; died in Colchester, Conn., 1740. He married Ruth Niles, not Ruth Nichols.  See Taintor’s collections of Colchester, Conn. records, page 22.

    Submitted April 29, 1946, by Mildred Blake Coleman (Mrs. Albert W.).

    5.  GEER - The Geer Genealogy (1914), pp. 19, 28, and 39.  Joseph Geer Jr., son of Joseph Geer, died unmarried.  His will bequeaths to his father, his brothers and sisters.  Susannah Sisley (not Simsby) was the third wife of his father and the children who were attributed to Joseph, Jr., belong to Joseph2 Geer. Will of Joseph Geer, Jr., is at the State Library, Hartford, Conn.  James3 Geer (Joseph2, George1) married 5 Nov. 1785 Mary MacKell, not Mary Haskel. ([Barbour] Index to Vital Records, State Library, Hartford, Conn.)

    Submitted by Anne Borden Harding, 10 Chauncey Street, Cambridge, MA. 2 August 1966.

    6.  JORDAN - Jordan Memorial by T.F. Jordan (1882), p. 204. #1282 should read “Pamelia m. Ervin Leighton.” See gravestone in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine.

    Submitted by Pamelia Leighton Wood, their granddaughter, 145 Bellevue St., Newton, MA. 22 April 1946.

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