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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 2 No. 6

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : December 1985
    1.   The Robinson Family, James of Dorchester, Vol. 8, page 6: Stephen5 Robinson; b. August 23, 1776, Dorchester, Mass., m. 1805 Hannah Withington, dau. of Ebenezer and Mary Preston Withington.  Died 1852. Children: #5 John Flavel Robinson, b. 1817, m. 1839 Rhoda M. Bailey, dau. of Edminster and Roxanna (Miller) Bailey.  Children: (1.) Ellen M. (Mrs. D.B. Wise) of Lorraine, (Ellisburgh), N.Y. (2.*) Edward James m. Elizabeth Warren. (3.) Stephen (deceased). (4.) Alzina (Mrs. David Andres) of Pierrepont Manor. (5.) John A. of Troy. (6.) Mary E. (Mrs. Benjamin P. Grenell of Ellisburgh). (7.) Charles M. (deceased). (8.) Julia Adelaide. John Flavel Robinson’s wife Rhoda Bailey Robinson died in 1887. -(*2) Edward James, b. Leydon, N.Y. 1843, m. 1870 Elizabeth Warren.  Children: Mable (deceased as infant). Charles Warren Robinson, b. 1871, m. 1900 Clara Leigh Thompson, dau. of Dr. Jesse Thompson and Elizabeth (Williams) Thompson.  Charles Warren d. 1951, Clara Leigh d. 1951.  Their children were: Elizabeth Louise Leigh Robinson b. 1904, Helen Janet Robinson 1906, Irene Robinson (Anthony) 1910. All born in Buffalo, N.Y.

    Mrs. Richmond Anthony (Irene Robinson Anthony), 500 Linwood Ave., Buffalo,-N.Y. 14209. May 6, 1967.

    2. Runlet - Ratlett Family, by Seth Ranlett, page 9:  Richard Smith1 Nicholas Smith2 m. (1) Ann, m. (2) Mary (Shatswell) Deale, b. 1644, dau. of Theophilus Shatswell and Susanna (Bosworth) and widow of Wm. Deale of Haverhill, Mass.  She m. (3) Charles Runlett1.

    Mrs. W.S. Carpenter, 28 Lorend Road, Winchester, Mass. June 1967.


    3.  History of Plymouth, Conn., by Atwater, printed by The Journal Publishing Co., Meriden, Conn., 1895.  The name of Ira Hugh on page 121 (Roster of Soldiers) should be Ira Hough.

    Howard O. Hough, grandson of Ira, of Portl  Maine. February 9, 1949.

    4.  In the Standish, Maine, Vital Records, 1759-1900 (ME/STA/11) page 2: The birth record for Albion Parris Howe is given as March 25, 1813.  As this man was my mother’s father and we have personal records about him I am quite sure this date should be - born 25 March 1818.

    Elizabeth McP. Booth, 9 Elmwood Ave., Cambridge, Mass. February 28, 1949.

    5.  The Drake Family in England and America. Louis S. Drake, 1896.  Page 1 states that Thomas Drake, the immigrant ancestor, was son of Wm. and Margaret (Westover) Drake of Colyton, Devon. See also Register 98:280-81.

    Edward Drake, 3214 R. Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. March 25, 1949.

    6.  Vital Records of Mendon, Mass.  Deaths page 464, lines 11, 12: Elsbree, Charles H., son of William and Lavina, Aug. 15, 1821, age 1 yr., 10 mos., 18 d. G.R. 16. Line 13: Naomi, w. of Lieut. William. Sept. 13, 1834, age 54 yr. G.R.16. Lines 14, 15: Thomas I., son of Lieut. William and Lavina, Oct. 20, 1848, age 24 yr. G.R. 16.  We visited the Blackstone (Mass.) Cemetery (G.R. 16) on 13 June 1981 and found stones bearing the given names Charles H., Naomi and Thomas I., with ages and dates corresponding to those shown on p. 464 of the above book.  However, in each case the surname read Congdon and not Elsbree. Further, the mother of Thomas I. appears on a stone as Naome (sic) and not as Lavina.

    John F. Elsbree, 56 Brooks Street, Brighton, Mass. 02135, and Grayson B. Mitchell, 39 Downs Street, Kingston, New York 12401.  (Editor’s note: Congratulations on finding this gross error! and thank you for sharing it with the NEXUS. L.K.)

    7.  Blodgett Gen., Vol. III, page 502, #2928, dates of 1st w. given in Wm. Ward Gen. by Charles Martyn, p. 292, are quoted incorrectly.  See Ward #1954 and #3519 dau. Georgietta A., b. Mar. 4, 1849, d. Jan. 17, 1879.

    Nina Himes, 149 W. 98 St., Los Angeles, California. September 21, 1953.

    8.  Smiley Family, by F.M. Springer, 1949; page 25. (209) Walter Orren Smiley d. Feb. 1950. Note Mary Rathbun’s sister Lydia died 1931.

    Grace E. Smiley, 39 Gilman St., Providence, Rhode Island. September 30, 1953.

    The NEXUS does not verify Book of Corrections Entries.

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